Baka to Test to Shokanjuu episode 1

Since this is my first time attempting to blog a series I was initially going to wait until everything had aired before deciding what to blog, so I’d have more choice. I decided to go ahead and blog Baka to Test instead because after watching the first episode I couldn’t get potential ideas for a post out of my head. I really want to start blogging so I decided to go for it. Anyway, on to the post!

Me? The main character? OK, sure.YOU TRICKED ME!!

Summary: Our main character, Akihisa Yoshii, goes to school and is put in the lowest class because he’s an idiot. Then gets into a big fight. Character development and general picking on the main character commence.

They all kind look OK up until the F class

The whole concept of class segregation is something I swear must have been done before, but on the top of my head I can only think of one example and it’s not an anime. Adding chibis on the other hand, has got to be a new one. So Baka to Test instantly gets points for originality. What really swung this episode for me was its sheer randomness. The general plot is strange enough, those weird guys in black with scythes is another thing altogether. Even with explanations on how things worked thrown in, the whole episode gave off a general air of oddness, even though the whole situation was presented as if this was the norm.

Your chibis are the chibis to pierce the heavens!Seriously, who are these guys anyway?

One thing that stood out for me was that Yuuji Sakamoto,that guy who wasn’t the main one is in the somewhat same mould as Gurren Lagann’s Kamina. He’s an idiot and basically talks a pile of nonsense  but acts in such an overconfident way that he gets everyone cheering him and believing in him. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work as well as it did in Gurren Lagann, I think because the show didn’t really poke fun at him as much as they could (yet still made a joke out of most other things. Come on Baka, missed opportunity here!). If it turns out with Sakamoto following in the same steps as Kamina, with maybe Yoshii playing the Simon, it would certainly make an interesting plotline but I’m hoping for something more original.

I can't seem to think of a funny caption for this one...I've been expecting you, Ms minor character

The first episode was an explosion of characters and randomness, therefore I liked it.  I have next to no idea where it’ll go from here though. Springing the challenge from class A at the end threw out my theory that the F class would gradually fight their way up the ranks so it’s anyone’s guess for the moment. There’s one thing that bothers me; to get stronger you have to get smarter, that’s how the system appears to work. But the main character getting stronger/smarter will mean he’ll lose his only personality trait, and also you don’t often see male leads get smarter in the academical sense of the term. He shouldn’t be able to win through unconventional methods either because your chibi is powered by your grades, which can only be altered by stuff like study, and I think it’s pretty obvious that Yoshii’s not the studying type. It’d be annoying to have a main character who’s the weakest battler so I hope that doesn’t happen. Actually my biggest wish is that all the fights don’t come down to having the Zero Louise look-alike save the day at the last minute because that would get really boring.

Die, faceless minions!!The F class: We do intensive stretching

Last thing, feel free to comment about anything, except spoilers (in which case, go away).

9 Replies to “Baka to Test to Shokanjuu episode 1”

  1. Well, I don’t think the main character will get smarter…and I also don’t think (or I hope so anyway) he’ll stay weak. I’m sure there will be some way to curve it so that he can be a powerful idiot. At the very least, I hope he doesn’t keep bashing his head into tables.
    .-= mefloraine´s last blog ..Nusunde Lilith / ????????? =-.

    1. If he does become a powerful idiot I’d say it’d be because his chibi is solid. That’s bound to have more uses then bashing into tables. It was able to throw the table into the air after all.

  2. Having the A class challenge them right away was a curveball to me too. I wonder if F class will be whooped on, or if they’ll pull off the victory somehow. There are a decent number of things the series can do with this.

    1. It would be more realistic if they got the crap beaten out of them by the A class. My current theory is that they won’t fight immediately in the next episode but will try talking each other out first. Or there will be such a quick fight it’ll be small enough to fit in that segment before the opening.

  3. Yeah, I get the feeling that they’re all going to get their asses whooped in the next episode by class A. Loiuse will probably faint or something so they have no backup plan.

    I don’t think it’s beyond the realms of possibility that they’ll get smarter. Kamina inspired a few people underground to take on the Universe so surely it’s not beyond class F to maybe study an eensy bit harder
    .-= Scamp´s last blog ..Defining a ‘good’ anime =-.

    1. There’s a difference between studying and taking on the Universe, and that is that taking on the Universe is so much cooler to watch then a student quietly reading a book (coughYukiNagatocough).

  4. It’d make sense for them to get whooped by class A even with Louise, since 25 class A students > 1 class A student + 24 retards… Wait is her name Louise, or is that just what we’re going to call her?

    1. Her names not really Louise but I can’t remember her real one. She looks exactly like Louise from Zero no Tsukima except with a hairclip so I instintively call her Louise.

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