Fall 2009 First Impressions: Letter Bee

I thought Letter Bee was one of the more intriguing shows of the season, and the first episode did nothing to dispel that thought.

I really hate it when people stick other people in my mailbox

Fansub group: Moggert, although I think the sub was provided by Crunchroll

Things I liked:

  • As digiboy mentions, the atmosphere and the background art for Letter Bee is quite nice. There’s a tranquil vibe from the heavy blues that seem to fit the show’s pace and atmosphere really well.
  • Which isn’t to say this is Aria, featuring Jun Fukuyama, because there’s a bit of action as well.
  • I don’t know where these writers come up with such ridiculous names, but the characters are pretty interesting, and surprisingly well-developed one episode in
  • Baby amterasu! Almost.

Things I didn’t like:

  • Boy, that was a lot of exposition in the beginning.
  • A lot of animation shortcuts in the first half of the episode, and some pretty horrendous looking CGI bugs. I’m guessing they’re going to need to be "resourceful" with their animation budget.

Random other thoughts:

Letter Bee has the most inventive story of all the shows I’ve seen so far this season… which admittedly may not be saying much, since I’ve only seen 3 harems, 1 no plot comedy and 1 railgun, but that’s besides the point. I like the idea of a journey anime, especially with a little action thrown in – although I could do without the CGI bugs. Letter Bee also did a pretty good job of setting up the characters, and revealing just enough info about them to make me want to learn more. I want to see more about Lag and his backstory with his mom, I also want to learn more about the Letter Bees, and Gauche’s home life with Link and Nunally Sylvette. Overall, a solid first episode. It’s not necessarily a surefire winner, but it’s worth checking out. I won’t write about it, but Letter Bee fans may be happy to learn that it might get the ghostlightning treatment.

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