Ookami Kakushi, episode 4 – It’s just kissing baby

I think anyone who dropped Ookami Kakushi because it had a few seconds of yaoi in the last episode will come to regret it. Obviously, it was just a plot device and this show has designs well beyond that.


There’s something about stimulation that seems to be unsettling in this town. As the episode is bookended by a couple we don’t know who apparently kiss when they "shouldn’t" and maybe do a little this and that perhaps which results in some punishment.


We seem to be inching further into the story. Kaname even throws out a couple juicy tidbits as she continues her research into Jougamachi’s urban legends, from the red fireflies that no one’s ever seen, to the theory that Hassaku flourished in Jouga until it split into 8 parts, which is symbolic of being torn into pieces and why hassakus are also associated with grotesque murders (really? hassaku fruits are associated with murders?). Neither of these urban legends are particularly interesting to Hiro or Isuzu. Which surprised me a little bit, maybe because I was expecting Isuzu to abruptly quash them as hogwash, similar to the Dam incident in Higurashi. But it doesn’t seem to phase her in the slightest, and I didn’t pick up on any apprehension from her.


When Isuzu and Hiro leave the library, Hiro finds himself alone… for a moment. Then the next thing you know Issei’s smelling Hiro’s sweet scent and dismissing any talk of a double team with Isuzu. Thankfully for Hiro, he gets rescued by a very distressed Isuzu who makes a poor excuse for Issei’s behavior and quickly him away. This was the first time we got to see this serious side of Isuzu, besides maybe that flash forward in the first episode, and it makes me wonder what else she’s hiding in her life. I feel like she’s going to be a very sympathetic character.


The next day Hiro takes Mana out for a walk at his dad’s behest and notices what seems like cold and suspicious glares from some of the townsfolk. The two then are taken by a sweet but somber violin melody and follow the sound to see a group of old people who appear to be worshipping at what looks like an outdoor wedding chapel. Here, they meet the violinist, Kaori who promptly invites them into her home. Apparently she’s the friendly type, and Mana quickly takes a shine to her, particularly impressed by Kaori’s violin skills and her willingness to teach it to Mana. We learn almost nothing about Kaori, but since this is a Ryukishi joint, she no doubt has a sad backstory.


Later we see Isuzu who’s frantically trying to track down her brother, only to be told by her mother that he’s gone to the Center to get more medicine (they do have parents!). There’s something a little bit off about the last line Isuzu’s mom leaves her with "you don’t have to worry, you are our children." Something about "you are our children" that doesn’t sit right with me. I’m not exactly sure why it bothers me, but either she’s minimizing Issei’s sickness, doesn’t know the true extent of it, or is batshit insane herself. All three may apply. Meanwhile, over at The Center, Issei isn’t able to refill his full prescription due to a shortage in the medicine. This causes him no shortage of angst, which is only exacerbated after he runs into one of the girls he’s gone "driving" with and is confessed to as he drives her home. Maybe if she had that extra y-chromosome, Issei would’ve jumped her bones, but instead he stops the car and asks her to get out, promising to give her an answer later. Interestingly, every bit of stimulation seemed to drive him more and more insane. Honestly, I’m not sure this guy should be allowed to drive in his current state.


Meanwhile, after leaving Kaori’s place, Hiro and Mana pass by the shady pharmaceutical salesman. Hiro shoots a suspicious glance, as he seems to struggle with whether or not he recognizes him. Meanwhile, when pharma dude reaches the top of the hill, he meets Kaori who apparently is or shares a striking resemblance to someone he once knew.


Hiro heads back to Kaori’s after Mana realizes she left her hat there and is surprised to see pharma dude sharing pleasantries with Kaori. As Hiro heads back home, he’s overcome by a strange sensation and then see a girl running down the street with red fireflies chasing after her. Remembering Kaname’s urban legends he chases after them.


Remember the girl from the beginning of the episode? Well, she’s apparently being persecuted by the wolf army for crossing some sort of line. I don’t think it’s the kissing, but apparently somewhere something went wrong. She then asks an interesting question to the chibi wolf leader, "why were you born?" and instead of brushing it aside chibi wolf responds "to enforce the rules." It’s a curious exchange between the two. Other questions that I would’ve thought taken precedence would be "why are you chasing me?" "what are you going to do to me?" But it seemed like the girl knew the answers to those questions already. Instead, she seemed to be chafing against the enforcer. One thing to note is that the girl screams, after the scythe comes down and blood is spilled.

Hiro freaks out after seeing this and runs away screaming for help. He reaches a police station, but finds it empty. It’s then he meets the pharma dude and tells him the story and takes him back to the murder area. Not exactly the brightest decision, considering there were like 15 wolfmen, but whatever. Not surprisingly though, once they get there, there’s no body and no evidence of blood being spilt. Still, pharma dude tells Hiro he believes his story, because apparently he’s in town investigating a series of mysterious murders. He doesn’t mention whether he’s taken any good pictures though.

This episode didn’t get us closer to the truth, but I think it was pretty good at laying the cards on the table. Now it’s not just hints of things gone awry, but we know that there’s something definitely up. Next episode should be good.

15 Replies to “Ookami Kakushi, episode 4 – It’s just kissing baby”

  1. I think the pharma dude is supposed to be the Battler/Keiichi of this story. Hiroshi certainly does NOT qualify and I wouldn’t be surprised if R07 had already planned for several more story arcs with him as the lead character.

  2. Can Hiroshi get more amazing than this? I don’t think so. I agree that nothing much has been revelead, but I’m still tempted to watch the next episode. This show somehow maintains a certain level of suspense.

  3. The “you are our children” comment stood out to me as well. Maybe she knows what is happening to Issei and believes there is no way he will be attacked by the Wolf Brigade? We still don’t know if anyone is above them (if anyone is at all), and we certainly don’t know anything about Issei and Isuzu’s parents, especially pertaining to how much power they may wield in this town. And we don’t know what the end result of this sickness is or why it really comes about except that it appears sexual stimulation (or maybe just emotions — love or horniness, I guess, haha) gets it going.

    That drifter also being the pharmacist from the last episode completely went over my head. I’m so bad with faces sometimes, haha.
    .-= Shinmaru´s last blog ..Durarara!! – 4 =-.

  4. The confrontation between the girl who got killed and her apparent killer was very strange. Ah, good catch on Hiroshi’s actions. I was too busy looking for contradictions that I didn’t pay attention to Hiroshi’s strange behavior in those scenes like him using a phone while he was being chased (really?) and him going back to the crime scene. It’s just plain strange.

    I do wonder if there is any additional significance to Karoi looking like the pharma guy’s gf..

    After this episode I think there’s even more than enough reason to keep watching.
    .-= keikakudoori´s last blog ..Ookami Kakushi – 04 – This Case is now officially Anti-Fantasy. It’s theory time. I’m in your show tearing this mystery to shreds =-.

    1. With Kaori’s return, the missing body and no evidence of Hiro’s other missing friend, I’m starting to believe this “death” thing isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

  5. Quite a good episode. My bets are on everyone (who’s a town native) is or turns into the wolves, with only Hiro’s family and Kaname (and probably the pharma guy) being full humans. Everyone else, including murdered girl and Isuzu are wolf-beings. Isuzu stated that she would protect him during the first episode and all her lovey stuff is her way of having an excuse to stay with him and make sure the wolves don’t get him. Also I’m getting a much less evil vibe from the pharma company guy this time for some reason. I’d be all for AB’s idea that he might take the lead for a bit. Hiro’s not bad per se, just not very interesting.

    As an aside, “hassaku are symbolic of being torn to pieces.” THERE IS NOTHING EVIL ABOUT THIS TOWN! NOTHING!
    .-= ExecutiveOtaku´s last blog ..Durarara!! Episode 4 – Dullalalahan =-.

    1. What’s interesting about the description over at AniDB is that it says it’s 10 intertwined stories, which hopefully means we get to see viewpoints from various different people. Although I wonder if AIC is trying to weave all the stories into one overarching story, instead of doing the hard stop resets we saw in Higurashi and Umineko.

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