K-ON! episode 10 – Oh, what a tangled yuri web we weave

I’ve been really digging Hatsukoi Limited. It’s been the surprise of the pleasant season as far as I’m concerned. But for all the talk about its love dodecahedrons, it’s actually fairly straightforward. It’s usually straight lines or triangles (unless it’s ridiculously hot Misaki – in which case all lines point to her). So I’m going to go out on a limb and give the most tangled love polygon of the season award to K-ON! Because as you can see, the shape doesn’t even form a polygon. I didn’t even bother drawing lines for Mugi, because she loves everyone and would make my already messy drawing totally incomprehensible. Yui also loves everyone, but she gets some reciprocal love back (green is reciprocal loves, red is one way loves). I wonder if I’m missing any lines. But there you go. K-ON is the love comedy of the season. Will they find true love at the end of the season? Or will hearts be broken? Stay tuned.


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