Nyan Koi, episode 6 – Twice the cats, twice the twin-tails

Keep the cats coming. The twin-tails were a nice cherry on top. Now, the Princess Lover style black holes under miniskirts was an unwelcome censorship. Seriously, what’s going on with that.

Kaede's lunchKaede realizes she brought dog treats for lunch

Junpei quickly makes a run for it after meeting the twin-tailed with knowledge of his curse, cutting short any conversation. Meanwhile, that gives Kaede some time to stew about what she had seen. Unfortunately, her preoccupation with Junpei’s mysterious encounter leads her to pack some dog treats in her "cat cat" bento box.

Angry KanakoAngry Nagi one-ups Kanako

While Kaede leaves to buy some real food, Kanako and Nagi overhear Junpei’s otaku friend mention his new twin-tailed flame. Nice try Kanako, but Nagi’s got yakuza spirit guiding her shakedown efforts. Either way, these are two girls you don’t want to make angry. Kaede, on the other hand, is a bundle of cute.

The deredere twinThe tsuntsun twin

I sort of wish that a.) they wouldn’t have spilled the beans on the twins and b.) AIC wouldn’t have colored their uniforms differently. It sort of took away from the joke. But even though the setup was weak, it was still worthy of a laugh, if only because of Junpei’s reaction at getting confessed to, then being rejected in a span of 2 seconds. Oh, and I say this everytime, but I’ll say it again Haruka Tomatsu is love. I like her tsuntsun voice, but her deredere voice is cute enough to die for.

Kotone's delusion diaryKotone promises to shut down her diary

Junpei later meets Akari (the tsuntsun twin) at the shrine, where he learns that there’s actually two of them. Akari is laying the smackdown and throwing cats around like confetti, in order to keep her sister Kotone and Junpei apart. Akari also introduces Junpei to Kotone’s "delusion diary" which chronicles all her Junpei stalking exploits (denpakei? that’s a new word for me). There’s nothing like a little craziness to spicy up the attractiveness. But Kotone catches Akari in the act, and also finds out why guys she likes tend to avoid her (as if the stalking craziness wasn’t enough).

Kotone playing niceKotone's reason for playing nice

Akari runs away, after telling Kotone that she doesn’t want to lose her like she lost Tama, but ends up falling down the stairs. Don’t worry, it’s not because of the curse, she’s just clumsy. Somehow, Junpei goes on warp drive and ends up breaking her fall. Which leads to a round of apologies for everyone. Kotone even agrees to stop her delusion diary, although she asks to continue her stalking ways. Akari’s your pretty standard obstinate tsundere twin-tail, but I like Kotone a lot. She’s a bit more unique. Not exactly yandere crazy. But obviously not very normal either. The closest character to her that I can remember seeing is Machi from Nagasarate Airantou – although she’s a bit more of a sadist. Needless to say, I liked Machi a lot too.

Noir, Tama's former flameTama gets special treatment

Introductions out of the way, we can now get to the cat part of the story, with Tama’s former flame Noir. There’s a bit of jealousy on Noir’s part, because a.) Tama became the priest’s pride and joy (ka-ching!), after he was discovered to be a male character and b.) Noir ended up getting dumped by Tama for the middle-aged Nyamsus. I guess Tama just likes big cats. Noir is definitely cuter than Nyamsus.

Tama gets a bathTama and Noir fighting

Their reconciliation efforts continue to go poorly, even after Tama "saves" Noir from a tongue-lashing from Kaede’s dogs. Their bickering continues to get worse and worse until it drives Junpei off the edge into an angry rage.

Junpei loses itKaede and her dogs bug out

Heh, self-control isn’t exactly one of Junpei’s strong suits. But seeing Kaede’s dogs with bug-eyed expressions was hands down the funniest part of the episode. As well as seeing her high-tailing it out of there.

Junpei having ice cream with the twinsMailgirl spills the beans

When in distress, eat some ice creams with twin-tailed twins, lol. There’s something about that tranquil scene that’s bizarrely comical. Sort of like if a hero had decided have dinner with his mortal enemy, while they were waiting for the next episode to air. Of course, you can’t have an episode without having the mailgirl say something that she shouldn’t be saying. Hooray for misunderstandings.

Junpei getting a beatingNagi loves twins

In the end, all’s well with the harem world. Junpei explains to Kaede that he was just talking to the cats, and he gets a beating from both Nagi and Kanako, while the denpakei adores Junpei’s continued misfortune. Nagi also pulls her best Death the Kid routine by admiring the twins beautiful symmetry (what in the world was she talking about pineapples for though?).

Anyway, I didn’t really have much to see, but it was a good episode. Twins = good. Denpakei twin = more good. Haruka Tomatsu = most good.

4 Replies to “Nyan Koi, episode 6 – Twice the cats, twice the twin-tails”

  1. Kotone is awesome, I always do love evil-ish characters! Well not so much evil as delighting in the misfortune of others, but still very enjoyable. Splitting the tsundere concept into two characters is a cool idea and adding the almost yandere aspect to Kotone just makes it more fun.

    1. Nyan Koi has some pretty standard archetypes (cute and clueless, quite and deredere, 2 tsunderes in fact!), but they’ve been able to put a nice twist on each and every one of them.

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