Sora no Manimani, episode 11 – Hime abuse

When I first heard Hime speak, I expected to hear a soft, meek voice coming from her. Basically Mamiko Noto. But I was surprised to hear a higher-pitched, more peppy voice for her. Of course, my preconceptions of Hime was that she was a total passive wallflower. And while, she’s sort of meek in the confession sense, she’s actually turned out to be a pretty fiery character. So that’s my long winded way of saying, I really like the way Haruka Tomatsu’s voicing her. Of course, there’s very little about Haruka Tomatsu that I don’t like.

Mii-chan loves snowHime and Edogawa freeze together

Man, time is skipping along. I’ve sort of lost track of how much time has passed. The last episode looked like early fall, so I guess with the snow, we’re probably looking at a 3-4 month time lapse. Next thing you know Roma will have graduated and shacked up with Oumi. The Astro Club is invited out to the mountains for an astronomy outing of a lifetime. I haven’t ever looked at the sky through a telescope from a really remote area, so I have to imagine it’s a pretty awesome sight. Unfortunately, Edogawa and Hime have more pressing thoughts, what with their lack of clothing. Seriously Hime, skinny jeans and a skirt? If it wasn’t just the cold, the snow would soak right through that. I know they say fashion requires pain… but I don’t think that includes frostbite.

Two girls I don't rememberLynx-tan is a strike witch

To be honest, I didn’t remember these girls. But then I looked back and saw that these were the girls who were getting all hot and bothered about Lord Perseus, the constellation. Between that and their Strike Witch chibi–tan-ification of dressing instructions, they appear to have some kinky tastes. I like them.

Astro Otaku Edogawa the chivalrous

I liked Fuumin better with glasses, but this one’s much cuter without them. I love Edogawa’s playa moments. Only because…

Edogawa the zombieEdogawa scares the girls

It’s so clear that he’s not. He made quite an impression on the girls from the previous astronomy outing. Edogawa needs to learn the ways of nature photography. Rule number one is you can’t frighten the animals! Or the girls in this case. I wonder what exactly Edogawa does with those photos though. We haven’t seen him selling any of them, so does he just admire them? Mmm, I probably don’t want to know.

Mii-chan wants to move forwardInto a love-love relationship

Hurry for chibi faces! And for classmates and friends who butt in assuming that Mii-chan and Saku are love-love. These moments have been sorely missing in the last few episodes, which is a shame, because the funniest moments in the show are the Mii-chan glomping, Saku freaking-out, and Hime going nuts moments. I pretty much figured they were going the full out romantic ending route for this season (who knows if it’s even been achieved in the manga yet), so I would love to see much more love-triangle, Hime-abuse moments. And less natural disaster Hime-abuse moments.

Hime suffers in the snowThe Astro Club searches

When Hime skips out on the safety information session to head to the convenience store to buy some underwear (the unsexy kind), disaster strikes, as she finds out that the convenience store is closed and in fact, a blizzard is soon upon her. Luckily for Hime, Mii-chan caught a glimpse of her heading out. So when the group is alerted about Hime’s missing whereabouts, Mii-chan heads out on her own to find her. Meanwhile, everyone else is effectively grounded, because Sou-nii doesn’t want to risk sending the kids out. Which probably was a wise decision, but I think he probably should’ve head out himself to find Mii-chan and Hime. It’s not as if they could have gotten far. Still, it may have been a fruitless effort.

Hime's hallucinationHime's reality

Ooh, you know you’re screwed when you’re hallucinating about getting rescued. I wonder how Hime fans are going to feel about this episode. On one hand, this was probably the most Hime-heavy episode of the season. You get some cute flashbacks of her as Drift, both in elementary and middle school. And I really liked the scene where she’s battling forward, saying she’s just getting started in life. There’s a rebelliousness about her words that I thought really fit her well. On the downside, Hime takes some mad abuse in this episode. Either way, I felt bad for Hime. Although, if she was off’d, Mii-chan would have a beeline for Saku. Hmm. Just kidding. 👿

Hime and Kuma-tan?Hime feels a little genki

I’m not a big fan of life and death situations in comedies, because a.) I think they’re too heavy and b.) you know they’re not going to die, otherwise, it’d be a drama. But I was sucked into the storytelling nevertheless. Hime-chan finding the Kuma-tan handwarmer that Mii-chan slipped in her pocket was one of my favorite moments from the episode. Hime’s hilarious in these high-energy moments. The other moments where she’s great is when she’s near tears, like when she asked Saku about the rumor of him and Mii-chan doing this and that. Actually, I think I just realized I’m a Hime-sadist. Bring on the Hime abuse!

Mii-chan finds HimeHime saves Mii-chan

As Hime regrets her jealous moments and shirking off Mii-chan’s kindness, who could it be, but the star goddess herself who’s come to rescue Hime. A tearful reunion is cut short when Mii-chan stumbles and rolls down the hill in a huge cartoony snowball.

Hime is happy about Mii-chanHime challenges Mii-chan

Once Hime digs Mii-chan out from frozen death, the two make a home in a makeshift snow cave. Hime admits that she’s actually happy that Mii-chan looks out for her. But wants Mii-chan to continue acknowleding her, because she’s unwilling to admit defeat (she should clarify here) and will fight Mii-chan to the end. Mii-chan’s eyes light up a stunning green (very pretty actually), and she accepts Hime’s challenge.

Light arrows?Say hello to my little friend

Once the snow stops, the two emerge from their igloo to be stunned by the endless sight of stars in the sky. I really liked Hime’s line about being unable to find the guiding stars because of the density of lights in the sky. It paints a perfect picture of how beautiful the sky must look. Hmm, it’s unlikely that I’ll ever be out in the mountains after a blizzard, but now I’m really amped to see the dazzling lights in the sky, if ever an event should occur… I really need to move out of the city.

What I also really want to see is Executive Otaku try out that light cannon experiment, because that was frigging awesome. I’m skeptical that it’ll be as high-powered and far-reaching as they showed in the show. Although, Edogawa was probably using a pretty powerful external flash, and I’m not sure what they hooked up to the eyepiece end, but I’m really interested to see how it does turn out.

Hime goes back on her wordsMii-chan has a rival

In the end, Hime gets a lecture, while Mii-chan gets a rival… in astronomy. Orz for Hime. She’s really got to be more explicit about her challenges. Even I knew Mii-chan wasn’t thinking about Saku.

Like I mentioned, I’m not a big fan of life-and-death situations in comedies, but I was still pretty engaged with the storytelling. The next episode is the season finale, so I hope we get some love triangle hilarity to finish the season off. And then… some sort of season 2 announcement, so they can close the Mii-chan x Saku deal over a glorious 24-26 episodes.

4 Replies to “Sora no Manimani, episode 11 – Hime abuse”

  1. If there is a second season, what I would like would be for the relationship to start/be established early on and then follow them as a couple. Very few shows do this, since it ‘sells’ more to have all the tension and incomplete information that the getting to a relationship stage entails. It’s just a little wish of mine.

    I’ll definitely report back on the light thing the next time I go out. If it ends up working, which I still highly doubt, I’d better not do it too much. I’m sure the FAA might have issues with shooting beams of light into the sky where planes might see them.

    @ Jubbz (and anyone else who’s seen Toradora) As for the comparison with Toradora’s ‘lost in the snow’ episode, I actually kind of like how this one was executed better, though it didn’t exploit the events as well. While I think that Toradora did a better job with the resultant drama powering the next stage of the narrative, SoraMani did a better job in the presentation of the actually being lost and hallucinating part.

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