Kanbaru’s confession and Senjougahara’s rejection

Senjougahara and Kanbaru

This was an incredibly hot scene… even if you knew the context behind it.

Kanbaru's confessionSenjougahara's rejection

I sympathized with Kanbaru – even with her murderous intent – because of the hopelessness of her situation. She couldn’t win. Senjougahara’s response to Kanbaru’s confession was honest and unequivocal, but had a softness and empathy to it that I wouldn’t have expected from her. In an episode marked by spectacular colors and gruesome gore, I thought the sepia scene between Kanbaru and Senjougahara was really well done.

In other words, if you haven’t been watching Bakemonogatari, you should.

7 Replies to “Kanbaru’s confession and Senjougahara’s rejection”

  1. I found Senjougahara’s reaction unexpected too but when Araragi explained it (her greed and soreloserness combining in a way that she won’t let go of a good thing), it was a Doh! moment (plus she’s had little displays of big affection and service thusfar) whereby I should have expected it.
    .-= Zyl´s last blog ..Bakemonogatari 08 =-.

  2. I was behind on Episodes 7 and 8, but when I saw your post, I thought that was Senjougahara ontop of Araragi.
    Didn’t even notice the rack.
    Watching the episode disappointed me a little for that reason, but it was a good arc.
    The shows following a bit of a predictable path, though, which kind of irks me. But it’s still really nice to watch(and hear).

  3. @ Shavelle: Haha, agreed. But I was surprised SHAFT gave us as much action as they did. The technicolor fight was pretty good.

    @ Panther: Hmm, yuri + chibi = new hit?

    @Zyl: Senjougahara’s occasional moments of affection are pure win… and when you add the yuri fanservice… see Panther’s comment above.

    @Campbell: Predictable? In that the arcs follow a similar format?

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