Nyan Koi, episode 10 – Mahou Shoujo Haruka Tomatsu

This appears to have been an anime-original episode. It wasn’t too bad, although pretty random. I wonder if AIC is going to try to create an anime-original ending, since the manga is still ongoing?

Kanako FAILNagi WIN

Kanako’s failed attempt to steal a kiss from an unconscious Junpei backfired in two ways. One, she didn’t get the kiss. Two, she failed her final… meaning, it’s time for some independent studying! Although, not before Nagi gets in another brilliant potshot about Kanako’s boobs. She’s got the mind and mouth of a dirty old man. No wonder she gets the best lines in the show.

Kotone on the attackKotone plays the young wife

Kanako’s punishment is to write a 20 page report on the history of the town. Which I imagine is pretty heavy lifting. I can’t imagine a small town having enough history to write 20 pages about. However, Junpei gets a good idea and asks the twins for help, since they’re related to the shrine priest. I’m not sure that was really necessary, since Junpei already knows the shrine priest himself, but what’s a harem about without some obvious plot devices to get the whole gang together? Plus, it gets us some excellent Kotone screen time, so I’m pretty content.

Unfriedly kiddie AkariKotone the young voodoo priestess

It’s not exactly a sob story, but we also get a little backstory about why Kotone and Akari are pretty much isolated from the rest of the world. Akari, because her mahou shoujo powers unconsciously kept her from getting close to other kids, and Kotone, because well… creating voodoo dolls at a young age isn’t exactly a very popular hobby. I’m not terribly enchanted by Akari, and her relatively typical tsuntsun story, but Kotone’s awesomeness continues to rise.

Kanako defaces the weird cat faceAkari makes it clean

After Kotone leads Kanako around town to show the 7 wonders of the town (dubious wonders that is, I’m not sure Kanako’s report is going to help her pass), Kanako treats everyone for their help. But before an heartwarming embrace can occur between Akari, Kotone and co., Kanako ruins the mood by deciding to throw superstition in the wind and vandalizing the strange looking cat status in the main shopping area. Akari forcefully stops a humbled Kanako, and then proceeds with some anti-voodoo procedures to keep the cat spirit content and Kanako from getting cursed. However, the damage has been done.

Kotone in transformation formEmbarrassed Akari

Nighttime arrives, and the cat spirit, angered by all of the vandalizing, has gone insane. Meaning? It’s time for Mahou Shoujou Haruka Tomatsu. I think Akari’s costume needed some angel wings to complement the devil wings that Kotone has… wait a second, where did this transformation thing come from anyway? Oh well, best not to think too hard about it. It just so happens the two run into Junpei, who’s out for a late night porn run, or so it seems.

Kotone's flying death gripAkari searches for Pocky

An initial attack by Akari leaves her drained of power and needing of Pocky to recharge. However, the cat spirit is tossing Junpei and Kotone around like ragdolls. Mostly, because Kotone seems to be enjoying the close contact with Junpei.

Junpei lends a helping mouthAkari and Junpei nearly kiss

Junpei’s hands bound by the hugging Kotone leads to the scene that we saw in the last episode’s preview. With no other way to pass the Pocky on to Akari except by his mouth, Junpei takes the initiative to save their lives. Akari resists at first, but grudgingly decides that Pocky survival is better than no-Pocky death… even if it means reenacting the scene from Lady and the Tramp. Kotone isn’t particularly pleased by their close contact… which probably means that she doesn’t intend to share Akari with Junpei. Recharged with Pocky, Akari easily disposes of the evil cat spirit and saves the day. In the aftermath, Junpei gives Akari and Kotone the butterfly clips that Kanako bought for them as thanks for their help earlier in the day. Akari, staying true to her tsundere roots rewards him with a tsuntsun slap in the face.

Akari makes some new friendsBroken cat god statue

The next day we see some girls admiring Akari’s new hairclip and maybe, just maybe, becoming friends with her. It’s sort of funny that Akari’s so intimidating that the girl needed two backups to approach her though. Ah, I guess it’s a start. Looks like we may be in for some cat drama though, because the shrine priest has discovered Neko Ji-san’s broken head. Which means that someone or something has disturbed the statue since Junpei broke it.

5 Replies to “Nyan Koi, episode 10 – Mahou Shoujo Haruka Tomatsu”

  1. It was a bit of an unexpected consolation prize to Kana that she seemed to be copping a feel on Junpei’s chest before her averted kiss, though they only showed that shot in the flashback this episode and not last time when it happened.

    Man, letting it be known exactly what kind of powers Kotone and Akari have, the possibly second cursed person (maybe Chizuru knocked it over while lost? wouldn’t that be a plot twist!), and Kanako getting more development. With all this stuff going on I wonder if there’s going to be an inconclusive ‘read the manga’ ending or a second season somewhere down the road.
    .-= ExecutiveOtaku´s last blog ..Kimi ni Todoke episode 09 – Beware Dolls Bearing Friendship =-.

    1. Poor Kanako. I was amused at how low everyone’s “passing” scores were.

      There’s still probably only one cursed person. Junpei got the curse because he broke neko jizou’s head right? I’m guessing he didn’t exactly weld the head back onto the body, so somebody probably just knocked it over and thought they broke it. But now that cabaret loving monk might go on a rampage since he knows it’s broke. Heh, should be amusing. :clown:

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