The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya, part 3 – M-M-Mikuru Beam!

Sometimes I wonder why Haruhi chose the people she chose as her "friends." As far as her directorial debut goes, I have some empathy for her. Her lead actress can barely get dressed on her own, her main villain is about as emotive as a coffee table, her do-everything camera man is a grumpy naysayer and Koizumi is well… Koizumi.

Haruhi strikes a poseHaruhi firing dual pistols

Haruhi wielding two guns is pretty damn hot. The pigeon scene and the subsequent escape scene had a slapstick style to it that TMOHS hasn’t had too much of. I actually got a good laugh out of it. The more I think about it, the more I wonder why Haruhi didn’t go down the director/actor route. Her and Koizumi are the only ones I’d trust have any acting skills.

Haruhi bops MikuruKyon abuses Haruhi

To be honest, the Kyon stock exchanged has really collapsed since the first season, and he’s been pissing me off during this arc (not to mention his complete FAIL during E8). So maybe Haruhi putting Mikuru in a headlock and bopping her on the head was wrong, but I really didn’t like Kyon manhandling Haruhi to get her off of Mikuru. That’s not all though. It seems like Kyon’s been a lot more negative and aggressive against Haruhi than I remember from the first season. I also feel like Tomokazu Sugita’s performance has had a bit of a harder edge too. Maybe my memory of the first season is a bit hazy, but I just don’t remember Kyon being so overwhelmingly anti-Haruhi. It really makes you wonder why Kyon continues to follow Haruhi’s bidding… Which is admittedly a real nice dovetail into the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya – an arc I hope gets animated sometime in the very near future with minimal trolling.

Mikuru Beam!Koizumi takes the contact

Finally, we get to the weird stuff when Mikuru actually shoots a photon beam from her eye. The highlight of this episode was Nagato tackling Mikuru, and I loved hearing what I’m going to call Nagato’s theme song when she, Koizumi and Kyon are talking about what happened. Hearing that song brought back some good memories. Again, thank goodness for Koizumi. Between Kyon’s blockheadedness, and Nagato’s one word answers, I wonder how any of them would communicate any of the strange Haruhi-related activities without Koizumi-kun. Season 2 – Kyon stock way down, Koizumi stock way up.

Mikuru gets bitten by NagatoTsuruya-san hugs Mikuru

It’s a shame they didn’t animate the Nagato x Mikuru bite scene, but I suppose megas-Tsuruya-san glomping Mikuru in all her fang-tan glory is an adequate replacement scene. If I remember correctly, I’m looking forward to seeing Shamisen get in on the Mikuru Beam action next week.

6 Replies to “The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya, part 3 – M-M-Mikuru Beam!”

  1. “but I really didn’t like Kyon manhandling Haruhi to get her off of Mikuru. That’s not all though. It seems like Kyon’s been a lot more negative and aggressive against Haruhi than I remember from the first season.”

    I agree that he’s not putting up with Haruhi’s crap like he did in season 1. But personally i don’t see it as a negative, it’s shameful how Haruhi treats Mikuru and it was about time someone stepped in and stopped her. I would have stepped in myself if i saw that unfolding in front of me. In my eyes Kyon stock has actually increased as it seems like he’s growing a pair! It’s Haruhi’s stock that’s dropping as she increasingly become a spoilt brat.

    1. I agree that Haruhi acts like a spoiled brat, but Mikuru does such a terrible job of standing up for herself that it’s hard for me to feel bad for her. Besides, having gone through the whole closed space incident, shouldn’t Mikuru be warning Kyon about getting to close to her? I feel like that I haven’t heard that all season.

  2. I’m sure they’re going to do the disapperance, it’s just a manner of how. I’ve wonder about a Haruhi movie, but I’m sure we would have heard about by now. I think it’s more likely, especially given the Endless Eight, that they’re planning a third series. I’m hoping that the ending of the second season of Haruhi will be the beginning of the Disappointment.

    It seems the overall series pales to the first in overall opinion, for one reason or another. I have no idea why they’re doing, what to me feels like a sloppy job, when they could do better. It’s still a lot of fun though.

    1. I think it’s also a question of when. If they devoted 8 episodes to E8, and possibly 5 to the Sigh of, I think the Disappearance would deserve somewhere between 6-8. But there’s supposedly only 4 episodes left after Sigh. Ending the 2nd season with the beginning of Disappearance is definitely possible, and seems like just the type of troll thing that KyoAni would do.

      Definitely agree that the 2nd season doesn’t compare to the first. It doesn’t have the same energy and feeling to it.

  3. “the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya – an arc I hope gets animated sometime in the very near future with minimal trolling.”

    Minimal trolling? Doesn’t look like it’s going to happen at this point. From my count out of the 14 episodes dedicated to the new season, 1 is Bambo Leaf, 8 of E8, and 5 of the Sigh, that makes 14 episodes, and no disapearance. If they are going to release the disapearance as a third season, all the fans will be long gone by then. There will definately be some crazy stunt, like a suprise movie.

    I also agree that the second season pales in comparison to the first. It’s almost as if it would have been better of them to leave it where they left off in the first season.

    1. lol, I heard about the movie rumor… wait for it… The Endless Eight movie! Luckily, I think that was debunked.

      The most disappointing thing is that Bamboo Leaf feels like the only “new” episode. E8 might’ve felt new if it was 2-3 episodes, and the Sigh of… we know how that turns out.

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