The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya, part 2 – A star is born

Is it "The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya" or "The Sighs of Haruhi Suzumiya"? Sort of a silly question, but little nitpicky things like this tend to bug me. I’m going to go with "The Sigh…" since that was the original novel title.

Taniguchi talks to KyonTaniguchi remembers the Nagato scandal

Now that things are getting back to normal, I can start watching Haruhi again like I watch any other show. This is a good thing. Taniguchi returns from the dead to deliver a couple great lines in this episode. I like Taniguchi, because he represents the "normal" faction of the show – how the rest of the world responds to Haruhi and her weird troupe. Haruhi’s in her own world. Nagato doesn’t speak. Asahina is a bijin out of reach for normal guys. And Koizumi is creepy (he’s not creepy, just fabulous!). Meanwhile, Kyon is the normal guy marching along with the rest of the band to the edge of the cliff, as Tanguchi sagely points out. He even attributes Kyon’s embracing of Nagato as one of Haruhi’s schemes – the unsaid point being Kyon’s too normal and Nagato’s too weird for the two to have come together in any other way. Taniguchi may be a lazy good-for-nothing, but he’s no idiot.

Haruhi is very happyHaruhi has no worries

Meanwhile, location scouting, and filming of the commercials and the movie has begun. Haruhi graces us with a cadre of smiles, laughs and even song to reflect her good mood. However, Haruhi’s directing and production skills are more Senor Spielbergo than Steven Spielberg. The commercials make no sense. The story and script are in Haruhi’s head, and apparently there’s no dialogue in the movie either (although we knew all that). #1 in the culture festival and that Golden Globe seem unlikely.

Haruhi pretending to shoot a gunKawaii Haruhi

But if the movie is so terrible, why doesn’t somebody tell Haruhi so? Ok, forget the fact that this is the same group that took over 15,000 tries before someone could think of something to say to Haruhi to end the summer. But Haruhi’s just so damn enthusiastic about her film that even if she wasn’t leader of the SOS Brigade (and possibly God of the world), it’d be hard for anyone to say "Haruhi, your movie sucks. You have no skill." That would just crush her and break her tsundere heart. I mean, when she tells you she’s afraid of the script leaking out, how do you respond? Just nod your head and smile.

There’s a lesson to be learned here. In life (and in anime), the most enthusiastic + confident ones almost always win or lead the way. Whether it’s Haruhi, Mii-chan, Kamina or any other gung-ho character, enthusiasm > indifference. It doesn’t even matter if you have skill, if you have the enthusiasm + confidence, people will follow, because they’ll just assume you have the skill. If you suck, they might not follow you again, but you can hoodwink them at least once. And this is why we follow Haruhi, because she’s damn sure she’s right, and even if she’s not, she’s going to make it entertaining along the way.

I think Haruhi’s best when it mixes in the supernatural elements, so I’m looking forward to next week’s episode when weird things should start occurring, but this episode was pretty good. Nothing great. And not vintage Haruhi, but as Haruhi says, it was entertaining.

4 Replies to “The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya, part 2 – A star is born”

  1. little nitpicky things like this tend to bug me

    Yeah, I’m always tearing out what’s left of my hair whenever Stripey uses the term siscon (sister complex) to describe sisters who have the hots for their elder brothers when it should be the other way around. Only recently reconciled by thinking of it as ‘sisters who love their brothers complex’ orz

    I’m a little surprised that they took two whole episodes to cover what they’ve done so far, particularly after using up all those episodes for Endless Eight.

    Actually wrt to the virtues of enthusiasm over indifference, only Kyon follows Haruhi out of his own free will. The rest of the Brigade are staying there on assignment by their relative superiors. Rather than looking at it in terms of an issue of enthusiasm, I tend to see it as one of latent romance between two tsunderes.
    .-= Zyl´s last blog ..Sighs II =-.

  2. lol, ‘sisters who love their brothers complex’ doesn’t exactly have the same ring to it.

    Hmm, good point. Although I think even if they weren’t on assignment they’d still follow Haruhi… except maybe Asahina… actually wait, that gets into The Disappearance story if I remember correctly. Maybe we’ll get to see this animated sometime in 2013.

  3. Yes, but I have a feeling that the games are not over yet. They have clearly dragged out both the endless eight, and now the sighs of haruhi for so long now… They claimed to have “canceled” The Dissapearence, however how is it that they have 14 episodes already planned.

    as if we didn’t know already from the whole annocuncement that they are planning another trolling expedition.

    Yep… the trolling has just begun. 😉

    1. I think we’ll have no choice but to hope that they animate a 3rd season… and don’t spend 3 years in between seasons again. By that time… yeah, the fanbase may be gone.

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