Umineko no Naku Koro ni, episode 2 – Body parts hit the fan

It didn’t take long for Umineko to get the action going and start piling up the body count. While I expected a pretty exciting episode, I was surprised to see a third of the cast die off at once. In fact, I’m not even sure who’s dead and who’s not.

Smiling Maria UshiromiyaCrazy Maria Ushiromiya

I thought Maria was much more cute this week… until she went all Higurashi eyes while reading the letter from Beatrice. As Beatrice’s new messenger, she fills the Ushiromiya family on all the details. Basically, Kinzo (grandpa) made a deal with her way back in the day. She would loan gold to the family and help them bring them back to prosperity. The catch was, once the contract between the two was over, she would get to keep everything the Ushiromiya family owned. I think this extends into the children’s assets as well, although correct me if I’m wrong. However, because Beatrice is such a fetching lady, she makes an offer to the family. If they can find her hidden gold, they get to keep their assets, including all the gold Beatrice loaned Kinzo.

Jessica and her momJessica's mom

The question is what’s in it for Beatrice and what’s in it for Kinzo? Based on Beatrice’s letter and Kinzo’s interaction with Jessica’s mom, it seems like he’s playing a game to see which of his children are most worthy of the family inheritance. Although I wonder if he was as heartless enough to risk killing some of them. But what’s in it for Beatrice? What’s a witch got to do with gold and material wealth? Or is she playing the game for kicks. On a separate note, the more I hear Kinzo speak, the more I think he was created for Norio Wakamoto to voice. It’s a bummer that’s not the case.

Shannon, George and JessicaShannon gets proposed to

Meanwhile, while the family is trying to make heads and tails out of Beatrice’s letter, we learn that George has the hots for Shannon, and actually goes as far as proposing to her – although her decision at the time is left ambiguous. I suppose this is one of the unfortunate casualties of having rushed through character intros, because this seemed like it came out of left field, and was an obvious set up to make the final scene a little more powerful.


However, when everyone wakes up in the morning, they find that strange things are afoot. Jessica’s mom is awakened by the house staff and notified that people are missing and there are some bloody handprints on the door across from hers (apparently she may have been saved by the pendant her daughter gave her). Jessica’s mom then orders the workers to start cooking breakfast, because I guess that’s the logical response to finding out that there may be something sinister in the air.

Things take a turn for the worse, as the workers find what looks like black magic inscribings inside the shed – which is the last possible building that the missing people could be in.

Death in the shedShannon's engagement ring

And not surprisingly, the shed turns out to be the setting for a very gory scene, which unfortunately was muted by a little bit of extra darkness.

Jessica cryingBattler screams

Who died? Well, Jessica’s dad did judging by her response. And unfortunately for George, Shannon as well – after having chosen to accept his proposal. :emotion:

The timing and delivery of Battler’s scream sounded really misplaced and ended up being unintentionally hilarious. Otherwise, while I expected the mystery and death to begin this episode, like I mentioned above, I was shocked to find that they chopped a third of the cast already. I don’t even know who the other four dead are. And even if you named the names, it wouldn’t mean anything to me. But with that said, I’m starting to get into this. I’m looking forward to the mystery unfolding. Who is Beatrice? And what exactly does she want? What kind of show is she and Kinzo running?

5 Replies to “Umineko no Naku Koro ni, episode 2 – Body parts hit the fan”

  1. Well pretty much every character in the cast gets some sort of development through the course of the VN. However expect Higurashi style resets. I have to warn you though, once they get to the 2nd reset Umineko does a 180 degrees turn. It’s no longer horror/mystery. But more of a comedy with action adventure. The huge jarring change in genera might be a huge turn off to some, and a few REALLY RIDICULOUS elements are put into play. If you are expecting some serious dark stuff, don’t watch anymore after this arc is over. Objectively Umineko is still very good, but the 1st arc raises some false expectations for a story you can take seriously.

  2. I’d have to agree with IZ on this one.

    Also the current casualty list is as follows: Shannon(you knew that already), Krauss(Jessica’s dad, red suit), Rosa(Maria’s mother, long blond hair), Rudolf(Battler’s dad, blue suit), Kyrie(Battler’s stepmother, Short silver hair), and Gohda(Middle aged chef, likes crossword puzzles).

    Deen really screwed up some the reactions though. I’ve even seen people speculating that Battler was faking it because his was so comically delayed. Unintentional hilarity for the lose.

    1. Ah ok. Battler’s reaction now makes much more sense to me. I didn’t understand why his scream was so delayed. But if he was reacting to finding out his parents were among the dead… that makes sense. Yeah, Deen definitely could’ve set that scene up better.

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