Umineko no Naku Koro ni, episode 11 – Bring it on

So concludes the final episode of the second game, with Battler’s seemingly grotesque and frankly, shameful loss. If surrendering is getting walked around in chains only to be torn apart by demon goat butlers, screw that. Meta-Battler seemingly realizes that as he returns with a bang and one of the best lines I’ve seen in recent memory, "slice up those cow tits of yours and make me a sandwich." Now that is a comeback, bitches.

Fake KanonShannon's shield

Natsuhi’s mirror turned out to be a big bust. Sure it may have allowed Shannon to create enough of a shield to withstand an initial attack from fake-Kanon, but for losing Gohda and trapping George and Shannon in the bedroom, the payoff was definitely not worth the price.

Shannon's final wishBeatrice hates love

I haven’t been particularly interested in George and Shannon’s love story – they’re both nice, but boring characters – but Beatrice’s sadism against it, gleefully killing George and Shannon before George could answer Shannon’s final request, makes me wonder what love’s gotta do with everything. Is it because it’s one of the ways furniture can turn to humans? Or is there something more behind it? And does Beatrice has an axe to swing against guys? Her comment about George’s dark lust was unexpectedly specific.

Kumasawa and Nanjo's bodiesShannon is dead

Genji stumbles across Kumasawa and Nanjo’s bodies, and alerts the Ushiromiyas. There’s little clues to work off of, other than there are now stakes in Kumasawa’s knee and Nanjo’s leg. I guess they don’t need to be killed by those injuries, the stakes just need to be jabbed in at some point. Recognizing that Gohda, Shannon and George have been missing for hours, they rush to Natushi’s room to find the three of them gruesomely murdered. Stakes in place, per the epitaph.

Battler accuses RosaBattler loses

Battler returns to the parlor to first and finds a letter. Opening it is a message from Beatrice taunting him about solving the riddle and letting him know that the ninth twilight will begin soon. When Rosa notices Battler reading the letter, she quickly points the gun at him and accuses him of being a wolf. Battler snaps and then Phoenix Wrights Rosa, accusing her of being suspicious, putting the letter on the table when he wasn’t looking, and killing the six adults in the chapel. At this point, Maria butts in in tears, blaming the witch. Battler seems to snap again, this time not in anger, but in despair, as he collapses onto the couch, and screams for Beatrice to show herself.

Beatrice and Kinzo playing chessBeatrice reveals all

Later, in the dinning room, Genji arrives and promises to reveal everything to Battler. He takes Battler up to Kinzo’s room, and shows Kinzo and Beatrice apparently engaged in a game of chess. At this point, Beatrice offers to answer all his questions if he surrenders himself to her, and Battler gladly obliges.

Battler on a leashKinzo gets mauled

And then… the proverbial shit hits the fan, as things get messed up. The next thing we see is Beatrice leading a naked Battler down the stairs like a dog in chains (all those Battler and Beatrice in chains pictures on danbooru suddenly make a whole lot more sense now). She comes across Lady Bernkastel, who is amusingly dressed as a demon goat butler and expresses her disdain at Beatrice’s weird tastes. It’s not long before both Battler and Kinzo are completely devoured and literally ripped to pieces by the demon goat butlers. I wonder who that female goat butler is though. At first I thought it might be Lambdadelta, but Lambda’s outfit is different.

Maria gets caughtRosa vs. the goats

On the other side of reality, Rosa steals one of the gold bars from the chapel and takes off for the harbor with Maria. But right behind them are an army of demon goat butlers, and unlike the ones that Kanon easily killed, these seem to regenerate even after getting shot by the Winchester. While running, Maria predictably trips, falls and gets captured by the goat. And I’ll give Rosa some credit here. She’s shown herself to be bipolar and duplicitous, but she doesn’t leave Maria behind. I don’t know if that raises my opinion of her, but it at least doesn’t hurt it any more.

Beatrice's fangRosa getting stuffed with Maria's head

Beatrice’s little fang-tan is a remarkably cute piece of moe that stands out even more against her psychotically crazy character.

Fast forward to what I guess is called the tea party scene in the VN, Beatrice is feeding Rosa all sorts of goodies. The blood of Krause, the tongue of Eva, the face of Rudolf, the head of an insane loli. It was stupid of me to think even for a second that Beatrice had a more normal menu in mind. Those goats though, they’re all brawn and no brains. Maria’s head is clearly a choking hazard without cutting it into smaller pieces.

slice up those cow tits of yours and make me a sandwichMaria, it's ten years too early for you to tell someone to eat you

And then… yes, the line. The vaunted line. But that’s not Battler’s only good line, as he manages to display a tasteful bit of ecchi in an otherwise awkward scene. I don’t know what the hell meta-Battler was doing while game-piece Battler was getting strip-mutilated, but his return was a Hell Yeah! moment for me. As Bernkastel later pointed out, this game was just ridiculously tilted to Beatrice’s favor. Watching Battle flail helplessly, while Beatrice basically ran the score up on him was frustrating to watch. But seeing Battler game for a third round makes me hopeful that he’s going to be better prepared and have some own tricks up his sleeve.

Miffed LamdadeltaBernkastel

This was an incredibly fast paced episode, but I think it did its job. And my anticipation level for the next episode is at an all time high. And if I needed any other reason to be more psyched, it’s knowing that Bernkastel and Lambdadelta are going to join the fray. I have no idea what either are capable of, but I’ll never bet against dark Rika. Bring it on. I’m ready to figure this thing out. Give ’em hell, Battler.

9 Replies to “Umineko no Naku Koro ni, episode 11 – Bring it on”

  1. Shannon and George lack so much character… Even after all that build-up about the mirror, furniture, and everything I still didn’t feel anything when they died. To be frank, I was almost cheering on Beatrice at that moment 👿 I feel almost the same way about Kannon and Jessica.

    Good catch. I didn’t notice Beatrice’s fang. I was too busy looking somewhere else, her finger snapping skills sure caught my attention.
    .-= keikakudoori´s last blog ..Umineko no Naku Koro Ni 11 – Hell’s kitchen. Beatrice’s delicious homemade cooking. And they say anime girls can’t cook =-.

    1. Character development is overrated. Didn’t you feel anything when Beatrice cruelly cut off even the most basic expression of love between Shannon and George? What about with Beatrice’s hint of anger when Shannon keeps on extolling love? Or when Beatrice appears in front of Shannon and George like she owns the world?

      Hmm, I’ve only been talking about Beatrice’s reactions. Maybe you’re right … 😉
      .-= Shounen A´s last blog ..Dialing back =-.

      1. Kanon accepting that he isn’t furniture did feel too rush for me considering that he was still 100% pure furniture just a few episodes back. This is how it looked to me: Jessica sacrifices herself for him thus he must love her. Does he even like her before that? I don’t know. Since Kanon was the one that emphasizes being furniture the most (it got old)seeing him deny that he isn’t furniture felt just too rush for me. I was expecting that development to occur in later arcs.
        Shannon.. I don’t know, maybe I just don’t like her. Maybe it’s her voice actress or how she looks (boing) that I can’t take her seriously. I liked how they illustrated George in the first game but in the anime version to me he’s just a rich guy with glasses with a very meddlesome mother who wants to score with the hawt maid. My take is that they haven’t been through enough (compared to Higurashi) to make me feel enough sympathetic towards them.
        Beatrice and Rosa are my fav characters (after this episode) Battler has also become more likeable and Maria isn’t so annoying anymore. I definitely like what they’ve done with them in this arc. I hope they keep it up. 🙂
        .-= keikakudoori´s last blog ..Umineko no Naku Koro Ni 11 – Hell’s kitchen. Beatrice’s delicious homemade cooking. And they say anime girls can’t cook =-.

  2. I really like Shannon…I find her willingness to overcome her place in life contrasted against Kanon’s grim acceptance easily, and I really like her attempt to change her own destiny. I liked her speech in this episode pointing out that while she’ll die, at least she overcame that destiny.
    .-= Janette´s last blog ..CANAAN episode 11 =-.

    1. I do like Shannon’s fighting spirit, but Shannon and George’s love story seems more ho-hum mundane than it should be, considering it’s a “forbidden relationship.” They’re both very likable, but the two lack charisma.

  3. Agreed on that. I don’t think they could keep a secret to save their life…Kanon and Jessica is much more interesting, although I like Shannon better then both of them. George doesn’t really stand out to me.

    Ho hum. I really in it for Beatrice and Battler. I love both of them as characters and the interaction between those two. ❤
    .-= Janette´s last blog ..Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Episode 11-Final Episode =-.

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