Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood… Playing it up for laughs

I’m enjoying the new Full Metal Alchemist, but episode to episode, I’m still not sure what to make of it. Take episode 9 for example. I loved the lighthearted scenes between Ed & Winry on the phone, Ross & Brosh’s insubordination, and just about every scene with Maes Hughes. But I really dislike how they’ve apparently adopted the Soul Eater style of ruining dramatic moments with silly non-sequiturs or inappropriate artwork.

Case in point, the scene where Al confronted Ed about his body and his memories was getting pretty damn intense. And then they popped in these shots of Al, with his silly face on. And suddenly I was cracking up and the whole mood was blown. Which is a shame, because Winry’s subsequent flashback was tremendous, and one of the rare moments where I thought the new FMA handled an existing scene better than the first FMA.


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