Sora no Manimani, episode 8 – Good times last as long as the next good times

I think the biggest reason why genki girls like Mii-chan and Haruhi are so popular is because they’re always having fun. It’s one adventure to the next. And I’m a tsundere like Saku and Kyon. I make a show of hating to do things, but secretly I enjoy it.

Star Shining Astro Max Star ShipPlane-tan!

Things the Astronomy Club president is not aloud to do: name things. I personally would’ve gone with Death Star Shining Astro Max Kill Ship… but this is why I’m not allowed to name things either. However, Plane-tan is super cute. Edogawa FTW. I want to see a RabbiPo-tan one day.

Sou-nii on the drinkEdogawa bowls Jupiter

Saku, inspired by Hime’s book, charged into the room like Keichii tying to defeat fate (I’ve been rewatching a lot of Higurashi lately), and led the Astronomy Club on an all-nighter to finish their planetarium. However, the casualties are immense, as Sou-nii resorts to performance enhancing drugs to survive the day ahead, and Edogawa goes into a sleep-deprived frenzy, bowling over two years of the Class Presidents work preparing planet models.

Astronomy Club President's sad songHaruko and Saku

Another thing the Astronomy Club president is not aloud to do: work in advertising, music, or probably any of the creative industries, just to be safe. His gloomy death song of the stars was sort of catchy in an indie scene, "I listen to bands that don’t exist" kind of way. It took me a second to recognize Haruko, I was wondering how Saku randomly managed to gain a total stranger into his harem, until I realized she was the Planetarium girl. She looks totally different when not in uniform. And I mean that in the most complimentary of ways.

Edogawa dressed in rosesAwkward moment

Embarrassed EdogawaEdogawa's sister's flying kick

The award for the funniest, most f-d up scene of this episode goes to the scene with Edogawa whoring his body to his cute, younger sisters. I’m surprised that a.) he doesn’t have a siscon complex and b.) that he actually had some shame in reacting to seeing his sisters in the nude. Edogawa’s sister’s "Oni-chan no Baka!" and kick were professional quality though. I bet she’s had some practice.

Hime's friends tease herHaruko has eyes for Sou-nii

Love is in the air. As Hime can’t quit Saku, especially after he yells out his thanks to her for giving him the diary from across the schoolyard and into the 2nd floor. And in other news, any freaks out there who were pining for a Sou-nii x Mii-chan pairing were probably disappointed to find Haruko making a bee-line for Sou-nii when he entered the classroom. Girls in real life should only be this forward.

Pensive Mii-chanMii-chan smiling

The scenes where the Astronomy Club were showing off the planetarium to the culture fair visitors were wonderful – both inspiring and nostalgic. It occurred to me, how much work must have gone into mapping all the stars, and then punching those holes to account for the brightness and size for each star. That’s some seriously detailed work. Hard to believe they let Edogawa handle it. However, I suppose there are similar qualities necessary for photography. I also really liked Mii-chan’s talk with Saku. I like that Mii-chan’s pretty honest with herself and with Saku. She may not be sure what she’s feeling for him, but I don’t ever get the sense that she’s purposely hiding anything from him. It’s a shame those two kids were there. Because this was a perfect romantic hug and kiss moment for Saku.

Killing Plane-tanMii-chan tries to bed Saku

And since Saku didn’t take advantage of her in the planetarium, Mii-chan decides she wants to go stargazing at night with Saku… and a mattress. Mii-chan is awesome indeed. You just can’t keep a genki girl down for long. After the the natural high of teaming up to create the planetarium and show it off during the cultural fair, everyone’s feeling down since a.) they didn’t win the competition b.) they didn’t get the telescope and c.) they had to KILL Plane-tan! Nooo! That is until Mii-chan tries to seduce Saku, drawnig the ire and self-invitation from Hime and the gang. Good to see Hime hasn’t given up hope. Even though I’m rooting for the Saku x Mii-chan end, I wouldn’t mind seeing a bunch of Hime freakouts along the way.

Miko SayoSayo's flying dad

I laughed out loud and Edogawa’s fantasy, because when I saw the temple I was thinking the exact same thing: Sayo-chin the Miko! But Edogawa snapped me out of the fantasy world and into reality. You mean there’s a difference between a temple and a shrine. Kuso! I also wondered if Sayo-chin and Mii-chan were switched at birth, because Sayo’s hyperactive, overly glompy dad sure wasn’t what I was expecting to see. Still, he was pretty hilarious with the flying hugs and the egg eating, although I didn’t quite understand the joke about the elder, younger and only sons.

Sayo, Hime and Mii-chan in yukatasOumi the alien

Ok, no mikos. But Yukata are a mighty fine replacement. Why doesn’t the US have these kinds of dress-up events? The Moon Festival scenes featured the typically excellent brand of sentimentality that Sora no Manimani seems to deliver every week. I like the lead in to next episode as well. Who actually leaves behind video letters? That is, besides aliens. Yep, my first thought was that Oumi looks sort of like an alien, and this "Astronomy Network" seems more like a set-up for an intergalactic alien federation. Now that would be a hell of a twist. I think Mii-chan’s head would explode.

Another week, another episode flies by. With the seemingly weak fall season, I wish it was a 24 episode season, but oh well. Until next time!

8 Replies to “Sora no Manimani, episode 8 – Good times last as long as the next good times”


    Also lol, I am also thinking about the joke regarding the elder/eldest etc. sons. Must be something to do with in Japan.

    This episode actually delivered, not a lot of Fuumin at least, it was nice to see how they did up and managed to get the planetarium working and how Haruko (smexy mature) helped out like that. Also LOL @ Edogawa scene. Pwned.
    .-= Panther´s last blog ..Princess Lover 09 – Blue or Red, GAR or Lucky =-.

  2. It’s Oumi’s eyes. They just look…unnatural…but I…can’t…look away.

    I’m glad you’re being a magnanimous supporter of the official couple, hoping for more chances for Hime at least.

    (Just a note, those were mochi cakes they were eating. The craters on the moon are supposed to look like two rabbits making mochi, hence the association. The eldest youngest sons thing was equally puzzling to me though, hopefully someone will figure that one out.)

    Seconding the ‘it should be 24 episodes’ sentiment. Or maybe a second season in the future.
    .-= ExecutiveOtaku´s last blog ..Sora no Manimani Episode 08 – The Sidereal Messenger =-.

    1. Even though I’m shipping Mii-chan, Hime’s definitely necessary to the comedy. I think the laughs come from 45% Mii-chan, 5% Saku’s reactions, 15% Edogawa’s weirdness, 30% Hime’s craziness, 5% other.

      A second season would be greatness. I wonder how far they are in the manga. I did some searching around, but sadly, it doesn’t seem like there’s any translations available.

    1. What? Seriously? Translated scans?… Geez, search for “sora no manimani manga translation” and you get nothing. Search for “sora no manimani manga” and you get the world. Thanks for the heads up.

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