Spice and Wolf, season 2, episode 11 – This is why we can’t have nice things

Because every time Lawrence tries, he gets the carpet dragged out from under him, like Kratos always getting screwed over by those damn high-and-mighty Greek gods. Still, all in all, rebellion may turn out to be a good thing for him… assuming he and Horo get out of that town alive.

Sleazy old guysLeader of the sleazy old guys

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Hayate no Gotoku, episode 24 – Hina’s confession

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Hina-heavy episode. I’ve been zetsubou shita ever since they replaced the Hina ED with the other ED that I always skip over. But Hina (and Hamster) were back in force!

Hina, Nishizawa and sakura trees

I just loved the colors in this scene, the pinks, the dark purples, the blues. It gives off such a wintry, exotic vibe. It also blends really well with Hina and Nishizawa’s hair colors.

Hina's scared of heightsNishizawa asks Hina

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Umineko no Naku Koro ni, episode 11 – Bring it on

So concludes the final episode of the second game, with Battler’s seemingly grotesque and frankly, shameful loss. If surrendering is getting walked around in chains only to be torn apart by demon goat butlers, screw that. Meta-Battler seemingly realizes that as he returns with a bang and one of the best lines I’ve seen in recent memory, "slice up those cow tits of yours and make me a sandwich." Now that is a comeback, bitches.

Fake KanonShannon's shield

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Spice and Wolf, season 2, episode 10 – Selling Horo… again. What could go wrong?

Hmm, I suppose in any show you’ll have your fair share of clunkers. Not that this episode was bad, but the animation was uneven, Fruhl’s plans felt like a retread, and the story and dialogue seemed to lack the spark the previous episodes have had so far. And with only 2 episodes left, I get the sense that the pace of the buildup might have been too slow, and we’re going to be in for a rushed or truncated resolution. I guess we’ll see.

Horo leaves a markFruhl schemes

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Higurashi Rei #5 – It’s over? Kana, Kana?

It’s been so long since I’ve written about the Higurashi OVAs, I couldn’t remember how to start this. Seriously, these 5 episodes have been dragged out longer than whole seasons. Well, for a Rena Ryuguu fanservice episode, this was bloody brilliant, because it gave you just about everything you could’ve wanted from Rena. The only thing missing was some billhook action. *Schaawiiing*

Rika and Hanyuu's charlie brown facesPissed off Rika

It’s a funny thing, but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the Higurashi characters look up before. I got a kick out of seeing the Charlie Brown style faces of Rika and Hanyuu looking up. Too cute.

Deredere RenaHanyuu's antenna

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Umineko no Naku Koro ni, episode 10 – Gohda’s house

I rewatched Higurashi a couple weeks ago, marathoning both the original and the sequel, and the one thing that was struck by (and have always been impressed by) is how much I cared for each one of the characters. My heart broke for each one of them as they succumbed to the madness during the question arcs. This made the answer arcs and the second season that much more powerful. I felt like I was part of the gang. And I rooted for Rika and friends to break their treacherous fate harder than I’ve rooted for any characters to do anything ever.

Gohda explainsGohda denies being guilty

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