Sora no Manimani, episode 10 – When things change

This has been the most persistent cold I can remember having, but I’m starting to get back towards normalcy. Even though I still probably sound like I have marshmallows stuck up my nose.

Mii-chan went to Hokkaido?Mii-chan's bag of love

Wait, did Mii-chan go somewhere without telling us? Seems like we’re going to be lucky enough to get a DVD special episode out of it! More Sora no Manimani is always good Sora no Manimani, even if we do have to wait a few extra months for it.

Hime and Edogawa are suspiciousRoma has plans too

The episode starts out funny enough, when Edogawa overhears Mii-chan making plans with Sou-nii. This sparks the stalker curiosities of Edogawa and Hime, and when they find out Sayo isn’t aware of Mii-chan’s plans either, they get really suspicious. I wonder what direction this episode would’ve gone in if the Hime and Edogawa had just listened to Roma’s study date plans with Oumi. Oh well, I don’t think Roma feels too bad, with a new cute kitsune for him to hang with.

Hime and Edogawa caught stalkingRoma and Oumi

I think Edogawa’s photography club is actually a front for stalker activity. I mean, he’s perfect for it, he’s got good eyes, a good ear, a knack for pictures, and he can fit into tiny places. Hime comes along for the ride to provide constant humidity monitoring so Edogawa can make sure he selects the right camera settings for each reconnaissance pic. I got a good laugh out of Hime shushing Edogawa and Saku when they saw Roma with Oumi. I’m sure Hime meant it, so that Mii-chan wouldn’t hear them, but the way it played out, it looked like she was shushing them so Roma and Oumi wouldn’t hear them. As if that were possible. The true stalker extraordinaire is Sayo though. Because unlike the blatantly obvious Edogawa, Hime and Saku, Sayo actually surprises them out of the blue.

Mii-chan and Sou-nii at Mii-chan's dad's graveSaku asks why

However, what looked like a date out on the town, actually takes a much more somber tone when the gang actually catch up to Mii-chan. Although it’s not surprising to us, because there were hints of this in earlier episodes, it comes as a shock to Edogawa, Hime and especially Saku, who’d always assumed that besides him leaving, everything in the town had stayed the same.

Mii-chan hangs on SakuHime surrenders

I thought the subsequent scenes between Saku, Hime and Mii-chan were pretty realistic in showing how each of them responded. Saku responded by not being so finicky, while Hime-chan pauses to stop her screaming reflex, before running off in a tizzy.

Fuumin pondersSaku wants to help Mii-chan

While Saku tries to figure out what he can do for Mii-chan to make her feel better (whether or not she really needed anything special), the episode then converges two different plotlines, with a bone being tossed to the Fuumin fans. As she gets to explore her dere dere side, trying to figure out the right time to give a "meaningless" souvenir to Saku. It’s funny how little things take such significance depending on your perspective. Fuumin probably spent hours thinking of the right moment and the right thing to say, and later she just ends up giving the bookmark to a statue, lol.

Fuumin's underlingsShipping scene #1

I like Fuumin’s underlings. The one with blue hair is pretty cute. And they seem like wholehearted Mii-chan x Saku shippers. What would they do if they knew their leader also had designs of her own? I wouldn’t mind seeing a showdown between Fuumin’s underlings and Hime’s friends. To the victor goes Musa!

Fuumin walks into a wallFuumin hangs on Saku

I was pretty impressed by the guy who hit the baseball. Saku and Fuumin looked like they were about 300 feet from home plate. However, in saving Fuumin, Saku destroys her glasses, leaving this megane powerless to the most docile of walls. I think I like Fuumin better with glasses. Her hairstyle doesn’t fit the no-glasses look.

Perhaps the most telling sign of Saku’s heart is that when Fuumin asks if Mii-chan wouldn’t get the wrong idea if she saw her hanging on Saku’s arm, Saku doesn’t respond. With that said, I think Saku’s heart was set in episodes before, and I don’t think learning that Mii-chan’s dad was dead made him more romantically-inclined towards Mii-chan. But I do think it helped him realize how much he already cared about her.

Fuumin shares her heartto Papo-kun

I like how every dramatic scene gets countered with a laugh to keep things from getting too melodramatic. Fuumin’s speech was well done, but I also got a good laugh out of the Papo-kun scene. I’ll even ignore the fact that with the general shapes and colors that Fuumin could make out, she should’ve known that Saku wasn’t a big orange fatty with large ears and antennae. These megane fish-out-of-water scenes are always so over-the-top.

Hime's death gripSayo and Roma join in on the fun

Another excellent sight gag: Hime’s got a mean death lock on underling #2. Hime and Edogawa both show off their improving eavesdropping skills by barging in on Saku and Fuumin, who are planning some special event to cheer Mii-chan up. And soon after super-stalker Sayo and Roma join in as well. You know what they say about small towns and keeping secrets.

Saku has plans for Mii-chanSaku drags Mii-chan

So my thought during the scene in which Saku grabs Mii-chan and drags her to school was – grab her hand, not her wrist, you idiot! Just another one of the little things that lead me to think that a confession is unlikely by the end of this season, and the love triangle will continue to live on – no matter how small Hime and Fuumin’s chances. Still, I really liked how this scene was designed with the glowball lighting in the background. It seems to be a pretty common design theme as THAT points out.

Meteor shower admiration meetingHime calls Mii-chan a crybaby

Once they reach the school, Saku finally reveals the big secret to Mii-chan. He’d gathered everyone from the Astronomy Club, and some of the Literature Club members, with Fuumin’s permission to hold a meteor shower watching party at the roof of the school. This leads to Mii-chan bursting out in tears. Although I think her "I was really lonely" statement referred more about her loneliness over the past few days, than the loneliness she felt about her father being gone. lol @ Hime getting in a cheapshot. This is why I love her too.

Mii-chan grabs Saku's handMii-chan tells everyone to hold hands

So my thought in this scene where Mii-chan grabs Saku’s hand was "yes!" And then when she yelled out to everyone to hold hands, it was "no!" Just another sign that in my mind that a full-on confession is not going to happen anytime soon. Still, I really liked the parallel they set between the meteor showers being the last thing her dad saw, and Mii-chan getting to watch it with her friends for the first time. As one good thing ends, another good thing begins. It’s a somber thought, but this show really mixes the melancholy and the heartwarming moments perfectly with the comedy. I didn’t think at any point in this episode that the drama was overbearing. Nor did I think any of the bits of humor were terribly out of place. Another excellent episode.

2 Replies to “Sora no Manimani, episode 10 – When things change”

  1. Haha, I liked your idea of Hime being around for humidity monitoring. Which speaking of, I wonder if we’ll see Hime’s sister again sometime?

    DVD special episode?! Really!? This season isn’t even over yet and I already need moar!

    The realism in Hime’s reactions to this episode’s events, comic relief moments small enough to work but not long enough to take away the atmosphere, and the meteor shower viewing linked to Mihoshi’s dad. The show may not have the most groundbreaking concept, but the way that it does the basics so well with a bit of flair makes it a more enjoyable show than a lot of higher-concept series. So much fun to watch.

    1. The show may not have the most groundbreaking concept, but the way that it does the basics so well with a bit of flair makes it a more enjoyable show than a lot of higher-concept series. So much fun to watch.


      I noticed the DVD special message, right after the OP. Considering the manga’s ~6 volumes and I think still going, seems like there should be plenty of material for a 2nd season. I wonder how ratings are.

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