Umineko no Naku Koro ni, episode 4 – Maria is just one crazy loli

So we got some answers to a few questions this week, like is everyone oblivious to Maria or do they just think she’s mondo weird? (the latter) How did Eva and Hideyoshi die? Where is Kinzo? And also some answers to questions that no one was thinking of, like does Jessica have a thing for Kanon? (who knew) And what’s the deal with George’s Oedipus complex?

George cryingMaria smells something bad

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Hayate no Gotoku, episode 16. Nishizawa is pretty awesome too

With Horo, Hinagiku and now Sora no Manimani, I feel like I’ve been fanboy gushing a little too much these days. Thank goodness my gushing for Haruhi has been kept to a minimum, because I think I’d have to be sedated then. But this season of Hayate has been fantastic and well worth the praise. And while I’m a whole-hearted Hinagiku fan, if by chance the Hayate x Hina ending didn’t come to pass. I’d be ok with Hamster getting lucky. She’s so sweet and honest it’s hard to root against her even when I’m rooting for Hina. You know it’s a great harem when it’s hard to pick one girl over another. So I was really glad to see JC Staff animate this great Nishizawa scene, probably her equivalent of the Hinagiku balcony scene.

Hina riding on a bike with Hayate

Sora no Manimani, episode 2 – Enter the love interest

I wasn’t planning on picking Sora no Manimani up, but I’ve loved every second of this show so far. Plus, with my Haruhi write-ups being so easy to do – and surprisingly repetitive – I think I’ll have the time to devote to this show. And I also declare Mi-chan to be the new Haruhi for the summer season. She’s such an awesome character. I can’t get enough of her.

Mi-chan glomps SakuEdogawa's hopes and dreams

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Spice and Wolf, season 2, episode 2 – When Lawrence is away, Horo will play

Last week’s drama of whether Lawrence will stick with Horo all the way to Yoitsu has seemingly blown over. And after a bit of the typical Horo-Lawrence flirting/teasing game, we finally jump into the thick of the story, with some background into the mythology of Horo and some Lawrence-jealousy enticing antics.

Horo is illiterateFake sad Horo

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Haruhi Suzumiya, Endless Eight, part 5 – or how I broke the cycle

I’m seriously starting to lose count of the episodes. Mazui has this listed as the 16th episode, but wait there were 14 episodes in the first season alone? Are they referring to the chronological order of the show? Anyway, I thought I’d read that Mazui was dropping Haruhi (apparently I was mistaken), so I downloaded the YSHI subs which were listed as episode 16. Anyway, this is my story, it is based on completely true events…

Haruhi being cute
Haruhi being cute… stop distracting me KyoAni!

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