Hayate no Gotoku, episode 17 – Hinagiku! Nishizawa! Onsen! Kyaaa!

Why didn’t I just go ahead and write about this show from the start? Of course, even I didn’t know all the awesome (and Hina) that Hayate no Gotoku would deliver this season, this episode being featuring the latest Hina-Nishizawa hot spiciness, and the typical silly comedy that makes HnG so great. This episode had so much fertile material, I’m looking forward to the ever so enjoyable Hontouni’s THREESOME posts for this episode.

Miki feels up Hina
Now that’s a hug. Miki knows what’s up.

They should’ve gotten Aki Toyosaki to voice Maya. ~Ui~

Kawaii alien Maya

So Nishizawa might have a nicer body than Hina, but I’m sticking by my favorite pink-haired girl. Nishizawa, of course, is much too classy to go for the onsen oppai glomp. (Sadly for the rest of us.)

Naked HinaHina sees naked Nishizawa

Nishizawa touches HinaNishizawa likes Hina's skin

Nishizawa likes Hina's hair tooHina blows a fuse

Embarrased Hina has several shades of red until smoke starts puffing out of her. Deflowering naked Hina, proposing three-way marriage, I gotta say, I like the way Nishizawa thinks. That’s my kinda girl. Actually, forget Hayate x Hina. Nishizawa x Hina FTW!

Hina laying on NishizawaNishizawa gets turned on by Hina

Super embarrassed HinaNishizawa proposes to Hina

It's Ayumu!Hina falls for Ayumu

Anyway, the rest of the stuff, the Maya spaceship events, the boys love attack on Hayate, the Gibson Jr. warp, was random, but hilarious. The scene with Nagi’s mom, Yukariko was touching, but just before they pushed it too far, Sakuya comes to save the day. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. As far as my sheer enjoyment goes, this show is pushing close to a perfect 10 for me. If they end it on a Nishizawa x Hina ending, it gets an 11. No questions asked.

Nagi's mom, Yukariko SanzeninSakuya smacks sentimental Nagi

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