K-ON! episode 9 – Azu-Nyan!

I loved, loved, loved this episode. I thought it was the cutest, funniest episode to date… for the first 18 minutes. And then they forced in some melodrama and kind of killed all that momentum. So, I’m going to try to forget the last 3 minutes happened, and revel in the pure joy I wrought from the first 18.


K-ON returns this week with a new member and a new OP in tow. Sankaku points out the hilarious (and definitely more lazy than crazy) superimposition of Azusa into a couple of frames in the OP. Unfortunately for Azu-nyan, she does not get the same treatment in the ED. Perhaps next week.

k-on7 k-on2

The group welcomes Azu-nyan, who introduces herself as a “beginner",” but then proceeds to knock everyone’s socks off by playing a couple blistering leads. Sort of a surprising choice of licks. Since her parents were in a jazz band, I was hoping she’d lay down some cool jazz riffs. Oh well. Meanwhile Yui, having just learned the joys of being a senpai and having someone look up to her, covers her ass by giving Azu-nyan some (un)constructive criticism, and faking a back injury to avoid playing herself. HI-larious.

k-on4 k-on5


Azu-nyan, who could be a dead ringer as Mio’s cuter and somewhat stricter imouto, experiences somewhat of a culture shock, what with the club’s laid-back atmosphere, tea parties with Sawa-chan, and delicious cake to boot. Her impromptu effort to practice is shot down by a feral Sawa-chan, who’d rather enjoy her tea in peace. But although she features the same perma-cry eyes that Mio does, Azu-nyan shows a surprising amount of spine by freaking out on the group for their bizarre anti-practice behavior. That is until Yui triggers the likely Yui x Azu-nyan flag by hugging and petting her to submission. I think K-ON’s actually all about triggering yuri flags.


Guh. I think I just died from a moe overdose. I’m embarrassed to say this, but Azu-nyan is just too cute. This scene left me in a near-catatonic state. I think Azu-nyan is like K-ON’s Chewbacca defense. Things do not have to make sense if Azu-nyan is in nekomimi mode.

Thank goodness for Sawa-chan’s impeccable taste. I wonder how she developed such a spectacular moe aesthetic when she was experimenting with shock rock gear. There’s no doubt in my mind that she would’ve given up her stint as death metal goddess to sing such venerable songs like Light and Fluffy Time or My Love is a Stapler. Maybe she can work with them on songwriting next. Or at least give them some tips on how to write a non-embarrassing title.


While Yui, Ritsu, Mugi and Sawa-chan try their best to welcome Azu-nyan to the group, it all seems to backfire, since all she really wants to do is play some music. I give her an additional +1 of love for her work ethic. She wants to play. I want to see them play. We are simpatico. But in the show, the only one she seems to be connecting with is Mio, who seems to be the only one in the group with a serious side to her (although we all know she’s secretly plotting the demise of her newer, cuter rival, as exposed by Ritsu). But even her faith in Mio is shaken when she realizes that Ritsu has Mio on puppet strings.


Finally, the all-games, no-practice work ethic of the group gets to Azu-nyan, and she skips out on the group for the next several days – ostensibly looking for a new band to join or practice with (although it just looked like she was visiting concerts). But she returns to the K-ON club, broken and beaten. In tears about why she can’t seem to find a band to play with that gives her the same feeling that the K-ON band does. And then we cue into the 3 minutes of tears, melodrama and Azu-nyan’s reason for being. Like I mentioned, I didn’t dig the overwrought drama, but I did watch the scene at the 21:45 mark several times. Because I swear it looks like Yui either misses the hug, or hugs right through Azu-nyan.

But otherwise, Azu-nyan is a great addition to the cast. It’s always cool to have an outsider perspective walk into the show, and I hope she snaps on them to make them practice more. She makes a quick jump to #2 on my K-ON! favorites, closing in fast on Yui.

Where’s Yui going?

8 Replies to “K-ON! episode 9 – Azu-Nyan!”

  1. Chewbacca Defense! Its been awhile since I’ve heard that one, and good observation on the Yui-hug =3

    and wth? Why do so many people (well, some only) hate the melodrama part so much? Of course I wouldn’t cry, but I’d be mad pissed too if I joined, lets say, an anime club, and all they wanted to do is drink tea and NOT watch anime! Also, shes still pretty young, so I guess its to be expected. When she saw their performance, she believed that she could learn so much from them, but when she found out how lazy they were, it just broke her heart. Wouldn’t it kill your heart too if that happened to you?

    Yea, of course, we’re men, we’re tougher than that 8) , but you gotta feel for the girl… you know… down there 😆

    Jesus159159159’s last blog post..K-ON! 09

    1. lol, that is just… wrong. 0==(D)

      I thought they could’ve done the whole melodrama scene without making it look like Azu-nyan was running away from home. Besides Azu-nyan is not for crying, but for glomping. 😆

  2. Ugh…this episode screwed me in the head. Just as when I was about to put my finger on who really is K-ON’s assertive lead, Azusa messes up my previous speculations. Now it’s like a Jan-Ken-Pon..

    Ritsu + Yui + Mugi > Mio (Mio being the slave)
    Azusa > Ritsu + Yui + Mugi (Evident when she screamed the shit out of them)
    Mio > Azusa ?!?!? (Mio’s probably the main reason why Azusa’s still in K-ON)

    7’s last blog post..On K-ON!: Azusa Idolatry is to Green Power Ranger Fandom

  3. Hmmm..funny, my comment did not show up.

    What I was saying was, I thought I had an idea on who really has the most influence on K-ON (intentionally or not)…but watching this episode made me think otherwise. The club has pretty much become a Jan-Ken-Pon with Azusa’s addition. In a nutshell..

    Yui+Ritsu+Mugi treats Mio like a slave, but Azusa can yell the shit out of them…but it’s mostly likely because of Mio that Azusa stayed. LOLWUT?

    7’s last blog post..On K-ON!: Azusa Idolatry is to Green Power Ranger Fandom

    1. Sorry about that, spam false positive. Damn akismet. :-S

      Good observation, but the Azusa > Ritsu + Yui + Mugi goes both ways.

      Yui’s magical hugs > Azusa
      Mugi’s magical baked goods > Azusa

      Definitely still Azusa > Ritsu, but only until Ritsu gets some evidence against her.

      Then it becomes a complete free for all.

    1. …One Mio to find them, One Ritsu to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

      Forget Higurashi, maybe KyoAni needs to remake LOTR.

  4. K-ON is such a cute anime. anyway, i was hoping if anyone knew the name of the instrumental background near the end where azu-nyan goes to look for a much more serious band to join.

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