Winter 2010 First Impressions – Chu-Bra!

So uh, don’t mind the different theme you see. This is probably a short-term thing. Rabbit Poets is merely going through a identity crisis.

Chu-Bra ass shot 1  
Yeah, I know what a .ass file is. But the irony was irresistible.

Speaking of identity crises (what a smooth lead-in!), let me tell you about this show called Chu-Bra. It’s a mixed-up show that seems to be conflicted as to whether it wants to be a heartwarming shoujo show about girls growing up, overcoming rumors and making friends, or TnA smorgasboard for ronery teenage boys.

Chu-Bra ass shot 2
This would be the other kind of .ass file

To be honest, Chu-Bra works better as a shoujo coming-of-age story than an ecchi fanservice-fest. Oh sure, there’s all sorts of ridiculous camera angles and ridiculous fanservice-friendly situations. The underboob, the imagination nudes, the locker room hidden camera, the clothed boob grope, the naked bob grope, the underskirt keitai shot, the skirt flip, the peeking garter strap. Yeah, it’s all there. But none of it is particularly titillating. Whether that’s just me, I don’t know. The animation was meh, and the character designs aren’t particularly attractive, but all the fanservice seemed to lack that naughty je ne sais quoi that ecchi fanservice shows typically have.

The story itself isn’t as ridiculous as you might think though. Nayu Hayama is an "underwear monitor" or basically an underwear product tester (ok, that part is ridiculous), who finds herself in middle school ostracized and the victim of scandalous rumors, because she "accidentally" shows off her black laced panties in an ill-timed fall. But by the end of the episode, she makes two new friends, as they embark on finding out more about their bodies and the perils of wearing ill-fitted underwear… Ok, now that I typed it out, yeah it does sound ridiculous. But the heart and the structure behind it is pretty standard.

  1. Nice lead girl
  2. Victim of rumors
  3. Nosy busybodies learn the source of rumors was just a big misunderstanding
  4. Nice lead girl becomes friends with busybodies
  5. Nice lead girl eventually makes up and becomes friends with the evil rumor spreading girls (probably)
  6. Underpants gnomes episode
  7. ???
  8. PROFIT!

But like I mentioned earlier, Chu-Bra suffers from an identity crisis, and I can’t tell who it’s for. Girls might appreciate (or at least empathize with) the story, but be turned off by the ridiculous fanservice. Guys might appreciate the fanservice (if they’re desperate), but be bored to tears by the story. I was hoping Chu-Bra would be a guilty pleasure, but that’s not happening. As it is, I can’t recommend this show to anyone, except maybe underwear otakus.

9 Replies to “Winter 2010 First Impressions – Chu-Bra!”

  1. Woah, the sites gone all dark. It’s like Rabbitpoets is going throught a rebellious teenage phase and has become all gothy. Next thing you know it’s going to have piercings in odd places and Krauser will dominate the banner instead of the K-ON girls.

    …actually that sounds kinda cool.

    Oh yeah, Chu-Bra. Identity crisis is exactly what I thought too. I’m actually at a failure to think who would actually enjoy watching this
    .-= Scamp´s last blog ..First Impressions: Ladies vs Butlers, Legend of Koizumi, Cobra the Animation, Chu-Bra =-.

  2. Good thing no one was around when I opened my feed reader. Not the knid of .ass file I expected to see.
    I didn’t think this show would be much when I read the summary, and I have not seen a reason to change my opinion with this review. Really, I could respect the show if it was good enough to be a guilty pleasure (for some people, not myself), but I can’t respect a not so awesome show with a stupid premise + cliche.
    .-= mefloraine´s last blog ..Cencoroll / ?????? + News =-.

  3. Ah, how would I sum up Chu-Bra? Well, fanservice at its best? I dunno…but judging from your review, the basis of my reasoning to not watch Chu-Bra is pushing me towards that. As expected when I first saw the Winter lineup a couple of weeks’ back.

    Ah, just hoping that all will improve later on with other series.
    .-= jusuchin85´s last blog ..Determined Bishounen? =-.

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