Sora no Manimani, episode 3 – A trip to the Planetarium

The problem with writing about Sora no Manimani, I’ve noticed, is that it’s really hard to not go overboard with screenshots. There’s just so many awesome screen gags (mostly Mii-chan gags) that I’d hate to leave anything out. Of course, this is a much better problem to have than the Kurokami problem, in which a show is so bad I just don’t know what to say about it.

The class is shocked at Mihosi x SakuMii-chan's exciting night

Mii-chan tells Saku it's on tonightSaku gets embarrassed

My anticipation level for new Sora no Manimani episodes is just off the charts right now. It got to the point where I was really afraid that I was putting the show on a pedestal and I’d find myself continually disappointed if it didn’t reach the level of awesome that the first two episodes did. But the first couple minutes of episode 3, in which Mii-chan fans the flames of ecchi misinterpretation, shattered my fears and gave me faith that no, SnM won’t disappoint and in fact, it can even reach greater levels of awesomeness than I could’ve possibly imagined. Honestly, I was laughing out loud at the scene, and when I rewatched it again, I was giddy with anticipation. Why? I’m not sure. I mean it’s your standard mixed messages scene, but it has to be because of Mii-chan’s undying enthusiasm and willingness to take those double entendres even further and further. It’s like she’s both aware of and oblivious to the misunderstandings she’s creating. It’s hard to explain, but I think only Mihoshi could’ve made this scene as hilarious as it was.

Hime hears that Saku and Mihoshi did this and thatHime's puffy humid hair

I want Hime to constantly be the failed love interest. Because she’s just so funny and cute every time she thinks Saku and Mi-chan have made some "progress." What was up with the barnyard animal sounds though?

That and any puffy hair-related gag will more than do. I want to see Hime with a puffed out afro one day.

Mii-chan doesn't want Saku to leaveFumin making the moves on Saku

Because Saku doesn’t yet realize that he’ll never be free from Mi-chan’s grasp (seriously, why fight it?), he skips on out the club to spend some quality time alone at the library where he runs into Fumin, who once again tries to seduce Saku to join the literary club. But it’s during these moments and the bus ride back home where Saku just realizes that Mihoshi just wants to share her good experiences. I don’t know how I feel about Fumin trying to jump on Saku’s harem, but I think I’ll support it, because some of Mi-chan’s funniest faces comes when she’s battling Fumin.

Mihoshi apologizes to SakuMihoshi then drags Saku away

Once Saku arrives home he encounters a remorseful Mi-chan who apologizes for monopolizing all of Saku’s time and taking him around everywhere. But once Saku tells her it’s not a problem, Mi-chan instantly whisks him away to the next astronomy event.  Like they say, you can’t keep a genki girl down.

Sayo-chin petting MihoshiMii-chan's churuya face

Apparently Mi-chan turns into churuya-san during rainy days. I loved the ~nyoron~ Mi-chan face. It’s just too damn cute. Again, proving that Fumin is actually a pretty good nemesis for Mi-chan.

Edogawa goes nuts over the planetariumHatori Haruko, the planetarium guide

Fumin’s getting on the Astronomy club’s case for being so impotent due to the daily rain, so Saku remembers a memory with Mi-chan’s dad, and proposes the club take a trip to the nearby planetarium, where they meet Haruko, the babe of a tour guide. For a small town, this place has got it all as far as astronomy goes. It’s funny how for not being a member, Edogawa’s so gung-ho about astronomy.

Sora no Manimani constellationsHime and Edogawa cry after the planetarium show

The one unique thing about Sora no Manimani that I’ve noticed is that it mixes in sentimental moments really well, without it feeling out of place or feeling too cheesy. Or when it does border on being too cheesy, they really go all out and cheese it up to make it funny again. It’s drama without the do-ra-ma. That’s a quality of good writing.

On another note, Sora no Manimani piqued my interest in astronomy again, so I took a look at a book of constellations and I have to say, those constellations are the most abstract looking things ever. They look nothing like my childhood memories. On most of them I was looking at the stars wondering how the heck anyone could think it could look like a fish or a bear or a scorpion.

Mii-chan's eyes of appreciationMii-chan mini glomp!
Mini glomp!

Hime splits Mii-chan and Saku upThe astronomy club enjoying life

Again, the scene where everyone was walking in the rain was another subtle but nice scene in which the writers straddle the lines between cute, funny and sentimental. You can feel the depth of Mii-chan’s appreciation when she mini-glomps Saku-chan. I mean she’s so raw and expressive it’s hard not to love. The whole scene is cute, then Hime comes in to break it up, where it gets funny, and then the monologue changes the focus onto Mi-chan’s statement that it looks like a little universe inside the umbrella. It’s sort of sappy, but perfectly fitting for the scene. And all of it flows so well from one bit to the next that it just feels natural. The characters all act exactly like how I think they should act and how I would want them to act.

Anyway, my anticipation level for episode 4 has raised even higher, and I’m happy to announce that I’m adding Mii-chan to my summer harem along with Hina, Hamster and Horo.

One Reply to “Sora no Manimani, episode 3 – A trip to the Planetarium”

  1. Not putting this show on a pedestal either, but this episode made me laugh so much. I especially liked the part with the funny buzzers, because I’m a nerd and did Quiz Bowl in high school.

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