To marathon or not to marathon? A little fun with numbers.

It started with Stripey’s post about what your top 5 says about you. And in my comment, I realized that of my 5 favorites, 4 came from 2007 (Code Geass, Gurren Lagann, Seto no Hanayome, Higurashi Kai), and the other candidates aired in 2006 (Haruhi season 1, Higurashi season 1). And then I realized all of those were shows that I had marathoned. So it got me thinking. Is there something about watching a show weekly that takes away from my enjoyment of it? Alternately, was I subconsciously boosting the scores and memories of shows I did marathon? I hypothesized watching a show on a weekly basis might take away from the enjoyment and the memories a slight bit, because I got to stew on each episode for a week, whereas when I marathon a show, I tend to be more bigger-picture focused, and not dwell on minor issues.