Twelve Moments in Anime 2009: #2 – Hinagiku! (the year of)

CCY has thrown down his Twelve Moments of Anime gauntlet, inviting others to join him everyday until Christmas in recalling their 12 favorite anime-related things of the year. Moment #2 isn’t really a moment, but a celebration of moments for a certain special gal… Hinagiku!

Hinagiku under the sakuras

So many great moments, from the fan-service filled Hina OVA, the full-on Hina ED, the Hina x Hayate balcony scene, Hina singing Cruel Angel Thesis, Hina getting it on with Hamster, Hina’s fear of heights. Ah, it was a good year to be a Hina fan. IMO, Hayate season 2 took Hina from Mikoto-level tsundere (pretty darn cute) to epically irresistible. All future tsunderes will be judged on the basis of the Hina scale.

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