Check THAT out! (A Valentine’s Day Special)

THAT anime blog

Head on over to THAT, where ExecutiveOtaku’s put together a very special post for all you folks out there who’ve just started an anime blog, or who’re thinking about doing so.

Since it’s getting close to Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be appropriate to ’show some love’ for new and prospective bloggers out there by gathering some information that might be useful to them. To that end, over the last few weeks I’ve asked several established bloggers to answer a few questions about their experiences as new bloggers, how they developed as authors, and what advice they might have for those just starting or thinking about starting.

Heh, I don’t know if I’d consider myself "established," but I had a lot of fun participating, and it was really interesting to read everyone else’s thoughts and advice. Much thanks to ExecutiveOtaku for considering me, and kudos for birthing an excellent idea. But enough rambling from me, go read Showing Love for New Bloggers – Experiences and Advice from Established Bloggers.