Sora no Manimani, episode 6 – The competition has arrived

I wrote this post once, but then the last half disappeared, so the last half is probably going to seem lazy.

After a short lull in the Mii-chan x Saku x Hime love triangle, it’s back in full force this episode. And now that damn Fumin is giving her best shot to turn it into a love square.

Saku's mama is disappointedSaku's mama is mad

I love Saku’s mom. She’s such a good, caring mom. Too bad she has such a good-for-nothing perfect-making-mama-useless son. Be more bad Saku-chan!

The angry bus crowdStranger stops the bus

Saku's friends yet to join SakuClass reaction to Saku x Mii-chan's nighttime photos

All I have to do is pull the bus cord to impress people? Oh, you Japanese are so easy. I think the crowd was the funniest part of this episode. I love their willful misunderstanding of Saku x Mii-chan’s relationship, and complete tone deafness to Saku’s objections. Not that he’s trying too hard to clear the air anymore. This is one of those situations where the misunderstanding helps you, so you just act shocked, but secretly ride with it

Hime fluffing her hairFumin being ice woman

Scamp says it best, but Hime is the perfect epitome of fluffy. It’s so funny how she’s got such a hair complex. I just want to mess it up and see it explode into an afro-puff. Meanwhile, Fumin’s still turning the cold, cold shoulder to Mii-chan, denying her request for more funds. C’mon, what’s an astronomy club without a telescope! Besides, if she wants to make a better impression on Saku, she’s got to do better than be the ice woman. Fumin no baka!

New teacher recognizes Mii-chanMii-chan gets arrested

Remember that guy who signaled the bus stop? Welcome Sou-nii, the new teacher, and apparent lolicon. The student council’s got it all wrong, it’s not Mii-chan who’s supposed to get arrested, it’s Sou-nii. There’s very few characters that I can imagine randomly yelling out a teacher’s name in the middle of an assembly, completely shattering the mood and creating an uproar. Maybe Haruhi. Maybe Kannagi’s Nagi. And Mii-chan. That’s some select company.

Strange class atmosphereThe class looking at Saku

Like I mentioned, the classroom reaction in creating the rivalry between Saku and Sou-nii is hilarious.

Mii-chan welcomes Sou-niiSayo rejects Sou-nii

This new Sou-nii dude seems like a pretty cool guy. He gets welcomed back by Mii-chan in tears and he hits on (and gets immediately rejected by) Sayo, I like him already. Turns out he’s not just Saku’s competition, but he’s taken on the role as the astronomy club’s advisor, so he’ll have plenty of time with Mii-chan and the gag.

The competition for SakuHime's friends yell at her

Hime’s friends are awesome. Actually, the one with the ponytail reminds me of what Kyon’s sister would look like if she were in high school. But they’re holding Hime to task for not getting any closer to Saku, and especially now during such a great opportunity. But the competition is heating up, as plenty of other vixens smell blood in the water and making plans for Saku. Although, based on the girls in the picture above, the competition doesn’t look that hot.

Flying Himerandom girl hits on Saku

Flying Hime is win. Forget what I said above, this random new girl is cute. Hime’s got to get a move on!

Fumin makes a move on SakuSaku is stunned

And now that damn ecchi, ice woman Fumin gets into the act, trying to seduce Saku to get him to help her out with the literature club. The Astronomy club is building a freaking planetarium for god’s sake.

Mii-chan and Sou-nii in a halojealous Saku

Seeing Mii-chan and Sou-nii so close stuns Saku. And jealousy rears its ugly head. When you’re jealous, you can either become more possessive and step in between the two, or become more passive-aggressive, and try to disappear hoping the girl will miss you. Neither are great options, but I don’t think the latter ever works out. Unfortunately, for Saku’s he’s decided to take that route by saying he’s going to help Fumin. I’d guess that he realizes how much he misses Mii-chan and becomes the first to break. But we’ll see how it works out for him.

This show’s hitting on all cylinders right now. The funny parts are hilarious and the addition of a wrench in Saku’s growing harem has made things even more interesting.

3 Replies to “Sora no Manimani, episode 6 – The competition has arrived”

  1. I’m thinking Mihoshi is going to be the one to break first. It seems more within her character and I imagine that last closeup reaction shot of her was hinting at this. However I think she’s going to take a less ‘frontal assault’ approach to doing so, similar to how she met Saku at his house after he ran away to the library. What’s your speculation?

    Fumie and Saku are a perfect couple, but Mihoshi being a main character I know my ship will sink. But until then my loyalty to Student Council Queen Fumie ‘Fumin’ the First shall remain firm. God save the Queen!

    With all this setup the next episode or two is going to be a doozy.
    .-= ExecutiveOtaku´s last blog ..Sora no Manimani Episode 06 – It’s a Sou-nii! =-.

    1. I don’t know if this changes much for Mii-chan, especially throughout the day, but I think she’ll be too engrossed in building the planetarium to worry too much.

      But I would guess that Saku’s going to realize that he actually misses all the craziness that Mii-chan brings, and living without is kind of boring.

      But I’ll admit, if they did want to set a spark for a potential Mii-chan x Saku ending, this would be a good time.

  2. Yeah they really need to start sparking a Mihoshi x Saku relationship pretty soon if they plan on it working. I have a feeling that nobody will get together by the end of this, except maybe a minor character.

    ExecutiveOtaku can have his Fumin ship. You have your Mii-chan ship and I’ll stick by my Fluffy Hime ship, although mine is certainly the weakest atm
    .-= Scamp´s last blog ..Fall 2009 Anime Season Preview =-.

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