Eight seiyuu I’d marry for their voices alone, and three I’d want to sound like in a club

I probably should’ve put this together for Valentine’s, but I was too lazy. But hashihime’s Seiyuu Romance Rumors post got me off my duff. Note, this isn’t a list of my "favorite" seiyuu per se, but just those who’s voices I could listen to all night long… or forever… whichever comes later.

This post is just an excuse to put up a Haruka Tomatsu picture

Megumi Nakajima

Now whether or not you consider her a good singer, or a marvel of auto-tune, there’s no denying the natural quality of her voice. Very cute, but not stereotypically so. Someone like Aki Toyosaki might be too high-pitched to be a big hit outside Japan, but Megumi could pull it off. Her voice is cute, but also smooth and super silky. Every time I hear her sing or speak, it always catches my attention. She’s probably why I loved Ranka so much. And her Chii is cute enough to die for. She really needs to take on more roles. I don’t have enough of her to listen to.

Haruka Tomatsu

She’s probably the one of this group that I’d marry regardless of what she sounded like. I mean check out her… nice legs! So cute. Plus, she has really nice teeth – which I’ve found is sadly lacking amongst the seiyuu crowd. But anyway, back to her voice. It’s not the typical cutesy type of voice that I fall for, but I just love the spunk to it. I urge you to check out Hashihime’s profile on her, if not for the info, then for more of the maid cosplay pics. The bigger question is which of her many voices I’d want to listen to. The more nasally, slightly bratty Nagi, Lala Satalin type of voice, the very soft Mamiko Noto-esque Kisaragi (from Geijutsuka Art Class) voice, the slightly nasal, but tinged with cute Fluffy Hime-chan voice, or the somewhere in between soft and seductive denpakei Kotone voice? Mmm, tough choice, but I’m going with the denpakei Kotone voice. Irresistibly sexy in a deviant way. Yum.

Aki Toyosaki

So soft, so fuwa fuwa. I can understand how people might get tired of her, considering she doesn’t seem to have much range or variety. But not me. I could listen to her read a phone book and be mesmerized. The second best thing from Railgun this season was hearing her go off as Uiharu in Limits-Off mode. I want to hear her again… right now. As either Uiharu, Yui or Lisa (the only redeeming character from Sacred Blacksmith).

Ai Nanoka

Otherwise known as Imoooo-channn! She’s another one that’s very similar to Aki Toyosaki, high-pitch, soft, fluffy, not much variety or range, but a vocal quality I just love listening to. Or maybe it’s that I just love listening to her as Kafuka painting everything in a super positive (or sort of crazy) light in Zetsubou Sensei.

Marina Inoue

Nobody pulls off the surprised, slightly disgusted Eh!? better tan Marina. She was good as Kana Minami and obviously Yoko in Gurren Lagann, but she took the Eh!? to new heights as Alicia Melchiott. I’d be conditioned to tease her like a Pavlovian response, just to hear her mock me in disbelief over and over again.

Ami Koshimizu

I wonder, what seiyuu would get the title as queen of tsundere? There’s probably so many candidates. Do Ami’s performances as Kallen Stadtfeld and Horo seal the deal? I don’t know. Either way, I think I would love listening to her all full of fire and fury, eventually giving away to hints and cracks of deredere, until finally… DING! I crack the hard tsundere shell to reach the soft vulnerable core.


On the other hand, there’s something to say about cold and mysterious like CC. There’s just something undeniably sexy about her voice. But seeing as I am a purveyor of the cute, given the choice, I’d prefer to melt for Yukana’s Tessa Testerossa.

Kana Hanazawa

Zange-chan was alright, but to be honest, I was more taken by Miyuki Sawashiro’s Tsugumi (and obviously Haruka Tomatsu’s Nagi), but Kana’s bit back since then with To Love-Ru’s Mikan and Kobato. But her soft, somewhat plain voice (sort of a less saccharine Toyosaki and Nanoka I guess) hit the Mount Everest of moe as Sengoku Nadeko. I’d close my eyes and pretend to listen to her as Nadeko all night long. Very, very soothing.

On the flip side, who are the guys I’d want to sound like? Well, that list is shorter. Again, this isn’t my list of favorite male seiyuus, but if I were to walk into a club and try to smooth talk some girls, these are the guys who I’d want to sound like.

So cool…

Daisuke Ono

Well, this one should come as no surprise for anyone’s who’s a frequent reader here. There’s been no lack of praise for Daisuke, whether he’s cool as a cucumber Koizumi, befuddled Battler, or kicking ass as Akasaka, or tossing vending machines as Shizuo Heiwajima. There’s just a certain… eloquence to his voice that I love. It’d make any self-respecting girl tremble at the knees. But I think the role that won me over was his stint on Lucky Star, filling in as the Lucky Channel assistant. Look at that class!

Jun Fukuyama

But only the Lelouch version. Not sure if it’d drive the girls wild, but if I needed to make a rousing speech I’m not sure there’s a better voice. It’s very… presidential sounding. On the other hand, if I needed to be lost in the crowd and not stick out, I could use Fukuyama’s "normal person" voice (I think best exemplified through Doctor Shinra in DRRR). What I wouldn’t want to sound like though is his whiny Wayanuki voice. No thank you.

Hiroshi Kamiya

Obviously, there’s no one who has a better "in despair" voice, but there’s something slightly mischievous about his voice that’s a lot of fun to listen to. It’s sort of like he can come off as an asshole without even trying. Tieria was a good example of that, but his role as Izaya Orihara is probably an even better example of it. But even when he’s playing it straight, it sounds like he’s messing with you. I guess it’s that "bad boy" quality.

There’s more, but these are the top three that come to mind. Hmm, whattya know, all of the three male seiyuu above are in Durarara! What a coincidence!

Edit: Totally forgot about #4:

Takehito Koyasu

I haven’t heard him in too many roles yet, but he has such a distinctive voice that I enjoy hearing every time. There was no better pick for Tales of the Abyss’ Jade Curtiss. He’ll always be the perfect "Mr. Smartass" in my book.

12 Replies to “Eight seiyuu I’d marry for their voices alone, and three I’d want to sound like in a club”

  1. Totally agreed with the 8 female seiyuu choice 🙂 They are absolute love :love:
    You should add Miyano Mamoru & Yuuichi Nakamura in the male seiyuu that you want to sound alike.I mean VAs for Kida/Tamaki/Light or Tomoya/Alto/Kadota already gather alot of fangirls just only the voices they used.
    .-= Kagura89´s last blog ..Gundam Unicorn first 7 minutes =-.

    1. I was thinking about Miyano Mamoru. I love his versatility… but as an L fan, I can never forgive his heinous actions as Light. I’ll always hold that against him. :p

  2. I can totally agree with you on the quality of Megumi Nakajima’s voice. There’s just that layer of inherent cuteness that sucks me in. The kind of cute that no one can force~ Which is why I’ve been following most of the series she’s featured in since first hearing her on Macross Frontier. The same level of cuteness also works on me with Kana Hanezawa~

    As a girl, I’ve definitely fallen hard for Daisuke Ono’s voice~ It’s just so smooth and enticing. Though there’s also something about the haughtiness of Katsuyuki Konishi’s voice and the mysterious quality of Hikaru Midorikawa’s that draws me in too. I can also agree with Jun Fukuyama and Hiroshi Kamiya as well~
    .-= Miken´s last blog ..Kobato 16 & 17: Bonding at the Bazaar =-.

    1. Ah that’s the perfect way to put it: “cute that no one can force.” Sometimes even I wonder if some of the higher-pitched seiyuus force it, but Kana and Megumi sound really natural.

  3. I would definitely want to sound like Daisuke Ono. Guy sounds like a rock star. If I were a really important guy, I’d go for Jouji Nakata’s voice. That voice commands instant respect. And if I wanted to sound like a total badass, I’d go with Keiji Fujiwara’s voice. Just yell in that voice, and you’d get your way no matter what.

    As for the women folk … Houko Kuwashima, don’t care what voice she’s doing, they’re all hot. Kikuko Inoue’s villainous voice has a confidence that is super sexy. Ami Koshimizu is a good choice. Maaya Sakamoto’s performance as Alphard in Canaan is just so different from her norm that it left a huge impression on me.

    But above all I think Satsuki Yukino might have the cutest voice ever. Even with just a simple role like Rose in FMA: Brotherhood, she sweeps me off my feet. Dear god.
    .-= Shinmaru´s last blog ..Kimi ni Todoke – 19 =-.

    1. Oh, speaking of Canaan, I was hugely impressed by Rie Tanaka for the same reason. I got such a kick hearing her go off as this completely unhinged, psycho character compared to all the cuter and refined voices I’d been used to hearing her do.

  4. agree mostly with your choice but… why no Noto Mamiko, Ayako Kawasumi and Houko Kuwashima? gonna make my own list then XD

    1. I like Noto a lot, but she’s a little too soft sounding for me. I love Ayako as Nodame, but I’d never been terribly impressed by the stuff I heard her do previously. Houko, I’m not terribly familiar with. Although I did love her as Tomoyo.

      Please do! I’d love to see what your list looks like. I can’t pass on bishin voices. 😀

  5. u should add Hirano Aya-sama in ur list… because she’s so cute, and cool, her voice is also amazing cuz she managed to change it from time to time.. (Chiko-chan to Haruhi-chan has a big voice range difference, and she’s the voice behind it… Sugoi sugoi!!!)

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