Haruhi Suzumiya, Endless Eight, part 8 – Damn, it’s over

Kyon being retarded
Way to go Kyon, it only took you 15,000+ times to figure out that stupid fucking resolution. Seriously. I don’t give a shit.

Once it got past a certain point, I never wanted it to end. I don’t know why. Maybe I realized it was beyond the point of no return. Maybe I was a sadist. But it’s over. And to be honest, I feel a little sad. And a little mad. Life will be back to normal and we’ll be back to not raging about Haruhi. I will say, this was the worst fucking arc of anything I’ve ever seen. You can give credit to KyoAni/Kadokawa for their "boldness," but "boldness" doesn’t mean jack in real life. They could’ve drawn Haruhi, literally, taking a crap on each episode of Endless Eight and it would’ve drawn the same response (actually, probably a response even more hysterical). That is true "boldness." But that’s basically what E8 was: a desperate call for attention by a studio that was apparently out of ideas. As someone who works in marketing, it always bothers me when I hear people say "any publicity is good publicity." The honest truth is: THAT IS A LIE. It’s a lie usually perpetrated by those that are trying to keep their jobs after fucking something up, after some "ingenious" (read: retarded) idea backfires.

Anyway, yeah, Endless Eight is over. And so is any semblance of a positive Haruhi 2 season. I am not going to give KyoAni any credit for "boldness" or "uniqueness", because both of those qualities are easy to achieve. "Quality", however, is not.

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  1. I enjoyed the first Haruhi. But quite frankly, I stopped caring about the second season with all of the crap leading up to it. Teaser after teaser, hype-fueled trolling, and just the general delay(which didn’t stop them from talking about it every bloody week in Magazines like it was coming tomorrow to blow everyones socks off).
    After all of this Endless Eight stuff, I think I made the right choice in not following it.

    They could indeed start a “Real” Season 2 after this, now, but I do think a significant amount of damage was indeed done to the series name as a whole.
    It’s like you said, “any publicity is good publicity” is a bullshit thought.
    Dickery will always be dickery. It will always, always, reflect the same.

    And I think Haruhi “crapping on each episode” would have got more positive feedback. Some people have creepy fetishes, out there. I have no clue what they were trying for. It was a weird, stupid decision.
    The sad part is, though, there will still be Loyalists going “IT WAS CLEVER! I’LL BUY IT!”

    1. If the next arc is good, I’ll certainly give it credit. I’m not going to hold an E8 grudge, but yeah, as far as the season goes, I think the damage was done.

      I am REALLY curious to see how well the DVDs sell. If any of the E8 stuff sells well… I’m not sure how I’m going to respond.

      1. The more Businessy side of me is thinking they’ll give the E8 DVDs a ton of extra goodies to try and help them sell, if anything. Otherwise I’d imagine people would just skip buying them, unless they’re collectors(Haruhism sells).

        However, from the English-Fandom side of things, it sounds somewhat risky(or at least, unpredictable), I think. No idea how the Japanese fans took E8, but I don’t imagine it’s much different.

        Yeah, it’ll be very interesting to see what they do.

        Also, do you think they might just.. Skip making E8 dvds?
        It seems very unlikely, I mean, people will buy it, but I have no idea how much production of a DVD, jacket, etc all costs, and if these sell as shakily as I think they might, I’m not sure if it would be a good move right now.

      2. Sankaku said that they’re planning to release the DVDs like normal, 2 episodes per disc at like $70 a pop I think. So I think extra goodies are a necessity. But even then… I think you’d have to be a real sucker to pay out like that.

        It just boggles my mind. I can’t imagine what they were thinking. And I can’t believe that they would have such little respect for their fanbase that they think the fans would eat up the DVDs anyway. (At least I hope the fans don’t eat it up.

  2. The sad thing is I totally saw that coming from a mile away. When I read the endless eight arc and had the usual “Why is it eight” until I got the reference three seconds later, I thought… “I wonder if they will release eight episodes for the anime arc… Naw. They aren’t THAT stupid.”

    Well, I guess they are that stupid.

    This kindof reminds me of the whole CrossGen failure. Well, I hope the KyoAni writers atleast take some classes on marketing tactics and social psychology before they kill their fan loyalty again… If they ever get a second chance that is.

    1. Ugh, I was hoping they wouldn’t be that stupid either, but yet… here we are. But I’ll bet you a third season of Haruhi that KyoAni has NOT learned their lesson. Damn jerks.

  3. First off, let me say this: I absolutely hated the decision to make eight Endless Eight episodes. It was disappointing and infuriating, and made the last eight episodes seem really cheap.

    But I kind of think that was the point.

    If the rest of the second season is, as was originally planned, the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, then having an infuriating “I can’t believe this is happening” feeling is ideal. The past eight weeks kind of helped us empathize with Nagato, and I think that there’s a lot of potential there. It’s possible that the next few episodes will be amazingly good because of that, and might even make up for the past eight episodes.

    Also… since there’s no way DoHS can be covered well in… what are we down to, five more episodes? I’m kind of hoping that this entire arc will be considered one episode… giving us twelve more to make up with. Probably unrealistic, but a guy can dream, right?

    That’s my point of view, anywho.

    1. I don’t really feel like the last 8 weeks helped me empathize with Nagato. In fact, it sort of pissed me off, because she was the one person who could’ve helped Kyon end it several thousand iterations earlier. If she was bored, it was her own doing.

      Ha, I wish the entire arc would be considered one episode. But yeah probably unrealistic. 😮 I thought I read an article on Sankaku a while back, saying that DOHS was cut, but I can’t seem to find it. But I’m not optimistic that we’ll see it, although I wouldn’t mind seeing the magical blizzard mansion story animated.

      1. Didn’t they already do that? Remote Island Syndrome + Endless Eight = Umineko no Naku Koro Haruhi. 👿 At least Haruhi conforms to societal norms (even if it can be hard to tell :p ), else the two together would have been an endless massacre. 😉
        .-= Shounen A´s last blog ..Umineko no Naku Koro ni II-II =-.

      2. Ha! I totally forgot about that. Who would win b/t Haruhi and Beatrice? I’d go with Haruhi. God > Witch.

        Seriously though, I can’t remember anything before E8! :emotion:

  4. :tired: I have to say i was disappointed with the endless eight story arc. I only recently found and watched the 1st season of melancholy of haruhi suzumiya and surprisingly liked it a lot more than i thought i would. It was great. And to my surprise i found out that it was already up to episode 9 of the second series just as i finished the 1st series.

    So i sat down to watch all 9 episodes so far. loved the 1st, 2nd and 3rd episodes. But by the 4th i realised they were just repeating and repeating with no real advancements. By the 8th episodes i was tearing my hair out!! Thank god they concluded it on the 9th and it was because of a small stupid reason. They could have wrapped up this whole story line in 4 episodes max, what a waste!! Nowhere near as good as the 1st series and chalk me down as disappointed. I will continue watching it now to the end of the season but if they didn’t finish the endless eight arc by the 9th episode i was going to give up on it. They almost lost a viewer there. Star Trek TNG did the same storyline in a single episode. Here it was dull and board me stupid

    1. Star Trek TNG did the same storyline in a single episode. Here it was dull and board me stupid

      Yep, exactly. There was definitely a more creative way they could’ve done this arc without showing the same thing over and over and over. I think they took a more lazy and trolly way out.

  5. lets not forget that the only true new episode not counting the endless eight bit is the first episode.
    the whole story has way too many holes in it. For instance the bamboo tree was shown in season one but yet we get the story of it in the future in season 2? how about that they are now looking to make a movie?? didnt we already see this in the first season. HOnestly this show has been a let down. it totally steals its ideas from tenchi and can honestly do a better job if it wanted to. YOu have all these interesting characters yet we have next to nothing in this new season to like.

    1. To be fair, the chronology in the original light novels jumps around quite a bit as well. Are they really still planning to make a movie? I thought that was just a joke rumor.

  6. I will say that I am actually just simply thinking about how Nagato feels and will go with what a few individuals said. . . it does not matter. She is suppose to just be an observer as she stated several times and as such. . . her job is to not interfere by saying anything.
    As for KyoAni, I think they really had no idea what they were doing in this. They seriously set themselves up for failure amongst my friends. As an otaku, and a huge fan of Haruhi Suzumiya season 1, I know about sixty people (Roughly) that were eagerly anticipating season 2. And guess what? I am the only one who is still watching it. A couple of people returned once I told them that the endless eight was over. Now sure 60 is not a lot of people but you consider that in terms of ration. . . 3 out of 60 returned and we assume that they had 10 million viewers of the anime. . . they got some 500,000 people back if I am right. And out of that, not a SINGLE one of my friends will even consider buying Haruhi merchandise again. They seriously want to go to the point of boycotting it. Coming from someone who watches pretty much four hours of anime a day to get to sleep, this was the BIGGEST piece of crap I have ever seen in my life from an anime. I watched worse animes during this time that amused me more. After the fourth episode, I just said . . I will wait till they have ended this ridiculous ark.
    Oh and I found that the follow up episodes have been interesting so it does seem fairly sad that they killed most of their fan base (From my friend circle) when they still have ability to amuse/entertain and satisfy my desire for something original.

    1. Whoa, 60 people is about 60 more than I know, so that’s a pretty good sample, IMO.

      I will say that I am actually just simply thinking about how Nagato feels and will go with what a few individuals said. . . it does not matter. She is suppose to just be an observer as she stated several times and as such. . . her job is to not interfere by saying anything.


  7. I agree with the commencing
    statement in this post.
    If Season One took up ALL of the episodes
    just to get stupid Kyon to realise he was chosen,
    Season Two proves just how
    justified Harihi’s disinterest in earth men is
    when she tells Kyon,
    “All the men on this planet are worthless.”
    Hope she ever finds out how many loops it took
    to get out of that summer…
    Unlike the characters of this show,
    fans will never get their time back from
    those unnecessary fillers (eps 4 – 8 ) in season Two.
    They would of been tolerable, had all their
    puzzling discrepancies been used to conclude that arc.
    Lots of possibilities, only one used.
    Point being, no need for busy-work episodes.

  8. I actually just skipped 3 episodes to get through it.
    Endless 8 made me feel like I was wasting my life, so I skipped most of it.
    I never want to see an Endless 8-esque anime idea EVER again.

  9. I personally appreciated Endless Eight on a few levels, particularly in terms of how it led to an accumulation of errors in Nagato’s programming, how visible cracks began to show up more clearly in her usually largely emotionless countenance as the episodes wore on, how use was made of the repeats to work in lots of ‘blink-and-you-miss-it’ visual comedy, how Kyon’s reticence to break the cycle was highlighted more strongly in later episodes as he began to realize what was happening, and just the pure mindfuck element where the viewer gets a taste of how the characters felt during the thousands of loops we never see.

    Some think there were too many episodes; I have no comment for (and little interest in) that. E8 worked for me.

  10. I can’t believe some people are standing up for this, it’s incredible.

    “boldness”? Maybe some people can watch re-runs over (not 1) and over (not 2) and over (not 3) and over (not 4) and over (not 5) and over (not 6) and over (but 7, yes, count em’, 7 re-runs! Yay!) and be thinking by the end “what a bold move on the developers’ part, bravo!” but most of us can’t; we’ll just facepalm, sigh and shut off the TV/computer.

    “They were aiming to relate the viewer to the situation”? Personally I think it’s a pretty dumb idea to try and make viewers feel bored and frustrated, but that’s just me.

    “Different and unique”? There’s a reason this stunt was “different and unique”, and I don’t think I need to explain why.

    That said, I am hoping for a season three. I hope the developers realize their mistake and aren’t so put-off by the imminent lack of DVD success for season two that they decide not to take a third shot at it.

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