The Wild Stock Market Ride of Haruhi Suzumiya (Season 2)

Part two of a two-part, season recap of posts. Today, I have special guest, economic expert Lawrence Craft with me. He’ll be reviewing the second season of Haruhi, purely on a technical basis.

animenano-logo-35x35 So thanks for joining us Mr. Craft.


lawrence It’s my pleasure. Thanks for having me.


animenano-logo-35x35 Before we begin. I have to be honest. I don’t really consider you to be an economic expert. In fact, I have trouble understanding all the terrible decisions you make and all the unnecessary risks you take. How many times would you have been left destitute and sold into slavery if it wasn’t for Horo? I can count at least two. Why do I even have you here?

lawrence Err… Because Sage Horo Wolf chose me?


animenano-logo-35x35 Touché. So anyway, give us your opinion on this second season of Haruhi. What did you think?


lawrence It’s a fascinating question. Because we’re in fascinating times. Actually, I think the graph below will explain a lot.


Haruhi stock market

As you can see, the rise and fall, and maybe even the final salvation of Haruhi Suzumiya actually mirrors the rise and fall of the Dow Jones over the past year and a half. It’s downright uncanny. Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody obviously starts the season on an incredible wave. The market had never been higher. But with all the KyoAni and Kadokawa antics in the past, there was hesitation to dive in, as you can see by the pull back over the four weeks of reruns. But confirmation of the second season is achieved by the first Endless Eight episode, which resulted in a slight peak. Now the fans gave KyoAni a pass for the first two episodes of Endless Eight. This was a clear case where a 3-part arc made sense. Plus, seeing Haruhi, Yuki and Nagato in new swimsuits each week, along with the fun, slice of life theme made it enjoyable. It wasn’t as good as Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody, but it wasn’t bad.

But then, you can see there’s a rapid descent – what we’d call a collapse – when we learned that the third episode was not the end of E8. Now the question was when would this end. The failure of the 4th episode to end it was just as tragic. That slight peak, that glimmer of hope you see in the chart, refers to the moment where you thought you’d broken the cycle, RP.

animenano-logo-35x35 Ah, but I hadn’t.


lawrence Tragically, no. As we continue across the chart, you see that the E8 arc continues the rapid decline of the second season of Haruhi, until by episode 8, when it ended, all hope for the season was lost. Market activity was actually quite low that day. I would guess that very few people actually watched the first 18 minutes of that last episode.

animenano-logo-35x35 But thank goodness for The Sigh of, right? I see a little rebound.


lawrence Indeed, there is a little rebound. There’s a slight pullback in the fourth episode, where the tide turned against Haruhi, but the Shamisen episode did provide for a nice little spike at the end. Still, if you look at it in totality, The Sigh of, may have provided about a 50% bounce from the lows of E8. However, from the high point of the season, Shamisen Speaks, is still a good 50% down from its original peak. I haven’t seen a market crash like this since me and Horo blew Amati’s mind by pulling the rug out of the pyrite market.

animenano-logo-35x35 Hmm, so we know the show took a major hit this year. What about the characters? I loved them all in season 1, what’s your opinion on them.


lawrence That’s a great question. As the show took a hit, the collateral damage was felt by all. It wasn’t just KyoAni and Kadokawa who were losing DVD sales. But the 401k’s and investments of regular Joe Schmoes like Kyon suffered as well. Here’s my take.

Haruhi: Hold. My opinion of Haruhi hasn’t changed much over the season. She is what she always was. Headstrong, brash, rude and always entertaining. You can credit her for her consistency. While she may not have made many new fans this season, I think her performance in such a downer market is admirable.

Kyon: Sell. Kyon may have took the biggest hit of all this season, only because I think his stock was almost as high-flying as Haruhi’s after season 1. He was the regular guy that everyone seemed to love. But then he made some terrible decisions, or non-decisions, along the way. 15,000+ instances of not doing anything is a complete failure. If that didn’t kill him, his inexplicably violent behavior against Haruhi in the Sigh of did. Luckily for Kyon, who was headed down the paths of non-entities like Lehman Brothers or GM, Haruhi extended a SOS-dan bailout and offered him a rope (or ponytail) for him to hang on in the final episodes.

Mikuru: Strong Sell. My opinion of Mikuru was fairly neutral before this season. However, the complete absence of any productivity throughout this season resulted in a complete devastation of her stock. Let’s take a look. Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody was the highlight of her season, only because of her future self. But, unfortunately for the rest of us, we’re stuck with present day Mikuru, who did things such as: get hit in the face by a beach ball 15,000+ times, never catch a gold fish, cry with Koizumi 15,000+ times, get abused by Haruhi, get drunk of miniscule amounts of alcohol, do a terrible job acting. There’s not one positive thing she did, post-Bamboo Leaf. She’s become what you’d call a deadweight in the Haruhi portfolio. If it was up to me, I would suggest letting her go.

Nagato: Market underperform. Ultimately, we may be able to say the E8 scandal was Nagato’s doing. While it was Kyon who needed to act, Nagato surely could’ve provided some assistance, or at least direction. For someone who claims to be an "observer", she sure does many non-observer things, like house alternate-versions of Kyon and Mikuru for three years, break through time and space to save Kyon’s life, break open an entrance to a gated pond, so Mikuru could shoot laser beams from her eyes. Her vanilla personality makes her more resistant to wild market swings, but this season was not a good run for Nagato’s stock.

Koizumi: Buy. Without Koizumi it’s likely Kyon would’ve never found out that E8 was even happening, simply because Mikuru would’ve cried herself to death eventually. Thankfully, the always fabulous Koizumi was always there to explain the situation and try to figure out what was happening. Are his motives true and pure? That’s questionable, but at the least, he is as trustworthy as Mikuru and Nagato. Moreso, because he’s one of the rare ones who can string together a full sentence.

Tsuruya: Hold. It’s hard to say anything about Tsuruya, because she did so little. However, the moments where she was on-screen were considerably brightened, so I feel strong about her performance in the future.

Kyon’s sister: Strong Buy. It’s remarkable that a character who only had two lines all season long could conceivably have rising prospects, but when one of those lines is the immortal "Kyon-kun denwa," sometimes you realize that’s it’s the little things that can create big returns.

Taniguchi and KunikawaL Hold. Kunikawa doesn’t offer much to the show. I barely understand why he exists. Taniguchi, however did have some good insights along the way. Even if they were inadvertent. Without his negativity, Kyon may never have been able to look himself in the mirror.

animenano-logo-35x35 Thank you very much for this. I hope that the readers out there will take your advice and insights into account if they decide to invest in the Haruhi index. What are your thoughts on a possible third season?


lawrence Well, it can’t possibly be worse than the second season. But if it doesn’t happen in the next 18 months, I think that it’s unlikely to ever happen. It’s clear that KyoAni and Kadokawa treat Haruhi as more of a novelty than a franchise-building property like Gundam or Macross. I think the appetite for Haruhi is greatly decreased after the recent tumultuous events. Eventually, those investors are going to grow up, find new indexes to invest in, and never come back. The ball is undoubtedly in KyoAni and Kadokawa’s court right now.

animenano-logo-35x35 I must say, I was skeptical about your expertise first, but you do seem to know your stuff. It’s like that time you figured out Fruhl’s evil plans.


zero That’s because I am actually Zero. Die!


animenano-logo-35x35 Noooo!!!


9 Replies to “The Wild Stock Market Ride of Haruhi Suzumiya (Season 2)”

  1. Low Cost high Demand

    Kadokawa would be the church. The merchants would the anime industry. Fans would be the buyers. The ones who wouldn’t like the S2 would’ve forced to watch (buy it) even though they don’t want to. The ones who already liked would keep watching (buying) Thus it they would make some profit no matter what.

    They must’ve had someone like Lawrence in charge of E8 because I saw a bunch of massive whoring of the franchise in this season. Here’s some Haruhi. Here’s some Mikuru. Now give me 8k silver coins for the anime. Forget about tomorrow. The time to sell is now.

    In other words, lack of Haruhi raised the value of the franchise therefore there was more demand after three years. As long as they hyped it up and use the media to announce the news, the demand was bound to go UP. Probably a Brilliant plan from a greedy merchant economic standpoint.

  2. Economics can totally give someone a raging boner.

    Anyway, Kyon was the best part of the Sighs arc if you ask me. And that’s only for episode 4. I say Screw Haruhi because Denial of her existence as a god is natural for me.
    .-= Jubbz´s last blog ..Bleach Chapter 375 =-.

    1. Good point. But I think the Haruhi index will be long defunct by the time Future Mikuru gets a major role. I’d imagine she’d get her own IPO if that ever happened.

  3. Personally, I also lost interest about Haruhi because of E8. They shouldn’t have aired Haruhi instead if they do know they don’t have the content yet. Well, it was amusing though to see the expressions of many anime fans raeg because of this troll.

    I agree with Lawrence, If KyoAni won’t air the sequel for the show within that period(I actually think 18 months is too long!), I think it would be harder for them to grab their original share from the market. Well, they should do it faster if they still want to get back to what the viewers are expecting, since several viewers have read the novel already.
    .-= foomafoo´s last blog ..Spice and Wolf II – Indispensable Part of Happiness =-.

  4. Good god that was actually pretty funny.

    Overall so much damage has been done with E8 that i really couldn’t give a Monkeys if there’s a S3 or not. If there is then fine, if there isn’t, then no big loss to the world.

  5. Haruhi was a disappointment this season, but I hope there will be a third season…
    Seeing how long we waited for this one, dosent give me much hope…

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