Baka to Test to Shokanjuu episode 4

I’m not going to make a habit of having my posts being a week overdue.I’ve been so busy this past week that the only thing I’ve had time for doing in my house is sleeping.
Anyway, enough with the excuses and on with the post.

Yoshii's not very enthusiastic Neither is Yuuji 

Summary: Yoshii goes to school on Sunday and after a while eats lunch.

After the first three episodes being a good laugh to watch, this episode was a real disappointment. Maybe because there weren’t any Summon battles, or any scenes of Hideyoshi cross dressing, but this episode fell flat, though maybe it was because I watched it between Durarara and FMA and it suffered in comparison. I was all ready to have a laugh when watching this episode but the jokes in general were either cliche or made no sense at all, and not in the good not making sense at all way.

Item 1: a cliche joke Item 2: ???

For example: Himeji being a bad cook. If they wanted to make Himeji bad at something they could at least have picked something original. The horrible beyond compare food thing has been done before many times over. What I don’t get is how the food actually looks good when if you had made it so bad it’s instant death, and by accident, there should be some evidence of mistakes. You know, char marks or mysterious green stuff. Not happy sparkles and pink auras (though maybe that’s shards of metal and radioactive substances…).

And then there’s those guys in black. Their appearance in the Christmas special was what made me interested in Baka to Test in the first place and I was really anticipating their introduction. So when they came in, I wasn’t expecting some strange thing involving crucifying a guy if a girl shows interest in him, or something like that anyway. The whole scene seemed like an inside joke for the original fans and was never really explained. I doubt we’re ever going to get an explanation. A tragic tale on how these upstanding young citizens were betrayed by the women they loved and sank to become the Black Cape Men with Glowy eyes (who look kinda like those things from Ookamikakushi but that’s beside the point) to prevent any guy from going down their path doesn’t seem like Baka to Test’s style.

Even more chibi's it'd be funny if he fell off the bridge about now. It couldn't hurt the episodes chances.

Now I’m going to try find something good to say about this episode.



Well the narrator teacher guy is good, though he doesn’t do much. And the glasses guy who has a crush on Yoshii is growing on me in a strange way, though I started liking him when they showed his schedule in episode 3 and it had a slot for daydreaming. And Yuuji’s OK too, I guess.

I wonder how many calories are in that? Second time lucky with this gag

The next post will be out soon, and there will be less ranting. As always, no spoilers in comments.

7 Replies to “Baka to Test to Shokanjuu episode 4”

    1. Baka to Test seems episodic, so it’ll probably have fluctuations in its class of episode. A lot of comedies I’ve watched tend to do this. At least episode 5 was good.

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