Sora no Manimani, episode 5 – Ecchi Fumin is no love interest

Unfortunately, this episode was a little lighter on the gags, and also light on Mii-chan as well, so it wasn’t quite as enjoyable as the first four eps. Still, even though it focused more on Fumin, who I don’t particularly have strong feelings one way or the other for, it had its moments. Like Mii-chan mizugi action! (cue Edogawa going crazy… or not?)

Fumin thinking ecchi thoughtsHime enjoys stargazing

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Spice and Wolf, season 2, episode 5 – Lawrence is such a tsundere

I laughed and facepalmed at Lawrence referring to Horo as "cargo." I suppose it was a cute way for him to avoid mentioning his feelings for Horo directly. Otherwise, the lack of Horo continued in this episode – and I think I’m suffering from Horo deficiency – but it was an important episode, because Lawrence finally realizes his answer to a very important question.

doe-eyed HoroLawrence and Bartose

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The Summer 2009 season is great!

I’ve been bummed by the initial fall release schedule. Besides Railgun, there wasn’t one other show that seemed interesting, but I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of deja vu. Because I know I said the same thing on a few blogs back when the summer preview was doing the rounds. I think back then, there were only two shows that piqued my interest, and you could argue that both were sequels: Umineko and Spice and Wolf 2. But as it turns out, like Low on Hit Points has mentioned, the summer season has been excellent. I can’t remember a season in which there’s been so many shows that I’d consider scoring an 8-10.

Hina blushing, again
No Hina has nothing to do with this post. And no, this blog has not posted enough blushing Hina pics.

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