Twelve Moments in Anime 2009: #4 – Horo and Lawrence kiss

CCY has thrown down his Twelve Moments of Anime gauntlet, inviting others to join him everyday until Christmas in recalling their 12 favorite anime-related things of the year. We’re now getting into the stage where order matters more. I have my top two moments already thought out. I struggled with the order of 3 and 4, though. But ultimately I decided to go with… the Horo and Lawrence kiss.

Lawrence kisses Horo... or a mannequin

The only knock on this scene is that was poorly animated. It doesn’t look like a kiss of passion. Actually, Lawrence looks like he’s whispering something into a mannequin’s mouth. It’s a shame, because the cardboard-esque animation sort of knocks you out of the moment. But otherwise, the kiss was a perfect crescendo after the challenges these two had experiences over the past two seasons. If you were a fan of this show, if you were a fan of their relationship, this was the moment you were waiting for.

Lawrence and Horo holding hands

It seems like such a rare occasion in anime that we get a completely satisfying development to a truly meaningful relationship. Relationships in comedies and harems often lack depth. Relationships in action shows often seem like ill-thought-out, last-minute add-ons. And relationships in Key-esque melodramas seem too contrived and forced. But here we got to watch two strangers meet, bicker and banter, become closer as friends, partners, gamble their relationships and be torn apart, only to come back together on their own. Until it eventually got to the point where you said, yeah, the only possible next step for their relationship would be for one of them to confess, and for the two to kiss. The coupling was born from their relationship, not vice versa, if that makes sense. I hope there’s a third season of Spice and Wolf, if only because I want to see an anime that shows what happens after the couple-to-be gets together. No doubt the fun will continue. Furry babies? Lawrence asked, not me! >_<

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6 Replies to “Twelve Moments in Anime 2009: #4 – Horo and Lawrence kiss”

  1. Heh, a lot of people were disappointed by the kiss itself. After all, it was more about Lawrence dropping the relationship gauntlet than a proper kiss: “kick me all you want, but here’s what you’re really missing by being stubborn”. You could tell that Horo wanted it, but it was no Taiga+Ryuuji kiss; their relationship still has a long way to go, and now it’s up to Horo to get over her irrational fears.

    The moment, for me, was really about Lawrence utterly defeating Horo and hitting her with the cluebat. She sets up this elaborate scenario where she’s guaranteed to leave him, and yet he still manages to force her to keep traveling with him. The way he finally stood up to our favorite broken little wolf-deity was awe-inspiring, and this season he proved to be an awesome character rather than just some bumbling guy with a hopeless crush.

    1. To be sure, Lawrence acquits himself much better in the second season, standing toe to toe with Horo in the flirty banter that she always seemed to win in season 1. But I always thought he had a little more depth than a “bumbling guy with a hopeless crush.”

      You’re right that the next step is for Horo to get over her fears. It was a great scene, and I think it’s safe to infer that Horo felt the same for Horo, but she didn’t reciprocate Lawrence’s confession verbally. Is that necessary? Probably not as far as their relationship goes, but it would be a big step in getting over those fears.

  2. I just gotta say, that ending where they walk out hand in hand, into the town in rebellion with buildings burning left and right, and the credits rolling with no music, was incredibly surreal. Spice & Wolf never did anything remotely like it before, it had this weird “going out guns blazing” kind of vibe to it even when we all know there’s more light novels to adapt. It was a very unexpected way for the season to finish.

    1. Yeah, even though we got some Horo x Lawrence resolution, there was that “what happens next” vibe going on, what with the town riots and pandemonia afoot. I think you put it best when you said “going out guns blazing.”

  3. So want this to blossom more. I am totally into Horo, so a third season would be fabulous. Hopefully we get to see more growth of the relationship, and not just Lawrence making terrible deals lol.

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