Ookami Kakushi, episode 4 – It’s just kissing baby

I think anyone who dropped Ookami Kakushi because it had a few seconds of yaoi in the last episode will come to regret it. Obviously, it was just a plot device and this show has designs well beyond that.


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Baka to Test to Shokanjuu episode 3

When I started to watch weekly shows, there was something I was told to keep in mind; that you watch the first episode to decide if the show’s bad, the second episode to decide if it’s good, and the third to decide if you really want to watch it. After three episodes of Baka to Test I think I’ve caught the gist of where this will go, and I’ve decided to stay for the ride, even if, or more likely because, it will be one weird ride.

How come Hideyoshi gets the blue bow? I wanted the blue bow!CHIBI ATTACK!!!

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Nodame Cantabile Finale, episode 2 – Nodame the denpakei

Even though Nodame Cantabile doesn’t crack my top 5, if I could marry a show, this would be the show I marry. Why? Because after each episode, I realize that for whatever nitpicky faults I completely adore the characters, their situations, the story and the music. It’s not the sexiest show and it’s not the cutest show, but it hits all the right notes. I get all zetsuboushta when I realize it’s the last season. But enough of that! Let’s focus on the good stuff!


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K-ON! Special: Live House! – The GREATEST SHOW EVAR is back!

Unfortunately, crappy, wet blanket Mio decided to come along for the ride too… And with that I’ve antagonized both the anti-moe trolls, as well as the Mio-moe trolls. By my calculations, this attack should have caused at least 80% of the anime fanbase’s collective heads to ‘splode like Mio under a spotlight.

Mio can't handle the anti-moe or Mio-moe heat
Mio can’t handle the anti-moe or Mio-moe heat

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