Fall 2009 First Impressions: Armed Librarians – The Book of Bantorra

Well, the fall season is indeed living up to the fairly low expectations I had for it. Besides Armed Librarians, the only other show I’m hoping to check out is Trapeze. Maybe I’ll also check out Fairy Tail if the initial buzz is good.

Armed Librarian – stacked and loaded!

Fansub group: Commie subs

Things I liked:

  • I like most of the character models, they’re pretty sharp, and the battle animation – what little there was – was slick.
  • The concept of people turning into tablets of memories is actually quite fascinating. If it weren’t for all the other ridiculous terminology in the show, I’d be much more confident in thinking that Armed Librarians would be an interesting story.

Things I didn’t like:

  • The stupid terminology. To be honest, there wasn’t that much. But what there was, was cringe-worthy. People are meats? Really? And I’m really having a hard time taking the show seriously, because every time I hear a bad guy yell, "it’s the armed librarians," I think: so what? What could a bunch of bookworm nerds possibly do?
  • Oh man, between this and Letter Bee, I don’t know who wins the award for ugliest CGI animation. They would’ve been better off having a bunch of kids draw lines with crayons.

Random other thoughts:

Honestly, the only redeeming part of the show was the idea of people turning into books (or tablets) when they die, and the librarians having the ability to access those people’s memories. Otherwise, the characters weren’t interesting, the villains seem 2-dimensional, and the escaped "meat" is an emo piece of furniture. There’s not much here that’s going to keep my attention, especially throughout a 24-episode season. So I’m dropping this for now, unless I start hearing Armed Librarian catcalls of joy.

5 Replies to “Fall 2009 First Impressions: Armed Librarians – The Book of Bantorra”

    1. In the long run I’d agree, and I’d probably start overlooking it, but for first impressions, it hurts. It’s sorta like when you see a big stain on someone’s shirt you think, “man, that looks terrible” and you can’t take your eyes off of it.

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