Sengoku Basara, episode 11 – Get your guns on!

Whew, it was a long wait for the subs to be released, but I’m not gonna complain, because it was definitely worth the wait, and Sengoku Basara delivers the goods – hyping me (back up) for the announced 2nd season.

Mitsuhide looks on HonnoujiKojuuro rallies the troops

While Sanada and Masamune head out to take on the Demon King, a couple different subplots are at play. One is Mitsuhide betrays Nobunaga and plans on killing him at Honnouji (SB needs new people to write their titles, because this subplot was given away before the episode even began). The other subplot is now that Masamune disbanded his old group, Kojuuro starts a new, bigger, better group consisting of everyone in Masamune’s old group and just about everyone in the lands that want to see Nobunaga go down. Kojuuro has proven time and time again that he’s pretty bad-ass for a 2nd banana. Of all the assistant generals, he’s definitely the most capable one (although Sanada may be the best fighter).

Sanada and Masamune face off against MitsuhideSanada vs. Mitsuhide vs. Masamune

Meanwhile, Sanada and Masamune track down Mitsuhide at Honnouji, only to learn that Mitsuhide’s plans to betray Nobunaga has been foiled, and Nobunaga has set them up to be killed or burned alive while fighting each other. It’s not clear why Mitsuhide wants to kill Nobunaga. He makes some references to Nobunaga’s unrelentless bloodthirstiness, but I don’t think he was fighting for the sake of the conquered people. More likely, he’s just a sick bastard.

Kasuga breaks freeKasuga flying away

Kasauga fallig downKasuga gets tsun tsun with Sasuke

Back at the real palace, Nouhime’s captured Kasuga during a sloppy assassination attempt. She orders Ichi to kill Kasuga, although Ichi in her completely spineless way refuses to do so. However, before Nouhime can kill Kasuga, Kasuga breaks free and escapes with Ichi (who later decides to just go back. Ichi reminds me of an endangered species that refuses to survive, because it does things like run out into the middle of the highway, or drink acid rain).

Once Kasuga escapes, she finds herself in a spot of trouble and uses the whistle that Sasuke provided for her in a time of need. I assumed it was something like a dog whistle, so I was just as surprised as Kasuga was to see that turn into a jet propelled hang glider. Eventually the prototype runs out of gas and disintegrates sending Kasuga falling not very gracefully, right into Sasuke’s arms. Tsun tsun Kasuga is so cute. But I laughed when Sasuke scoffed at Kasuga thinking that he was going to show up when she blew the whistle. Nobody voices scoffing better than Takehito Koyasu IMO.

Masamune blue, Mitsuhide greenSanada fighting Mitsuhide

Sanada attacks MitsuhideMasamune kicks Ranmaru's ass

Meanwhile, Sanada and Masamue are engaged in a pretty good fight, with neither side getting a clear edge, although Mitsuhide is perversely enjoying the pain he’s enduring from the fight. However, after a while, the little monkey boy Ranmaru jumps into the fray out of pity for Mitsuhide and then quickly gets his ass handed to him by Masamune. Masamue, however, decides to let the boy survive, because well, heroes don’t kill children.

Kojuuro takes on MitsuhideNouhime points a gun at Ichi

Finally, Kojuuro arrives to take Mitsuhide on and let Sanada and Masamune track down and defeat Nobunaga. I wonder what it says about Sanada and Masamue that they weren’t really making a dent Mitsuhide, but now Kojuuro is tasked with taking him down mano a mano. But I guess Mitsuhide’s tired at this point, so I won’t think too much about it. Meanwhile, Nouhine ostensibly kills a pathetic Ichi (this would be much deserved, considering how useless Ichi has been to this point), but since the gunshot takes place while the camera’s panned away, I suppose Ichi’s not really dead.

Pretty good action this time around, I love the glowing lights, and Mitsuhide’s green’s pretty sweet, but this was merely an appetizer. The main course is what we’ve been waiting all season for.

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