Winter 2010 First Impressions: Dance in the Vampire Bund

I was a little worried that Shinbo would be a little too… well… Shinbo in directing Dance in the Vampire Bund. But thankfully the episode was mostly free from the various Shinbo-isms, like the random real-life photos and massive blocks of text. On the other hand, the whole talk show routine wasn’t terribly interesting. I didn’t think it was particularly bad either, it just seemed mostly irrelevant to the eventual show. They could’ve condensed all that into a couple minutes and revealed Mina Tepes and the vampires. For a 12-episode show, it seems like an odd waste of an episode. But Vampire Bund isn’t alone. In fact, it’s just one of the many winter shows that had oddly poor starts. Still, there was enough there to interest me. And hopefully things get back on track next episode.

Mina Tepes with the power of Geass
Wait, I’ve seen this before…

Lelouch cosplays as Mina 1

Lelouch cosplays as Mina 2
Wait for it…

Lelouch cosplays as Mina 3
OHMAIGAH, he’s back!

4 Replies to “Winter 2010 First Impressions: Dance in the Vampire Bund”

  1. Honestly, I thought that the first 17 minutes or so was surprising. Typical SHAFT, if I might add. Although, the ending did leave me wanting more; since they’ve explained what we might be in store. Hopefully, they will deliver that.

    Looking at the funny side of it, love the screencap comparisons! Geass is the reference many used nowadays when it comes to mind control! ^^
    .-= jusuchin85´s last blog ..Stellar Vector — To Mend A Fragile Heart =-.

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