Baka to Test to Shokanjuu episode 3

When I started to watch weekly shows, there was something I was told to keep in mind; that you watch the first episode to decide if the show’s bad, the second episode to decide if it’s good, and the third to decide if you really want to watch it. After three episodes of Baka to Test I think I’ve caught the gist of where this will go, and I’ve decided to stay for the ride, even if, or more likely because, it will be one weird ride.

How come Hideyoshi gets the blue bow? I wanted the blue bow!CHIBI ATTACK!!!

Summary: Yoshii worries about love, money and food, then gets chased by a raging lesbian.

This episode seems to have decided what Yoshii’s main character attributes are. They appear to be unexplainably attracting women people, and looking good in a pink frilly dress. Actually I’d say he’s probably a nice guy as well, since he was taking the girls out and paying for their food and all, but obviously the pink dress is far more important. While on the subject of the pink dresses, was there any reason at all for Hideyoshi to be there, and if there was, was there any reason for him to wear the dress? Maybe so Yoshii wouldn’t feel lonely or as a demonstration? He’s got to work out how to tie the ribbons after all.

Manly YoshiiNot as manly, what with the birds in his wallet and allJust... not manlySeriously, now he looks like a ballerina

It’s also obvious that Yoshii is definitely an airhead, though how much of an idiot he is has yet to really be seen. Strangely enough, his theory about splitting the noodles so they last to infinity resembles a belief that the Greek philosophers had that stated that Achilles couldn’t beat a tortoise in a footrace if the tortoise had a 10 metre head start.

So Yoshii is as smart as a Greek philosopher…

Coincidently, he also had a better Japanese score than Shimada in the ESB but they did say that Shimada was living outside Japan before this. On that note, what kind of score system does this show use anyway because it’s not out of 100 like it is here in Ireland. Is it made up or is it the Japanese grading system they’re using? I can’t work it out.

I think, therefore I eat noodles! (wait, Descartes' not Greek... oh well)Neither of them look surprised at all

To sum up Baka to Test so far, I would say it’s a wacky, episodic style comedy with a love story on the side. It doesn’t appear so far as if the whole school system thing is going to factor heavily in the story, which will be a good thing until they find a way to make the fights more interesting. The fights themselves have probably been Baka to Test’s low point. I don’t really understand them and the rules seem different in every one. I’d like to see more of them if they improve, but for now the characters themselves are more than enough to keep this show afloat. 

Raging lesbianSome random guy...and they were all dead...Did anyone notice the unicycle in the background? I didn't.

As always, all comments but spoilers welcome.

2 Replies to “Baka to Test to Shokanjuu episode 3”

  1. The only thing BakaTest has going for it in my case is the production values (which aren’t really that great). It’s got a hokey premise, generic setting, weak characters, boring battles, and makes me laugh less than Seitokai no Ichizon did last year. But that’s just me.. I’m more apt to chuckle at Sunred.

  2. For all the seemingly generic or odd elements that this show is composed of, it’s definitely greater than the sum of its parts, at least in my opinion. The fights are often nonsensical and vary all the time, but somehow they work as an instrument to advance the events (I hesitate to say plot because the show is pretty light on that, not that it needs much of one.) And wow, what a superb use of a trap in Hideyoshi’s character. Magical transformation scene only for him, making him wear the pink frilly dress and visually stressing how well it suits him, so good.

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