Umineko no Naku Koro ni, episode 22 – I am (not) thankful for Maria’s deformed faces

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Or at least an exciting Thursday if you’re in one of those places that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. This Umineko post notwithstanding, I’m basically taking a weeklong break from writing to spend some quality family time. I’m also looking forward to the winter season kicking off soon. There’s a handful of possibly excellent shows that I’m looking forward to following.

Kinzo returnsKinzo plans to end the lie

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Nyan Koi, episode 8 – We’re going to need a montage

For whatever reason I got a particular kick out of this episode. Maybe it was the cat exercise montage (classic) or maybe it was the nekko twist on the classic misunderstanding of a boy "accidentally" ending up with a girl’s bra and getting caught (sad to say I have never heard of this happening in real life).

Junpei steals Kaede's braChizuru blames puberty

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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 – What are friends for? (Besides sea salt ice cream)

Kingdom Hearts is back. This time to tell the story of Roxas, Axel and Organization XIII. The best compliment I can give this game is that it has made me want to unquit the abomination that was Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories and give it another shot. That game’s stupid card system really pissed me off. But anyway this post was about 358/2.

Axel, Xion and Roxas eating ice cream
Roxas, Xion and Axel chillin’. Source.

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Nyan Koi, episode 7 – All the right angles

Nyan Koi’s been fairly consistent, but it’s getting somewhat formulaic and getting stuck in "pretty good" land. Or basically, it is what I thought it would be when the season began. The fleeting hints of Seto no Hanayome greatness were probably just that – hints. Which isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy this last episode, because I did. It just wasn’t anything special.

Junpei's nya-ing luggageTama's friend

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Rabbit Poets featured on AnimeBlips? Hazukashi Serifu Kinshi!

I hate talking about myself. Doing so makes me blush brighter than Hinagiku sharing a moment in an onsen. Even my "site stuff" category is very bare. In the near year I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve written a site-introspective post just 4 times. One being my standard "hello world" post, and the last one way back in February when I finally replaced the standard Atahualpa horticultural header images with something more fitting.

Hazukashi Serifu Kinshi!

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