Umineko no Naku Koro ni, episode 6 – Middle Game begins

There’s not a whole lot to say about the episode besides a recounting of the events. Compared to the first arc, the first episode of the second arc takes it’s time and focuses on providing some character development for Shannon, Jessica and to a lesser degree, Kanon and George.

July(?) 1986

Shannon and George on vacationShannon and George having dinner

We see Shannon and George enjoying a trip to an aquarium in Okinawa. The two are blissfully enjoying the unlikely relationship between an Ushiromiya heir and the family’s servant. George thinks it’s magic. Shannon doesn’t disagree.

December 1985

Shannon goes for the mirrorShannon breaks the magic mirror

In a quick flashback, we see Shannon heading to the island bluffs, smashing the special mirror and calling for Beatrice to come and fulfill her promise.

Further back in time: October 1984

Shannon, Jessica and GeorgeEva chews out Shannon

Shannon is swayed by George’s kindness, while Jessica nearly spills the beans when the three of them are in the garden. However, Shannon’s "let’s be friendly" time is cut short when George’s mother, Eva, arrives to inform him that Kinzo would like to speak to George about his marriage meeting. As the two leave, Eva gives a word of warning to Shannon: furniture are meant to be just that – furniture (not in those exact words).

Still October 1984

Shannon and Beatrice Kanon confronts Beatrice

Perhaps the same day, Shannon approaches Beatrice’s portrait and laments how she’s been cursed with a heart that’s not allowed to love. Beatrice then surprised Shannon by showing up and offering an opportunity for her to achieve her wish. Beatrice Beatrice instructs her to breaking the magic mirror, so that Beatrice can get her powers back and help Shannon. However, Shannon declines the offer, concerned that breaking the mirror could lead to calamity.

However, Kanon comes to mess with the show and is surprised to find Beatrice trying to make a deal with Shannon. He lashes out at her, but before Beatrice can punish Kanon, Shannon pleads with her to forgive Kanon. Beatrice, having taken a liking to the respectful maid, obliges, and then gives her a butterfly-shaped brooch. A special gift that will make Shannon’s wishes come true if she chooses to break the mirror.

August 1986

Jessica and ShannonBeatrice being tsundere

Jessica sporting brass knucklesJessica playing on stage

Several things happen here:

  • Jessica and Shannon talk about Shannon’s trip with George. While Jessica reveals that she has a crush on Kannon.
  • Beatrice and Shannon have a tea party (in which Beatrice reveals a choco-tsundere side), and offers the brooch back to Beatrice since the relationship is now up to her and George. Beatrice tells Shannon to keep it, as a token of their friendship. Interestingly, Beatrice reveals that the only ones on the island who can see her are Shannon and Kanon.
  • Shannon later gives the brooch to Kanon, suggesting one day that he’ll be able to see life as a human and not a piece of furniture.
  • Meanwhile, Jessica invites Kanon out to the school festival, asking him to pretend to be her boyfriend. There’s a pretty funny scene in which Jessica reveals a very Mion/Shion-esque pair of brass knuckles, but it’s all in comedy. At the festival, Kanon sulks through a band performance in which Jessica tries to pull off her best rendition of God Knows. Unfortunately, her song is considerably worse, and the animation doesn’t sync with the song, so it just ends up looking a little weird.
  • Later in the day, Jessica confesses to Kanon, but he rejects her. Appreciating the sentiment, but telling her that furniture can’t love people.
  • Beatrice then appears in front of Kanon, who angrily smashes the brooch, and accuses her of creating false hope, and relationships that will only crumble. It’s in these moments, we see Beatrice unveil her witch side, as she taunts Kanon and vows to take control of the island and open the doors to the Golden Land.
  • Back at the mansion, Kinzo is in hysterics wondering why Beatrice won’t answer his call and Jessica is in tears over her rejection, Beatrice’s voiceover vows tragedy for all players in the game.

So is this a new reality, or the predecessor to the previous arc? There’s nothing that happens in this episode which suggests that it couldn’t be directly connected to the previous arc. George’s proposal would make sense from a timing standpoint. And suddenly Kanon’s outrage at Beatrice in the boiler room makes much more sense – as does Jessica’s horror at seeing Kanon die. I wonder why Shannon and Kanon would be the only ones who could see Beatrice. And I also wonder where Kanon got his "furniture" fetish. What in the world happened to that kid? I’m very eager to see where the next episode takes us.

6 Replies to “Umineko no Naku Koro ni, episode 6 – Middle Game begins”

  1. Shannon and kannon are from an orphanage that Kinzo founded. They don’t see themselves as people but as servants to the family. They must think that it’s an honor to serve them plus because they don’t feel they’re good enough to be treated equally. It’s not that unusual. So it’s probably just mentality they adopted because they had a very crappy life. Or maybe he was forced to watch E8 as a kid. Well, that’s my take. I believe that the term will be better explained to us later.
    .-= keikakudoori´s last blog ..The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya # 19 : It’s August 8. Mandatory Rambling. Endless Eight Aftermath. Also PS3’s are too expensive [censored] =-.

    1. Ah, I remember them mentioning that. But Kanon’s views seem really extreme. He seems to think of himself more like a slave than a servant – although watching E8 as a kid would make anyone go emo. He needs to watch more Hayate no Gotoku and learn how to pick up an accidental harem.

  2. “So is this a new reality, or the predecessor to the previous arc?”

    this shows what happens in ALL the arcs before the family conference. it doesn’t change for any of them. it’s like in higurashi – in all arcs, keiichi always goes to hinamizawa, satoshi always goes missing, and stuff like that :p
    .-= vandakiara´s last blog ..Umineko 06 ~ Tsurupettan ga nai D: =-.

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