Hinagiku no Gotoku, episode 13. This. This is it.

Having selectively read bits and pieces of the Hayate manga in anticipation for the 2nd season, I would say for Hina fans, there’s been one scene that we’ve wanted to see animated. And thankfully, it did not disappoint.

Hinagiku and Hayate on the balcony

The grandiose scene of Hina and Hayate on the balcony, looking out into the city, as Hayate holds her to keep her from giving into her fear of heights and then Hina’s subsequent realization of her feelings… it should bring out the fanboy in even the hardest of hearts. My only qualm is I liked how the scene was drawn in the manga better – closer in, more dynamic angle, much less darkness and empty space – but other than that, I think JC Staff did a tremendous job in adapting this scene, as well as the last couple episodes. Between this and Hatsukoi Limited, I think JC Staff has proven to me that if there’s ever a romantic comedy adaptation to be done, there’s no other studio that I’d want taking it on (those Zero no Tsukaima and Shakugan no Shana sequels on the other hand…).

Hinagiku's realization

Confession sequence notwithstanding, everything in this episode was so wonderfully done. Hina’s revelation about her parents. Maria’s teasing of Hayate, Hina’s flashback of her sister getting money through dubious means, and even the omake, which wrapped up the Kotetsu x dark Hayate arc so hilariously. I also appreciated that they took the time to animate a couple filler scenes that I really enjoyed reading: Ecchi Isumi and Nagi’s sudden Haruhi-related realization were random, but provided a nice, little dash of that meta-humor that is Hayate no Gotoku. Now… on to Isumi! (I’m such a HnG tramp.)

Isumi is ecchiIsumi is really ecchi

Nagi's sudden realizationNagi and I agree about Haruhi

Colossal Hinagiku image dump follows.

Hinagiku sleepingHinagiku waking

Hinagiku angry at clockHinagiku's insecurity

The clock taunts HinagikuHinagiku threatens to kill the clock

Hina fights HayateHinagiku snaps on Hayate

Hayate's jedi angel chipmunkyandere Hinagiku

Hinagiku attacks!Hina is out of control

Crying Hina-chanHIna and Hayate in moonlight

Hayate's sad birthdayHina-chan's unpronouncable watch

Hina-chan's fear of heightsHinagiku's moment of truth

Deredere Hina-chanHappy Hina-chan

9 Replies to “Hinagiku no Gotoku, episode 13. This. This is it.”

  1. My life is complete this week! This double bombshell of JC Staff goodness just floored me. Hmm they really don’t seem too good with sequels (I add Ai Yori Aoshi and Nodame on that) but Hayate no Gotoku may well be their first to kill that streak.

    And yes, a million Hina fans have been waiting for this moment for so long… and it was great!
    .-= bluemist´s last blog ..Hatsukoi Limited =-.

    1. Maybe the JC Staff’s sequel magic touch has to do with taking other studios’ properties over. Hmm… Haruhi? No, no! What am I thinking. 😀

  2. My only complaint: they didn’t both declare their love and just end the show right there and then. OK, fine, that would mean no more Hayate, which would be a bad thing. And the other girls are all (well, most) awesome too. But still, Hinagiku needs to win for me to be content!

    Side note: I was so happy with myself that I got the Musashi Miyamoto reference. Usually cultural references leave me scratching my head, but I finally got one! I am such a dork…
    .-= Michael | Low on Hit Points´s last blog ..Johnnies are out in full force as Eden of the East hits a high note before the long wait for the true finale =-.

  3. But if they ended it now, we’d miss the Nishizawa x Hina flag scene. 👿

    I hope Hina wins, but I think… this sounds blasphemous… I would be ok if Nishizawa won… but I would be shocked if she did. As long as they don’t throw out all the development so far and back-ass their way into a Nagi x Hayate ending I think I’d be pretty content. (Oh and no School Rumble-esque cop out either. That might be the worst.)

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