Ookami Kakushi, episode 3 – Winners don’t huff

It’s late January so you know what season it is… yaoi season! (No that didn’t make any sense. I got nothing. That’s what happens when you get Leno’s writers writing for you.)


Issei’s CGI car was the ugliest damn thing I’ve ever seen since that CGI waterski scene from the first episode of Armed Librarians. Issei picks up chicks with that thing? It looks more like the child molester mobile: sedan version. Getting beyond that there were a few details during this episode which annoyed me, although overall I thought the episode was ok.


So basically, the episode picks off where the last one ended, with Hiro and his cute imouto, Mana, accepting Issei’s invitation to go on a drive with Isuzu and Kaname in tow as well. It’s all fun and games in the beginning. You can tell by the blaringly cheesy background music. In fact, the only thing more forward than Isuzu’s advances (and later Issei’s advances) was the background music. Really, cheery, cheesy music for the lighthearted scenes, and lots of dissonant chords anytime something unusual occurs. Normally, I’d be fine with that, except it was way over the top. I get it. I get it. Don’t trust bad men. Or your girlfriend’s gay brother.


I wonder if Kaname’s giving off some hints here and there. Although she plays off her comment to Hiro about feeling like they’re trapped by nature as sort of a joke, I don’t think I believe her 100%. Especially since Issei set a strong precedent for not accepting anyone’s "jokes" in this show.


Hooray for random fanservice! Hey! I’m talking about the suzumikus, not the half naked trap! For someone who plays the prude, Hiro’s eyes were pretty much glued to Isuzu’s first measurement area. Eyes up, Hiro. Eyes up. Unfortunately, too bad Issei missed this scene, otherwise he might not have gotten a mixed message later.


Issei’s first come-on to Hiro happens when Hiro borrows Issei’s sweater to cover up, after having been pulled into the drink by Isuzu. Hiro thanks Issei for the sweater and tells him that he’ll return it after washing it, at which point Issei tells him to not bother washing it, because he wouldn’t want to get rid of Hiro’s scent. Isuzu chides her brother for his sick sense of humor, and explains that he tells the weirdest joke. Judging by Isuzu’s quick low-key response, I got the impression that she believes what she’s saying and that she’s not covering up for him. On the other hand, judging by that flashback of Issei sniffing that sweater, either he’s got some sort of breathing problem, or that sweater is laced with some wack shit. Things only get weirder during the drive home, when Issei thanks Hiro for a good time and tenderly places his hand on top of Hiro’s. I can’t help but think that a better lead like Keiichi or Battler wouldn’t have stood for that sort of perverseness.


The next day Hiro heads to "the Center" (short for the Jouga Medical Treatment Center) to get a check-up, having caught a cold from Isuzu’s water mischief… or possibly cooties from Issei’s sweater. Gee… "the Center" that doesn’t sound evil, ya think? And well, whattya know. Here, Hiro meets Nemuru’s uncle, who’s a doctor at the hospital and not exactly Mr. Credibility. Drawing blood from Hiro seemed like overkill for a minor cold, but he later engages in some big-Pharma shenanigans that seems to solidify his shadiness.

I always wondered why people on TV (and this applies outside of anime) were such pansies when it comes to things like colds. I have never, once, gone to a hospital or even a doctor to get a checkup due to some sniffles and sneezes. Anyway, there were a couple details about this scene that really bugged me. One was again, the background music. Specifically, the strange country-western guitar lick that plays when we see that Issei is also at the hospital and noticed Hiro, from behind a corner. As if the setting and his previous actions didn’t make his creepiness clear enough, we apparently needed a ridiculously over-the-top BGM loop. The other is, why is Nemuru’s uncle meeting with the head of the pharmaceutical company in a dark room, without turning the lights on? Is that what evil people do? Read experimental product lists via the light of dusk? This sort of stuff smacks of poor direction. Apparently these people are really evil, or it’s just an obvious misdirection ploy.


As Hiro  leaves the Center, he finds Issei outside waiting for him. During the drive, Issei questions why Hiro refuses his sister’s advances, and decides that Hiro’s just actually gay for him. At which point we get the near-raep scene with Issei feeling up Hiro and getting in close for a sloppy kiss. That is until Hiro kicks the dashboard, and knocks over the magical Hassaku air freshener, which smashes when it hits the ground. This seems to snap Issei out of his yaoi-RAGE funk. And Issei "recovers" by claiming that it was all a joke.

Definitely a compelling scene, but the one thing that bothered me was that the whole time Hiro was screaming, I kept thinking… "this is Yuu Kobayashi… this is Yuu Kobayashi." I typically like her. But I’m learning that I don’t like her as a boy (Satoshi notwithstanding), and it’s really tough for me to separate Hiro the character, from Yuu the seiyuu. I’m either going to have de-program my brain to stop thinking that, or it’s going to be a tough run.


After dropping Hiro off at home, Issei pops some pills. Perhaps it’s for his psychotic behavior, but it’s probably actually causing it. Apparently, it does nothing for his sweater huffing habit. Based on the short conversation between Nemuru and her uncle, it seems safe to conclude that the people in the new village need Hassaku oranges to keep them from going crazy.

I had a lot of complaints, but like I mentioned at the beginning, I didn’t think the episode was bad. The story is interesting, but the direction needs improving. I have some thoughts as to what’s going on, but I’m going to withhold that speculation for now.

12 Replies to “Ookami Kakushi, episode 3 – Winners don’t huff”

  1. The first episode of this series didn’t seem that great to me, but I’m glad that I stuck with giving it the three episode test since it’s improved recently. Seems to be setting up a neat mystery, though I think I’m figuring out a little more than I should be by this early in the show. Things are becoming kind of obvious in some respects, but hopefully the recent stuff is only scratching the surface of the main story.

    Isuzu’s brother’s car is the iconic Toyota Trueno, though painted in a horribly ugly color. While I can’t tell if it’s the AE85 or AE86, it has the same aftermarket eight-spoke Watanabe wheels as the main character’s AE86 in Initial D, so they were certainly making a bit of a reference. Such a creepy guy who seems to be walking a fine line between crazy yaoi and cannibal does not deserve such a classic drifting car!

      1. Just an aspiring one until I graduate and have the extra money to get an old Japanese sports car to mess with. For now I just take my Accord to windy roads now and then for fun. Though I have had a huge interest in Japanese cars for years and know plenty about the models, specs, and the theory of how the parts work together. Just not much hands on experience with repair/tuning yet. One day I’d like to try amateur autocross.
        .-= ExecutiveOtaku´s last blog ..Durarara!! Episode 3 – Showdown in Ikebukuro =-.

      2. You should go to a junkyard and pick up pieces to play with. I knew a bunch of guys from university who picked up a beater for like $200, stripped it, threw on a set of slicks (mis-matched, by the way) and drifted the hell out of it in an empty parking lot. Then they went home and put a turbo in it. Engineers…
        .-= blindability´s last blog ..ookami kakushi episode three =-.

  2. “Specifically, the strange country-western guitar lick that plays when we see that Issei is also at the hospital and noticed Hiro, from behind a corner.”

    Could not stop laughing when I heard this. Issei needs his own stalking guitar lick when he is on the prowl — lift your ears to the sky, ladies and gentlemen, because Issei’s on the prowl!

    1. I corrected your comment 😉

      Could not stop laughing when I heard this. Issei needs his own stalking guitar lick when he is on the prowl — lift your ears to the sky, ladies and gentlemen, because Issei’s on the prowl!

      Ladies are purely look but don’t touch.

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