Sanya V. Nagato is WIN!


Sora no Woto’s been pretty interesting so far. But the one thing I hadn’t been able to do was glom onto one character. Sort of surprising, since Kanata is like a mix between Aria’s Akari and K-ON’s Yui, and that kind of combo should be right up my alley. But in a surprise showing, I’ve fallen for the silent girl, Noel Kannagi, or basically Sanya v. Litvyak + Nagato Yuki. She’s just so cute when she’s being all narcoleptic (although I don’t think she should be allowed to operate any heavy machinery – that includes driving, as well as handling the Takemikazuchi in battle).


For what plays off like a slice of life, I keep thinking Sora no Woto is going to take a much more dramatic or darker turn later in the show. I wondered why, and then I realized that I couldn’t remember Sora no Woto using one instance of chibi faces or any sort of comic distortion. Everything’s been really, really straight laced, which is shocking for a show that features cute girls with yuri undertones. And then the world they live in reminds me of Haibane Renmei’s Old Home – mysterious but quaint, traditional but crumbling, a dying world filled with hopeful people. But the neo-mecha Takemikazuchi stands out so much compared to this steampunk world that I can’t help but think that Seize was once the neutral battlefield of a massive Gundam battle, and the Takemikazuchi was the one piece that got left behind once the battle was over and everyone left. Heck, if this was a Sunrise or GAINAX show, I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if it took a mecha turn.

Overall, Sora no Woto’s been a good show thus far. The MAL rating seems surprisingly low right now (7.39), but I’ll admit that watching it does require a little patience.

7 Replies to “Sanya V. Nagato is WIN!”

  1. So far I’m really liking this anime as well, and good job noting the fact that they haven’t used any chibis at all so far (I didn’t realize that myself).

  2. I’m with you on the chances of it taking a more serious turn. I would be seriously surprised if there wasn’t a serious part of the story eventually where things get dangerous and the garrison and their Takemikazuchi is the only thing able to stop whatever comes. The legend that was celebrated at the festival probably ties to this, and in my mind the thing that attacks will be some automated weapon from the old era similar to Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. I’ve been getting a very Nausicaa, or even a much less dark Xenogears vibe from this show.
    .-= ExecutiveOtaku´s last blog ..Macross Zero episode 05 – Tori no Hito =-.

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