Hayate no Gotoku, episode 24 – Hina’s confession

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Hina-heavy episode. I’ve been zetsubou shita ever since they replaced the Hina ED with the other ED that I always skip over. But Hina (and Hamster) were back in force!

Hina, Nishizawa and sakura trees

I just loved the colors in this scene, the pinks, the dark purples, the blues. It gives off such a wintry, exotic vibe. It also blends really well with Hina and Nishizawa’s hair colors.

Hina's scared of heightsNishizawa asks Hina

Could our tsundere hero be afraid of heights? (well we all know the answer to that question)

Hina is not scared of heights!


Hina, oh wait, never mindScared out of her mind Hina

Well… maybe. It’s probably a bad time to remember when you’re stuck in a 300 foot tall merry-go-rounds. Shizuka Itou’s scared, "are we going to die" Hina voice was just off-the-charts cute. God, why is Hina so damn cute! Nishizawa should’ve done the chivalrous thing and hugged Hina.

Hina sings a song

To keep Hina calm, Nishizawa suggests singing a song. Hina asks Nishizawa to sing along with her… and actually starts singing!

Nishizawa laughsHina is embarrased about singing

Heh heh heh. Nishizawa was a pretty cool cat during this episode. I think any guy would be lucky to have her. I love how she had frightened Hina in the palm of her hand.

Hina's confession

With the fun and games finally out of the way, Hina stirs up enough courage to finally confess her feelings to Nishizawa… about Hayate that is. Darn. Oh well, I guess there’s plenty of time for the eventual Hina x Nishizawa confession. Anyway, so Nishizawa must’ve been pissed off, eh? Since her pal Hina, who promised to support her, suddenly turned on her.

Nishizawa's reaction

Told ya. Nishizawa is one cool cat. She survived confessing to Hayate. She survived working with Nagi. She can survive a Hina confession.

Hina is confusedHina wonders if she needs to explain again

Oh man, this chibi version of Hina is unbelievable win. Although I can totally empathize with her. There’s nothing more awkward than explaining something important and then thinking "uh oh, do I have to explain this again?"

Nishizawa is sort of relievedNishizawa's fantasy

To be honest, as serious as Hina was, I’d probably be thinking the same thing Nishizawa was. If this was School Days, I suppose Hina would’ve revealed that she was pregnant. But the thought of Hina getting all dere dere about doing "all sorts of things" with Hayate really amuses me though. I can totally see that… never happening. But it’s really fun to imagine.

Hina being tsun tsunHina being super tsun tsun

Once a tsundere, always a tsundere. Someone needs to hook Wikipedia up with this video clip, because this is the prototypical tsundere scene in my mind.

Nishizawa's coolness

Nishizawa keeps it in perspectiveNishizawa vows to win

In the end, I can’t help but give Nishizawa so much credit. She’s such a level-headed, good girl, with a real mature and sensible outlook on the competition. This is why Nishizawa shocked Tomoyo in saimoe. How could you not love her? This is one of the rare cases where I really would hate seeing a loser.

But in other non-Hina, Nishizawa news, there were plenty of things that happened this episode.


Some hilarious Isumi fanservice.


Hayate has an older brother!? Oh and Sakuya reveals that she as a weird fetish. lol, I should’ve known.


As a Hina x Nishizawa fan, this girl is going to piss me off (I think) if they ever animate her.


And finally, a little fanservice to the Nagi x Hayate shippers… although I think it’s really unlikely to happen, because this was another scene where Hayate refers to himself as family, and to Nagi as a little girl. I think at the end, Nagi is going to let Hayate go.

If this turns out to be my last Hinagiku no Gotoku post, I’ll just say this second season of Hayate has been an absolute joy to watch. The random comedy is cool, and gives HNG that special, quirky feel, but the romcom developments are what I’ve loved, and made it more than just a gag show. I hope they do a third season.

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