Sora no Manimani, episode 4 – Mihoshi fascination

We get a confession! It’s not as edgy as Senjougahara’s. And maybe it doesn’t stick. But I have to admit my heart skipped a beat anyway.

angry HimeHime's friends tease her

While Hime rages about Mii-chan always hanging around Saku, feeling him up and whatnot, her friends humor her unrequited love dreams, all the while teasing her for chasing the impossible. Hey, at least Hime’s got honest friends, because it’s just not going to happen between her and Saku. Might as well move onto Edogawa or *gasp* the anemic club president. (I think Edogawa and Hime would be hilarious, but it seems like he’s got ogling eyes for Sayo-chin.)

Sayo-chin checking out Mii-chanMii-chan's too cute chibi face

It’s summertime and the astronomy club is planning a summer expedition. "Summer means stars, and stars means staying up all night. And staying up all night equals an overnight camping trip." I like that train of thought actually. However to get the trip approved requires some sweet talking to Fumin, so Sayo-chin takes a break from hugging Mii-chan’s chest, and heads over with the club president to get approval. Mii-chan meanwhile worries that they’ll need her, giving Studio Comet another chance to break out a new funny/chibi Mii-chan face. This time she looks like a cross between a frog and a Kaiser roll, and it’s 100% unbearably cute.

Hime makes a planHime dreams of studying with Saku

This meanwhile gives Hime a chance to launch her final, hail-mary ploy. The ole’ "get to know you better through homework" scam EXCEPT Mii-chan completely torpedoes her plan by offering to her notes from last year to Hime and getting excited about studying together with everyone and then doing astronomy things afterwards (of course).

Hime freaks outMii-chan's confession

Finally at her wits end, Hime-chan explodes and inserts a little bit of do-ra-ma into the show – our first real bit of do-ra-ma actually – and demands to know what Saku means to Mii-chan. And Mii-chan doesn’t disappoint with a simple, straightforward "daisuke." Like I mentioned above, it’s not as edgy as Senjougahara’s confession. But it’s just as bold, and just as straightforward. And yeah, my heart skipped a beat too. (Having just watched Nodame Cantabile, the similarity between the two shows’ "vibe" is uncanny.)

Saku blushesMii-chan loves everyone

Mii-chan’s confession smacks the tsundere out of Saku, stunning both him and Hime for a second, Unfortunately, the confession does not stick. But maybe at the end of the show it will. And I loved how it made such an impact on tsundere Saku, who I’ve really come to like as the lead character.

Sayo looking hotEdogawa going nuts

Meanwhile, the club does get Fumin’s approval and they head off to the beach for some fun in the sun(s). Edogawa is sort of like the male version of Mii-chan – small, hyper, and full of enthusiasm. He never fails to crack me up. And I liked the shots he took of Sayo-chin. Sayo-chin is a total babe, she just needs to be more interesting. But I’ll give the producers a break. Four episodes in and I think they’ve done a good job developing four of the mains, which is pretty good. Hopefully we’ll get some Sayo-chin and club president development in the next few episodes.

embarrassed SakuSaku thinks about Mii-chan's confession

It’s very obvious that Saku still has Mii-chan’s confession on the brain, as he keeps having random thoughts of her popping out and saying  "I love you." This was such a great development, even though Mii-chan’s confession didn’t stick. I hope it forces Saku to come out of his tsundere shell and take the initiative. Or at least stop denying that he has a thing for Mii-chan. I’d like to see this show take the Bakemonogatari route and not save the confession for the end… I want to see some Mihoshi x Saku relationship development at some point this season (unless there’s a 2nd season, which would be great).

Edogawa hunting for babesFumin and the bookworms

Once they get to the beach, Edogawa goes nuts checking out chicks, while the astronomy club runs into their nemesis, Fumin and her army of bookworms. I cannot believe that the literature club is so popular. It can’t be because of Fumin. I’m going to give credit to the friendly looking, purple-haired cute, megane next to Fumin.

A crappy roomMii-chan goes nuts cleaning

And while the bookworm army stays in a posh mansion, the astronomy club is left to stay in… an abandoned building. But Mii-chan, showing her master waifu skills, spiffs up the place in seconds before dropping into a heap, conking out until nightfall.

Edogawa manning the cameraEdogawa, Saku, Hime in awe of the sky

The nightfall, stargazing scenes were very, very good. For one, I liked Edogawa’s quick explanation about the camera settings (apparently Azu-nyan isn’t the only one who can get a tan). This isn’t the type of show where I expect to learn anything from. But I’ve learned that if you’re going to shoot the night sky, put the focus on infinity and use a wide aperture.

Mii-chan being happySaku-chan is excited

But the stargazing scenes were both romantic and inspiring. I loved seeing everyone in such awe of the sky, and seeing Mii-chan so enthusiastic. I thought Saku’s backstory was a great mini-confession of sorts as well. The background music during these scenes, as well as what was a special ED, fit the mood perfectly – which I can’t praise enough, because I hate when shows kill the mood by having an ED or scenes for next week that doesn’t jive with the content in a show. There’s nothing worse than having a dramatic moment in a show, for example, be dulled by a upbeat ED or a silly scenes for next week sequence. Change it up, I say!

Anyway, another week, another excellent episode of Sora no Manimani. I wish I knew someone who loved life as much as Mii-chan does. Her enthusiasm is so infectious. While this episode was less funny than the previous episodes, the dramatic developments more than made up for it. I can’t believe this show has a 7.5 rating on MAL. I’m sure it’ll change, but that is egregiously low. 7.5 is what lame harems like To-LOVE-Ru get. This show is a considerable step up. I will in the meanwhile continue to share the love and hope more people catch on.

8 Replies to “Sora no Manimani, episode 4 – Mihoshi fascination”

  1. *looks back at title* Yep, “Mihoshi fascination”, right there in the title, and not one reference to Tenchi Muyo. Truth in advertising, man, you need truth in advertising…


  2. I was holding my breath with Hime’s outburst and the subsequent confession at the beginning. I thought for just a second this show was going to get serious. I was really looking forward to this show because the director did both Gintama and School Rumble. The latter of which I loved to death even if we didn’t get a conclusive ending that’s not really the fault of the director. He knows how to do 2 things very well: comedy and characterization. School Rumble could get dramatic from time to time as well. I’m not familiar with the source material but I think if this show does take a turn for the dramatic it will be well handled in Shinji Takamatsu’s hands.

    As for the Nodame Cantabile reference, I had this thought during the episode: “Now if only they had gotten Ayako Kawasumi to voice Mii-chan”. Don’t get me wrong I like Kanae Ito’s performance (in Taishou yakyuu as well) but the similarities to Nodame-chan are undeniable.

    Which I loved Nodame Cantabile. It’s probably my favorite ever. I marathoned the first two seasons and the live action (which was equal to if not better than the Anime) in about a 2 weeks. Which was roughly the same I did with School Rumble. So yeah I have high hopes for Sora no Manimani

    1. I think even though Mii-chan’s confession didn’t stick, getting Saku to start thinking about it was a real big deal. I hope they keep building on it though. I’d hate for it to be like the drama in School Rumble, which basically kept resetting over and over, and never going anywhere.

      I’ve never really felt strongly about Kawasumi’s roles until I heard her do Nodame. That was the first time I thought she really was awesome. But I really like Ito as Mii-chan. I’ve never heard Ito before, but I think Mii-chan’s more hyperactive and over the top than Nodame, and I really liked the energy Ito’s brought to the role.

  3. I think whether the drama is good or bad really depends on the source material. Takamatsu usually tries to stick quite close to the source material and in the School Rumble Manga the dramatic/romantic portions never are given a definitive ending.

    I’m checkin out the 1st 6 chapters they have translated now but hopefully they’ll take this show somewhere.

    1. Ah, yes. Good point. I suppose I shouldn’t blame Takamatsu, because I do remember that it was the mangaka who refused to give School Rumble any closure.

      How do you like the SNM manga translations so far? Better/worse than the anime?

  4. Hey, I found the link here from your Twitter profile after you added me, so I’m stopping in to say hello 🙂

    I also enjoyed the shift to some drama this week, and I liked how it felt like a definite change but it didn’t go so far into the serious drama end of the spectrum all at once. If they keep up the gradual transition it will be a good thing. Some series that I really enjoyed still kind of bothered me when they just BAM switch from comedy/lighthearted to serious emotional drama (like some parts of Toradora for example.) I’m not heavily in favor of one over the other, I just like a natural progression.

    Also, glad to find more people who love the show.
    .-= ExecutiveOtaku´s last blog ..Sora no Manimani Episode 04 – Space Camp =-.

    1. Thanks for stopping by :clown:

      Yeah, I like it when comedies stay true to their roots and not get too heavy with the drama. It’s funny you mentioned Toradora, because that show lost me everytime it turned into Clannad. But I have high hopes for SNM and think they’ll do a really good job of mixing in nice, little dramatic developments in between all the comedy.

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