Umineko no Naku Koro ni, episode 24 – New conspiracy theories

I’ve gotta say, it’s nice to type in regular English. Just when I get the hang of explaining the murders (pretty easy this time around), they go and change the game up completely. But does this potentially final checkmate get us closer to the truth?

Kanon breaks out of jailVirgilia is mad at Gaap

With Gaap having stolen Virgilia’s goat butlers, the imprisoned make a break for it, with Kanon’s di-sword paving the way. It was interesting to see Virgilia losing her cool for a moment. That’s not a scene I would’ve expect to have seen. But she decides to take her anger at Gaap out on the escapees, and sends the Siestas to finish the job.

Jessica gets wackedGeorge gets wacked

Meanwhile, George and Jessica’s short-lived upper hand comes to a disastrous end when Gaap creates a couple portals that sends them hurdling each other at full force with disastrous results for both. However- don’t believe your eyes here. Besides the obviously out of place portals, the injuries Jessica suffered (getting half her head blown off) and George suffered (getting a hole blasted through his stomach), are much more likely results from a shot from a Winchester than any sort of maximum power karate moves. Is there anything from this scene that we can believe? I do believe George was engaged in a confrontation. Fists and feet may have flown. But black holes? Not likely. Rather, a much more pedestrian thuggish shooting seems likely.

Jessica's last callBattler gets a call

The above Battler image comes from his conversation with Kyrie, but it fits just as well here. Because both his conversations with Jessica and Kyrie take a similar turn – both of them imploring him to take the demons for what they are. It’s the sort of underhanded tactic like we saw in the last arc. While I don’t doubt the conversation occurred, I am dubious about Jessica and Kyrie’s states of mind while on death’s doorstep. It’s interesting that this is perhaps the first time, at least that I can remember, that anyone has told Battler that demons were involved. Now whether they were referring to real demons or metaphorical demons is up to interpretation. I took that as Jessica and Kyrie telling Battler not to reason with Kinzo (or the killer) like they were a rational human. Instead, recognize them for the monsters they are.

It’s convenient that Jessica’s death was delayed for three minutes, allowing her to be found in a bedroom, instead of by George. What I wonder is how far Jessica’s final location was from George’s final location. The distance, and the time in between them going missing and Battler receiving the call from Kinzo/Beatrice could help us figure out whether there was 1 or more culprits.

Shannon diesKyrie makes her final call

Meanwhile, the escapees are all taken down one by one, until only Kyrie remains. There’s no indication of the time that passed during their escape, but I’m skeptical that they were in the Kumadorian, because a two kilometer sprint is a pretty arduous run, and the escapees didn’t look terribly winded when they came from the exit. Something you’d expect at least from Nanjo who barely made it 50 feet before breaking out in a sweat. Kyrie’s final conversation with Battler takes a similar turn as his conversation with Jessica as I’d mentioned. However, Kyrie also apologizes for being cold to Battler for being Asumu’s son. I didn’t think much of that at the moment, but it gets a life of its own later.

Maria wants to be the IdolBeatrice talks about Battler

With the Twilight deaths complete, Kinzo and Beatrice continue their tests to find out who will be the Ushiromiya Idol. Beatrice decides to be the one to test Battler, conveniently.

Battler peeking through the windowGohda and Kumasawa dead

Meanwhile Battler goes to check in on Kumasawa and Gohda, but finds that both have been killed. Judging by how their feet are brushing the floor, they were likely shot dead then hung for effect. Whoever killed them would have needed a key… but with the keys no longer at a premium, it means that there should be at least a few keys floating around. But I think it’s very possible for one person to have killed both of them, and then still have time to kill George and Jessica. I don’t see anything that would suggest that multiple parties were necessary yet.

Beatrice's testBattler proves his love to Beatrice

Meanwhile, Battler proceeds to his testing ground where he vows to pound the floor with Kinzo and Beatrice and whoever else was involved. Actually, Battler’s reaction and his suggesting putting Beatrice’s name as one of the sacrifices was perfect. I probably would’ve handled that the exact same way. And I bet Beatrice left that line blank just waiting to hear Battler offer to put her name in there. Sort of a passive aggressive deredere Moetrice moment there.

Beatrice is angryBeatrice eyes betray sadness

But since Battler can’t take that test with much credibility, she asks him to remember and atone for his sin from six years ago. Battler wonders if it was him renouncing the Ushiromiya name after a fight with his parents, but apparently wasn’t it. Meanwhile, game board Beatrice gets increasingly angered, while meta Beatrice seems to be saddened by Battler’s forgetfulness.

Kinzo on fireAn annoyed Beatrice

Well, that’s one way to go. Immolation from the inside out. Ouch. With Battler unable to remember his sin, Beatrice’s frustration (anger?) is at a fever pitch now, and she takes it out on Kinzo by turning him into a roast cow. Interestingly enough, once again Battler has not seen Kinzo in person. And once again, Kinzo is a burned, unrecognizable corpse, except for the fact that this corpse probably has 6 fingers. What exactly is the significance of this method of death? I would suggest that it’s further fuel for the fire that Kinzo is either already dead or not on the island. But I don’t know that I can discount the testimonies of Kumasawa, Gohda, Krauss and Kyrie.

Battler uses red textBattler chokes

So the posts on the MAL forums are all aflame, because of the apparent pacing and adaptation issues with this episode. I didn’t think the episode was bad, but I also don’t know what I’m missing. One thing I should point out that I came across is that when Beatrice accuses Battler of having a sin that caused people on the island to die, it’s said in red in the VN, but not in red in the anime. So for our purposes, we should just assume that point is truth.

The sin I am now demanding that you remember is not between Ushiromiya Battler and Beatrice.
Ushiromiya Battler has a sin.
Because of your sin, people die.
Due to your sin, a great many humans on this island die.
No one escapes, all die.

With Beatrice threatening to quit the game, leaving it in stalemate for eternity, Bernkastel, Lambda and Ange all appear to intervene. However, Beatrice claims that Battler is not qualified to play the game, and to prove it, she allows Battler the chance to say two statements in red:

  1. Battler Ushiromiya’s mother is Asumu Ushiromiya
  2. Battler Ushiromiya was born of Asumu Ushiromiya.

Battler easily says the first. But to his shock and dismay is repeatedly unable to say the second.

Beatrice declares checkmateBeatrice and Maria share a moment

Claiming that she wanted to play the game with Kinzo’s grandson, she declares checkmate and either sends Battler off, or Battler leaves on his own. Unclear. Beatrice then escapes to another world (the Golden Land?) where she and Maria share a sad moment together.

So geez, where to begin. Figuring out the murders is the easy part. Figuring out how much of the strange turn of events with Battler’s bloodline is a lot more difficult. The most obvious, and probably least likely possibility is that Asumu isn’t actually dead, and this is her revenge on a family that jilted her. But… probably not. Kyrie also becomes suspect though. We don’t see her die. And it would make some sense as to why Battler is always the last to die.

It makes sense that Battler wasn’t Asumu’s son. I’d originally thought that Ange was Asumu’s child as well, what with the fire red hair, but when I learned that she was actually Kyrie’s child, I thought the coincidental matching hair color was interesting. But this wasn’t about what happened 18 years ago. This was about a sin that happened on the island of Rokkenjima six years ago. A sin that didn’t involve Battler renouncing the family name, because of his dad’s remarriage, but a sin that’s apparently related to who his real mother is. Whether or not Asumu or Kyrie is his mother doesn’t change the fact that he’s still Kinzo’s grandson, which was what Beatrice specifically mentioned for what she wanted. But if he was born out of wedlock as Kyrie’s son, it may mean that he doesn’t have any birthrights to the Ushiromiya headship. But still, what that has to do with what happened six years ago is a big question mark.

With two episodes to go, I feel like they’ve changed the game on us. The original game was to prove that the murders were not the work of magic or witches. Whether this is a red herring or not, I’m not sure. Perhaps this is part of the strategy. However, with so little time left, I’m afraid that they’re going to end on a cliffhanger. Battler realizing his sin and how he’s the centerpiece of all these murders.

13 Replies to “Umineko no Naku Koro ni, episode 24 – New conspiracy theories”

  1. As a VN reader, I loathed this episode because of just how much they cut out. But, I won’t ramble on about that here.

    It’s an interesting observation about the MO on Kinzo’s death. In fact, another character that died in this episode has also maintained a certain consistency to their death all 4 arcs… But that one’s a little tougher to catch, and I also don’t know if there’s any significance to it. 😉

    Also, as for Battler’s being told about “demons”… Maybe another VN reader can vouch yea or nea here, since I’m going off 6-month-old memories, but I think I remember that Gohda and Kumasawa (as well as the first call from Krauss) already told the kids about the demons and magic, and that since the kids hadn’t seen it, they took them as post traumatic delusions. That makes the later phone calls sound more like “I’ve seen it now and it really is true, so be on your guard.”

    And yeah, a whole bunch of red text was omitted (along with so much else…) – but this set was particularly interesting:

    Ushiromiya Battler’s mother is Ushiromiya Asumu.
    My name is Ushiromiya Battler
    It was from Ushiromiya Asumu that Ushiromiya Battler was born.
    It was from Ushiromiya,
    ……, ……nugh, …………?!
    (The statement is supposed to be: It was from Ushiromiya Asumu that I was born.)
    I am Ushiromiya Battler
    It was from Ushiromiya Asumu that
    , ah, ngagh, ……nnnggghh……!!!

    You are not Ushiromiya Asumu’s son.

    …They also cut out a reference to the 4th Siesta Sister, 556, who is said to have been killed in a battle with the “Black Witch”. It is also amusingly noted that she was known for playing the trumpet.

    Well. That was a long post.

    1. The only thing that I can come up concerning the Ushiromiya Asumu and Battler riddle above is that the Battler of the meta world is not quite the Battler of the real world. But while I’m sure Beatrice was just using this as an excuse to suspend the game, I don’t think she would be using such a technicality … *scratches head*
      .-= Shounen A´s last blog ..Umineko no Naku Koro ni IV-VI =-.

      1. That doesn’t work. Meta-Battler is still Battler and his birth parents are his birth parents.

        To me the most logical conclusion is that Kyrie is the mother. Unless Rudolf was three-timing.

    2. So in the red text you mention, is Beatrice being liberal with the definition of mother, and strict about the definition of son?

      If Battler is Ushiromiya Battler (proved true) and Asumu is Battler’s mother (could be stepmother or legal mother), then in the same way Battler would be Asumu’s son, even if he wasn’t born of her. Am I getting that wrong?

      Hmm, I’m wracking my brain about the other death consistency. I thought it was George, stabbed or shot through the same spot each time, until I remembered he survived the Twilights in the first game.

      It’s not Battler, Maria or Jessica. It’s not any of the adults. It’s not Kumasawa, Gohda or Shannon. I don’t believe it’s Nanjo. Ah! Kanon dies of a wound (stab or shot) to the heart in each arc. Hmm, considering his obsession with his furniture status, there must be some meaning to that.

      1. With the red text, I don’t know. It’s highly speculative. Is there a loophole within the definition of the words? Or is the answer something crazier – like there were two Battlers, and this Battler is actually an imposter (Kyrie’s “stillborn” child?) raised in place of Asumu’s? All we know is that he IS “Battler Ushiromiya”, that “Battler Ushiromiya” WAS born from Asumu, and yet that he WASN’T born from Asumu. If we trust that the red really is true, then those statements are all somehow true as well.

        …I just thought of a strange (admittedly crackpot) theory. What if the key lies in the “born from” phrase? What if the NAME “Ushiromiya Battler” was “born” from Asumu, meaning she thought of the name, but the person was not? That would actually satisfy the above conditions…

        And for the other death consistency, it’s not noticeable unless you’ve considered a certain fan theory that floats about – namely that Shannon and Kanon are actually the same person, posing as two. The reasoning is that Battler has never actually seen the two of them together. I don’t know how far I believe that theory, but it did cause me to notice a strange consistency. In the first arc, Battler never sees Shannon’s corpse. (In fact, hers is specifically the only corpse in the first twilight he doesn’t see.) In the second arc, Kanon’s corpse “disappears” and is never seen by any of the humans. In the third arc, Battler again never saw Kanon’s corpse. And, well, in the fourth arc… Think about how the two died. The consistency is maintained that one of their corpses are always unidentified. This might be coincidence, it might be a red herring, or it might actually mean something. I haven’t a clue which. But, really, that’s where some of the fun lies.

        The VN also gave us a set of 4 rabbit toys (one of which was destroyed by Rosa), and then 4 rabbit soldiers (one of which was killed by the “black witch”). But, those two bits of information were spread far apart and buried among lots of other information in the VN, making it a subtle, disjointed connection. Many people didn’t catch that, and those who did wondered how much to read into it. Then, the anime actually added MORE Siestas = Maria’s Toys hints. So, that’s either a success for crazy fan theories, or we’re being trolled by Ryukishi07 and DEEN.

      2. You know, I could see that. I could see maybe Asumu’s baby being stillborn or maybe dying right after birth, and this Battler being stolen from Kyrie to replace Asumu’s dead baby. But what’s the significance between “My name is Battler” and “I am Battler”? Why would Beatrice have had him repeat both of those lines? The “my name is Battler” seems easy to reconcile, just need a little legalese. But if Battler was originally Kyrie’s son, shouldn’t he choke on the “I am Battler” statement? Or were Kyrie and Asumu both intending to name their children Battler? Or am I getting too caught up on technicalities?

        Shannon/Kanon the same person? Wow, that’s an interesting theory. The corpses make sense… but is it true that Battler doesn’t see either of them at the same time? I could’ve sworn he had… but it’s such an insignificant detail I hadn’t been paying attention to it. I guess if I’m going to suspect shenanigans with Kinzo’s death, I’ll have to consider this possible theory as well.

  2. Technically Battler is Kinzo’s grandson if he’s Rudolf’s son, since Asumu isn’t related by blood to the family. Beatrice just made him repeat that because she knew that in his state of disbelief that thought probably wouldn’t register, thus making him mess up. As far as what happened to him he basically vanished. Not leave like Bern, Ange and Lambda did – he actually disappeared.

      1. It’s even worse. In the VN, Beatrice actually used blue text to claim that Battler wasn’t who he thought to be. Since he couldn’t say that he was born from Asumu, Beatrice said that he wasn’t Kinzo’s grandson and therefore not qualified to be her opponent. However, since her blue text basically saying that Battler isn’t Battler wasn’t countered, she denied Battler’s entire existence. Pretty much what he tried to do with her. He didn’t just leave, he disappeared, vanished, thrown into nothingness.

      2. Ah damn, i forgot about her using Blue to deny Battler’s existence. >_<

        @RP: But yes, Battler being gone and kicked out of the game, means the game is Suspended indefinitely. I liked how Bern didn't seem to give a damn. Lambda being desperate though is odd. I mean, if she wants to keep Bern around, she can just follow her anywhere. Why does she need this game?
        .-= Jubbz´s last blog ..Umineko No Naku Koro Ni episode IV – VI: Requesting permission to strangle Chiaki Kon =-.

      3. @Serpit: I’m sure the anime will explain it in the next episode, but geez… something like that… they should’ve set it up better. That’s a pretty important turn of events to recognize.

        @Jubbz: My understanding is Lambda really wants to defeat Bern in this game, because Bern defeated her in a previous game (Higurashi?). Sort of like payback.

  3. There are a couple of things I am wondering about: Why now? And how long has Beatrice known about Battler’s sin, whatever it may be? This whole thing definitely smells rotten to me.

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