Baka to Test to Shokanjuu episode 2

Before I wrote this post I went on to AnimeNano to see who else was blogging Baka to Test. It turns out there are a lot of people who chose to blog this, probably not as many as chose to blog Durarara but it is up there. It’s a bit daunting for me to be honest  but I’m sure no one’s here to hear about my worries, so here’s the thing you’re really here for!


Look familiar? Here’s what this reminded me of:

code geass


Summary: Characters talk, then get into a fight. In between these, lovey-dovey side plots abound.

This episode didn’t leave the story hanging like the first episode did but I’m still not too sure where they’re going with this. The introduction of the love triangle between Yoshii, Himeji and Shimada has got me kinda worried that Baka to Test might end up as a crappy, harem filled, mediocre attempt at a comedy, not that comedies can’t pull off love triangles. Nyan Koi last season did that, not to mention School Rumble. The good thing here is that Baka to Test so far has been smart. They can probably pull off these romantic subplots well, at least I hope they can.

Romantic subplot no. 1 Romantic subplot no. 2 (ok, not really)

Baka to Test is turning out to have a strong cast of characters. I can’t remember them all but so far they’re all starting to grow on me, in particular Hideyoshi (I’m not too sure if he’s a trap or a parody of a trap), Yuuji, and for some reason that weird guy who goes “Almost, almost…” the whole time. But the star of this episode by far was our very own Yoshii, the main character we’ve been so worried won’t be any good. And why’s this? Well, because…


The almighty turning point in Yoshii's careerTry as he might, he can't escape his new best friendIn the F class, they don't even teach you that tables go on the floorWhat're you looking at?He must really be pretty tough if he can lug that table around like thatDid somebody say 'main character'? 

… he’s left-handed!

Anyway, there wasn’t anything really unexpected in this episode, though in general I doubt Baka to Test will be one of those shows with plot twists at every corner. So far, the pace it sets itself is enjoyable; slow enough but not so bogged down it can’t tell its story. I have high hopes for where Baka to Test is going, though as I have said I don’t know where this exactly is. My main guess is that it will focus more on its characters than its plot and Baka to Test will end up about their lives, but don’t quote me on this. It could end up being about wars within the school, complete with in-school politics for all I know. 

Did you notice that Himeji's hair is bigger than the rest of her? I saw this coming a mile off

As before, all comments but spoilers welcome.

7 Replies to “Baka to Test to Shokanjuu episode 2”

  1. Baka to Test gets blogged by many because it’s awesome. 😀

    I’m wondering what will happen with the plot from this point on. Because it seems to me that after fighting Class A, there isn’t much left. Based on what has been presented so far anyway.

    I wasn’t sure if I was surprised by the end of this episode or not. I kind of expected, but I also did not expect it, and it made me laugh.
    .-= mefloraine´s last blog ..KL =-.

    1. Superglue is just one of those things that is inherently funny. I haven’t seen that many superglue gags in anime. In fact the funniest superglue related gag I’ve seen was in real life when my dad superglued his mouth closed.

  2. Don’t worry about whether something is popular or not, just blog something you enjoy blogging. When I first started, I didn’t really know what animenano was, and now, I’m not all that sure I care about what’s popular. I write what I write.

    Baka is very so insanely crazy it’s awesome. I like that the desk gag lasted onto the desk was destroyed rather then him mysteriously getting better.

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