K-ON! episode 13 (END) – Someday in the Rain

If last week was the spiritual finale to the show, it seems like the writers decided to mail it in for this week. Maybe they were only getting paid for 12 episodes, because I’d want my figurative money back for this episode, which probably shouldn’t have existed and unfortunately ends the show on somewhat of a down note.

Yui with GuitahYui scolds gloves-chan

The episode takes place a short while after the school festival performance, and starts off with quick scenes of Mio, Ritsu, Mugi and Azu-nyan engaging in everyday activities and looking fairly melancholy. Their practice efforts are in vain, because of the coldness of the band room – highlighted by a scene in which Yui unsuccessfully tries to play Guitah with her gloves on, and then scolds gloves-chan for their ineffectiveness. Actually, Yui was the only one who provided any sort of levity to this episode, further cementing my love for her as my favorite character in the show (staying a clear head and shoulders ahead of Azu-nyan).

Ritsu with hair downAzu-nyan and Azu-nyan #2

Mugi working at McDonald'sMio solo album cover

Yui then invites the group over for some hot pot action on the weekend, but surprisingly gets turned down by the whole group, who decide that they want to do big-girl things. This includes Ritsu fretting over bangs and a possible love letter, Azu-nyan taking care of (and then freaking out over) her friend’s kitten, Mio practicing album cover poses on the beach for her inevitable solo album, and Mugi working at a job (!). In the end though, without the never-fail optimistic light of Yui to tenderly guide the group, all of the girls implode or fail to varying degrees.

Yui feeding Azu-nyan marshmallowsRitsu attacking Mio

And as expected… everyone comes running back to Yui’s place, because well… Yui’s just that awesome and everyone would fall apart without her.

All in all, it was a pretty lazy episode, not unlike Haruhi’s Someday in the Rain episode, but unlike that episode, this one didn’t have an awesome end scene to redeem it. When you pull the girls apart, remove their antics and their chemistry, there’s just not much to enjoy. It’s an unfortunate way to end the season, because I loved the show, but could have definitely done without this episode. I’d much rather have had them save their budget making this 13th episode and instead used it to animate more performance scenes throughout the season.

Anyway, a lazy episode begets a lazy blog post, but I’ll follow up with some final thoughts on the show as a whole in the next couple days.

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