Fall 2009: First Impressions: Kobato

After reading so many posts about how unbearably moe Kobato was (for better or for worse), I was actually surprised to find that Kobato’s actually a slut who’ll follow any number of guys like a dog chasing its tail, enjoys getting ravaged by ravenous animals, has a fetish for trash, and whores herself out on-stage the first possible chance she gets. Ok, I’m twisting the events a little bit, but I figured I needed to find something to say that hasn’t been said before. Because otherwise, I’d have nothing else to say except that Kobato is undeniably adorable.

That is actually true. Based on science, in fact.

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Things I liked:

  • Kobato is indeed ridiculously cute and fun to watch. I like my 3D girls cute, and my 2D girls saccharine, and Kobato definitely fits the bill. And I definitely have a weakness for idiot savants if Yui and Nodame are any examples. Kana Hanazawa does a great job. She’s had an excellent run of supporting characters (Mikan, Zange, Nadeko Snake), so I like hearing her get a chance to lead.
  • Ioryogi the angry dog is hilarious. He’s a perfect complimentary character for a Kobato, serving as the sour to her sweet. And Tetsu Inada (haven’t really heard of him, although he’s had a lot of roles) does a great job mixing in the sarcastic with the bombastically angry.
  • It’s CLAMP so it’s got those excellent character designs. Actually, Kobato has slightly more normal body proportions than other CLAMP designs like Code Geass or xxxholic. I really like the deformed artwork style as well. Madhouse does a good job with the animation, although there wasn’t that much they needed to do in this episode.

Things I didn’t like:

  • There wasn’t anything I didn’t like, but some of the behaviors of the side characters made me think. Like when the two guys invite Kobato to tea, I’ve always wondered, why is it always multiple guys asking out one girl? What exactly do they expect out of it? A sausage party orgy? Ugh, no thank you. Also, there was nothing that made me think Fujimoto was a cool guy. So when he picks up the dirty dishes, why do the two girls become flustered? The guy was wearing a bandanna and an apron. Where are their standards? Anyway, I digress.

Random other thoughts:

I really enjoyed the first episode of Kobato. It mixed in really cute moments while not losing sight of the storyline. The chemistry between Kobato and Ioryogi was great and is probably strong enough to carry the show even if the whole "collect broken hearts to achieve Kobato’s wish" doesn’t pan out as a good storyline. In fact, I’d say Kobato is the closest show of the season to Sora no Manimani, in that I’d be more than happy to watch the show for the character interactions alone (the Azumanga effect as Scamp calls it). I know nothing about the manga, so I don’t know if this show later takes a darker turn, but it seems like the perfect show to follow if you’re looking for some fuwa fuwa time during the fall season. This would’ve been right up my alley to blog about (seeing as how I like writing about moeblobs), but the 24 episode length is a likely dealbreaker.

8 Replies to “Fall 2009: First Impressions: Kobato”

  1. Hey cool, my Azumanga effect phrase is becoming used outside of my own posts. Soon enough it will show up on tv tropes website.

    While I really liked the episode, one thing that didn’t click was Kobato’s singing. Considering it appears to be an important part of her character, the producers really should have picked someone else for the part who could actually hit those high notes.
    .-= Scamp´s last blog ..the end of Canaan =-.

    1. I always roll my eyes at those “drawing a crowd” scenes, so I never really take them too seriously. But I’ll definitely agree. Kobato’s voice is nice and soothing, but not exactly the kind that’s going to make you stop and gawk.

  2. Kana Hanazawa has actually lead several shows already, as two different Soras, from Mahou Tsukai ~Natsu no Sora~ and Sketchbook ~full color’S~ respectively, series very similar in tone to Kobato, and of course, who could forget her legendary performance as Potemayo, in the series of the same name.

    Anyway, yeah Kobato is a super cute show. But the mascot character kinda grates on me. I’m thinking his shtick is overdone, but then so is Kobato’s, so it’s just a matter of personal taste.

    1. I did see that Hanazawa had a few other lead roles, but this was the first time I’ve seen her in one. Although I’ve been meaning to watch Potemayo for a while now.

      For the first episode, it seems like they pushed the extremes of each character’s shtick. Although, I suppose it’s a pretty typical convention to establish who the characters are up front.

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