Hina is the real top waifu (and everyone else in Hayate no Gotoku is a close 2nd)

Hina’s a tsundere through and through. The kind that blushes in her dreams. The kind that blushes when she wakes up in the morning. The kind who punches out lovestruck Kois. The kind that can get your blood running with one fiery look. I can’t believe that Mio outplaced her in the Top 10 Waifus survey. That is damn blasphemy if I may say so myself.



What I love most about Hayate no Gotoku is that there’s not one character I don’t love. Or really like.




Sakuya and Isumi? Maria? Izumi? Nishizawa? Miki? Saki? Love ’em. Love ’em. Love ’em. There’s no doubt in my mind that having deadbeat parents was the best thing that could have ever happened to Hayate. Otherwise, he’d probably have ended up as some loser headlining an equally lame harem like Keitaro or Tsukune.



Then again, life aint all peaches and cream for Hayate. Getting cursed as a crossdresser for life probably isn’t the worst thing in the world, since all the girls seems to go wild about it. But I’m sure he wouldn’t mind living without the random love confessions from his teachers. Plus, I don’t think Hina would be wooed over by the "Hermione" look.

8 Replies to “Hina is the real top waifu (and everyone else in Hayate no Gotoku is a close 2nd)”

  1. Hmm, after browsing through the top 10 waifu list, I’ve come to the realization that I wouldn’t touch any of the women listed with a 10 foot pole, let alone want them as my waifu.

    That said however, I’d totally turn gay for Masamune Date on the mens side.
    .-= Snark´s last blog ..Enough with this moe shit! =-.

    1. Aww, you’re just saying that since you’re anti-moe. 😉 Although I’d only agree with 2 or 3 on the list. But I’ll give you GAR for Masamune, and raise you a Yukimura and Sasuke as well.

    1. How’s it go? Great minds think alike? 😉
      I’m glad they minimized Nagi’s role in the new season. JC Staff knows what’s up.

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