Spice and Wolf, season 2, episode 7 – X-rated

After a long break, Horo is back in full force, taking over every scene with moe moe kyun and rapier wit. Hanging with witty people naturally makes you wittier. So there’s no doubt that smooth talking Lawrence owes his new slick style to hanging with Horo.

Lawrence petting HoroHoro plays with a dead fox

It’s crazy that even though nothing really happens during the first third of the episode, besides some affection and clever banter between Lawrence and Horo, the show’s still mesmerizing and time flies by. Horo really steals every scene that she’s in. I especially liked her mimicking the dead fox – although it’s a little freaky that it still has its head attached. On their way to Renose, a city known for its fur trade, Lawrence asks Horo if she feels badly seeing the furs of her former wolf kin. She responds by telling him that it’s hunt or be hunted. And there’s no pity for the hunted. That is the natural way, unlike say slavery, which she considers to be much more egregious, although Lawrence thinks they serve an economic purpose. To be fair, it’s medieval times. Not exactly the most progressive of times.

Lawrence hugging Horo in his dreamsHoro's sparkling gaze

Every once in a while, I watch an anime and think "hug her" or "kiss her" right now damn it! Glad to see Lawrence has the same feelings. However, he punks out of actually doing it. Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s much harder once you’re actually in the situation. But that’s no excuse!

Someone finds Horo's tailHoro needs some tail love

Renose is a very dark, dingy town with a cast of less-than-friendly looking characters. Quite a contrast to the bright lights and celebratory Kumerson. As they’re being patted down before receiving permission to enter the town, there’s a bit of a false alarm when an inspector finds Horo’s tail, but dismisses it as a cheap wolf pelt. Predictably this doesn’t make Horo happy, although I was surprised she didn’t fuss about it more than she did. In fact, she seems to admit that her fur isn’t the highest of quality. But it seems to be good enough for Lawrence.


Did I say nothing really happens in the first third of the episode? Well, actually nothing really happens for the whole episode. Not necessarily a bad thing, considering all the drama in the last few episodes. Instead we just get some more cute Lawrence and Horo scenes. Horo sucking on a finger was somehow both adorably cute and sort of naughty.

Lawrence kisses Horo's handHoro is enchanted 

Lawrence really has gotten wittier, and because the closer the two have gotten, the more whimsical and back and forth their relationship has become. While Horo can now seemingly can make Lawrence blush at will, Lawrence shows off his silver tongue and chivalry, sweeping Horo off her feet with a simple kiss of her hand. For a second, I thought someone was going to interrupt to tell these two to get a room.

Talking about RenoseMysterious character

Towards the end, we do get a little bit of plot movement, as Lawrence and Horo sit down with the owner of the inn, to try to get a lead on a Chronicler to find more information about Horo and Yoitsu. They learn that the only good source is a man named Rigolo, who unfortunately seems to be stuck in a strange situation going in the town – a problem with the furs apparently. And while Lawrence talks big about not wanting to get into a fight, the scent of trouble is too seductive for him to refuse. As they leave the building, they run into a strange person that Lawrence has already seen a couple times. Horo says it’s a girl, I think it’s actually Sheik, but based on Spice and Wolf’s track record, there’s no doubt that this new mysterious girl is a beauty.

Horo knows LawrenceLawrence sweet talking Horo

However, before Lawrence starts sticking his head into other people’s business, he shows that he’s learned a lesson from before and takes Horo out to see the town.

There’s not much to say about this episode. It was just your typical Spice and Wolf episode doing what it does best: putting Horo and Lawrence together and letting them carry the episode. Like I mentioned, it was a nice, slowed-down change of pace, especially compared to the surprisingly cliffhanger-heavy last few episodes. With that said, this episode still put a bug in my head, wondering what the "50-man meeting" was, why the town seems so dreary, and what Princess Zelda is doing away from Hyrule.

15 Replies to “Spice and Wolf, season 2, episode 7 – X-rated”

  1. Definitely enjoyed sitting through that and glad to see that Lawrence has gotten to the point where he can compete with Horo more or less on even terms when it comes to developing a sharp wit. Probably the most enjoyable thing is watching how the two have come to a better understanding of each other and how they use that for their witty banter.
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    1. I thought the little act and dance routine Horo and Lawrence pulled was great. It’s not something I’d expect to see in season 1, but with the recent developments in their relationship, it was quite amusing.

    1. Even though I think Horo needs to hear it more than Lawrence does, if someone says the L-word, I’d bet all my money that Horo somehow gets Lawrence to slip. Sad wolf puppy ears are a dangerous weapon.

      1. I still say that Horo is being unfair if she wants him to state what he’s obviously feeling for her. It’s not like she has clearly demonstrated the same level of affection towards him that he has displayed towards her.. especially not in this episode.

  2. The chick is either indeed Sheik, or every female thief-assassin from every JRPG ever.
    Pretty expressive eyes, though.
    The raining, dreary mood really helped this episode get back into a nice pace after the past Amarty thing.
    Their little “play” leaving the Inn room was incredible, haha. This show just does the interaction so bloody well.

    Wonder whats wrong with the furs, though. a 50-man meeting is pretty excessive.
    Plagued pelts? Seemed the Villagers are pretty cautious of the outsiders. I’d figure there’d be more of a panic if that’s the case, though. I mean, they won’t trade with them unless they have that little wooden token..

    1. That play was great. They both played their roles so perfectly.

      Hmm, plagued pelts… that sounds possible. All of the merchants sitting outside looked so… insidious, so I wonder.

  3. I loved this episode, This season has been shaping up very very well so far the first 6 episodes were edge of the seat stuff. And yes this is a change of pace. But boy, is it just me or is the chemistry between Horo and Lawrence was so fizzling this episode?!?!!

    I don’t expect either to say the L-word for quite a while. Certainly not until towards the end of season 3 at least. There still alot of metrial from the books to cover and i’m guessing were now into book 4 as a source?

    1. Haha, it certainly was fizzling. It’s funny how when Horo goes tsun tsun, Lawrence gets bolder, and when she goes dere dere, he gets all flustered.

      Hmm, I haven’t followed the books, but do you think a 3rd season would be possible? Are the books still ongoing?

  4. I heard book 10 has just been released. So there’s enough meterial for 5 seasons if they really want to streach it out. It’ll all depend how the ratings are in japan for spice and wolf if there’s going to be more seasons. Does anyone have any data on how well this anime is doing? This is by far the best thing i’ve seen in quite a while. Up there with Cowboy Beebop and Death Note. They have to do at least another season

    1. Wow, 5+ seasons would be insane and awesome. The wait in between would drive me crazy though. I’d rather see them do a full 24/26 episode season. I’m gonna have to start reading these novels.

      I haven’t seen any actual ratings for S&W, but if I remember correctly, it was one of the most anticipated shows on 2ch which is promising. Now whether that correlates to high ratings…

  5. From what I read at the Mazui subs comments they skipped book 4 and went to book five. So looks like its possible that other books might be skipped. Though still seems very possible that atleast a third season could come out. I do hope so.

  6. Well the gap between season 1 & 2 was a lot shorter than the standard anime gaps. If they do a season per year then i would be quite happy with that (if you ever had the misfortunte to get into Tenchi OVA then a year gap is nothing LOL)

  7. Great episode. The cheese was at least well scripted, and dere-dere Horo makes a welcome reappearance after her overly tsun-tsun behavior in the last episode.

    The most touching scenes for me were the “serious” ones. Lawrence clearly knows Horo very well now. He knows to move her hood in that adorable opening scene, he notices her hands shaking when Harold talks about memory loss, and even says something obviously stupid just to make her laugh and snap out of her depression afterward.

    Even his flirting and taunting are now surprisingly effective. However, hers are actually coming across as very raw and cold by comparison. It’s quite obvious that he is already treating her affectionately, but she’s having more trouble returning the favor.

    She’s clearly noticed that he’s deliberately holding back on being too intimate (but that he is starting to crack). Still, she isn’t exactly rising to the occasion and inviting him.. I wonder what’s up with that?

    Does she even want his affection, or is she unsure about her own feelings towards him? Does he have to do everything in this relationship now, while she decides whether his love is worth it?

    Also, Sheik’s appearance was .. interesting. Cue the “mysterious, dangerous, and scary” music now!

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