Haruhi Suzumiya, Endless Eight, part 6 – Still going, in case you’re wondering

The good part (or bad, depending on how you look at it) about these episodes is this style of posting is so easy, it doesn’t take any thought at all.

Nagato looks at Kyon 
This is the part where Nagato flips out and beats Kyon with his bike. What? You missed it?

I wonder how people will respond when this arc eventually ends? Will there be jubilation? Relief? Unbridled anger? In related news, Sankaku reported that “The Disappearance of…” arc will no longer be happening, so something tells me we won’t get the same jubilant response when Haruhi first returned from the dead. If this season ends with the resolution of Endless Eight, will fans still clamor for Haruhi? Or has KyoAni killed their cash cow?

In other news, I just bought the Aria first season DVD set and was pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of a guide to Neo-Venezia. Unfortunately, it’s not in color, but otherwise, it’s great. While Haruhi was doing its thing again, I learned a few new things about the magical world of Aria… according to the guide, Endless Eight does not exist in the utopia that is Neo-Venezia.

4 Replies to “Haruhi Suzumiya, Endless Eight, part 6 – Still going, in case you’re wondering”

  1. Dear lord they really did kill it!!! :emotion:

    The idea that they would cancel the “dissapearance” arc… But it’s their own fault anyways… They should know better than to ignore the rule of three. People can only pay attention to three of the same episode, any more than that and the rabid fans stop posting the videos on youtube… or something like that.

    I feel like I’m being punished for being a loyal fan though… ;-(

  2. If anything, KyoAni should turn the 8 E8 episodes into one, that is, don’t compute them in the total episode count from season 2. It may even be funny once we look the whole issue back from the future.

    But just to annoy the rest of the world as the trolls KyoAni really are, we may see E8 go EVEN beyong 8 episode lenght with an OVA or something.

    1. lol, if KyoAni ended the season on E8, then announced a new OVA featuring more E8, then in the scheme of funny – not funny – ok, it’s funny again, it’d jump back into the “it’s funny again” realm. And actually, may jump past that to be the funniest thing ever.

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